office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers Houston

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 office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers Houston

Office Furniture and Office Filing Systems

We invite you to spend a few minutes discovering why we are a leading manufacturer of laminate casework, office furniture and custom millwork. We can make a custom desk or conference table in-house according to your color and/or material specifications. Call us at (713) 460-1037 for more information and we can schedule a meeting to show you samples of our work. Buried under a lot of work or in a time-crunch? Don't worry, we'll come to you.


Take advantage of our FREE SPACE PLANNING service when installing your office cubicles, office furniture or high density office filing system. Our knowledgeable sales team will show you how to use your office space in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We provide detailed, scaled office furniture layouts illustrating precisely what your new office space will look like when completed.


Furniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. works with client architects and designers to assure that they select and implement the best office furniture or office filing layout for your application. We never charge a fee to our customers for providing this valuable service which assures you are getting the installation you envisioned.


From conception to final installation, Furniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. will help you avoid costly mistakes in the purchasing and configuration of your office cubicles, office furniture or office filing systems by putting our experience and expertise to work for you.

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Office Seating & Furniture Programs

office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers Houston
Furniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. factory trained sales team can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to purchase the correct office seating products for your office. We offer a huge selection of some of the top names in the office seating industry today, SIT ON IT, HON, GLOBAL, LAZYBOY, and WHITEHALL to name a few. With our famous Quick Ship delivery selections and on-site demo program you can be assured your office will receive the best office seating lines available today without waiting 6 or 8 weeks!

Furniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. is also able to sell our clients new office furniture from a select group of manufacturers. We specialize in quality office furniture built to commercial standards. You can be assured when you purchase from our new office furniture, office cubicles and office filing systems, you are buying a quality office product backed by its manufacturer.


Office Filing Systems

office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers HoustonBusiness owners have the task of trying to incorporate the right office filing systems into their new or existing office furniture projects. This can be a very difficult job to undertake, especially if you are unsure of on what type of office filing systems best suits your needs. The perfect office filing solutions involve not only finding the right office filing furniture but implementing the best office shelving solution, in conjunction with a records management solution for easy office filing and office storage that suits your needs.


Furniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. has office filing systems and office shelving solutions that consists of office filing supplies, records management and office filing equipment. Office filing cabinets are the most fundamental office filing storage solutions. Office filing storage cabinets come vertically (front-to-back filing) and laterally (side-to-side filing). The various methods of storing records efficiently can be accomplished using office filing cabinet storage systems or office shelving systems., These office filing systems are available in a host of styles, colors and dimensions.

Our office filing systems come at factory direct pricing in the most popular color, sizes and styles.


office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers HoustonFurniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. has been serving the Tabbies marketplace since 1984. Tabbies are the pioneers in the self-adhesive filing, indexing and labeling products for such professionals as secretaries, lawyers and law firms, medical administrators, record keepers, record managers, and many other professionals.


Tabbies offers medical record supply tabs such as numerical, alphabetical, solid color designator labels, year bands, clear label protectors, vinyl outguides, manila file folders, and many other medical tabbie items.


Tabbies also offers tabs-U-create, write on type on index tabs, file folder fastners, self-adhesive insertable pockets, legal index tabs, and legal indexes. Count on Tabbies for your filing and indexing needs.

Office Furniture & Office Cubicle Installations

office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers HoustonFurniture Systems and Cubicles Inc.offers the "Safe Solution" for your office furniture installation needs. We are an independent provider of office furniture installation, office rearrangement, office relocation, and office filing system storage of all types of modular office cublicles and office furniture. Along with office furniture installation and office space planning, our team of experts will handle your office furniture relocation or rearrangement from the initial contact to project completion. Our experienced office furniture installtion technicians will unload, transport and reload your office files, books or project binders, storage boxes, supplies or just about any form of office filing materials or data imaginable. Using our own service department personnel, trucks, moving equipment and carts, we will assure this crucial component of your move project will be handled in the precise and efficient manner that you demand.


office cubicles furniture partitions modular dividers HoustonKeep in mind that Furniture Systems and Cubicles Inc. also provides "turnkey" services for relocating your entire company. All you have to do is show up at your new office! We'll handle the rest! We believe the first step in creating a successful project is an open communication line between the service provider and the client, and that taking time to educate the client is an important part of the process. We invite you to meet with our office furniture installation team to explore your options and learn how our office furniture installation services can help create the perfect office environment for you and your staff.


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