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Long ago, the first Cubiture customers learned that workstations are far more than standard cubicles.  Our very brand- a hybrid between “cubicle” and “furniture”- was created to educate our marketplace in the sophisticated blend of panels, windows, desks, filing systems, and tables that comprises today’s modern workstation.  With many designs, you have to be an expert in cubicle components to recognize a workstation as a “cubicle.”  Perhaps the most radical departure from the stereotypical cubbies of the 70s and 80s has been the evolution of the collaborative cubicle workstation.  Based partly on the open concept design, and partly on the requirements of focused task completion, the collaborative workstation provides a forum for a small group of individuals to work as one mind and one unit.

Collaborative cubicle workstations are highly adaptive environments.  Much more flexible than your traditional conference room, they allow you to create teamwork environments in every department.  These environments are separated from individual task completion areas so employees have a clear sense of separation from their own individual duties and the tasks completed as members of a team.  Due to the variety of office panels, tables, and desk types, Cubiture can build integrate a collaborative cubicle workstation into a row of individual cubicles, at the end of a partitioned worktable, or in a central area within a cluster of workstations.

With access to thousands of materials, Cubiture can customize your collaborative cubicle workstation in a number of specific ways.  We can mount office panels, portfolio storage, and mobile whiteboards within an array of floor-mounted office panels.  This array can be further developed with a custom desk system for shared workspace and a small table that functions as a meeting area.  Office panels can enclose this array on 2, 3, or even 4 sides, depending on the degree of privacy required for the team.  Other collaborative spaces can be nested between individual work areas.  The picture above shows a cubicle workstation with a customized desking system that wraps around the ends of cubicle panels.  This creates a shared space that each employee can access simply by moving his or her chair to the end of the station.

Please be mindful that Cubiture is a manufacturer as well as a reseller of cubicle workstations.  As such, we can custom build and deliver systems with costs significantly lower than retail equivalents.  With Cubiture, customization costs you less and brings you more.  Call now to get your team started in an entirely new direction.

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Healthcare Administrators can Store more in Less Space with Cubiture Storage Cabinets AU-1961

Medical Storage Cabinets For Sale Cheap At Discount Prices

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Cubiture storage cabinets help you stay organized at all times.  Compact and accessible, our cabinets occupy minimal floor space. Interior shelves replace lateral storage with a vertical design.  Many units contain rotating centers with storage compartments on both sides of the axis.  Several models we carry feature compartments of varied dimensions.  This allows you to store different types of items in the same cabinet without them becoming mixed together.

We have found that the smaller the office space, the more valuable a well-designed storage cabinet becomes.  Perhaps nowhere does this prove truer than in Houston’s thriving healthcare industry. Many people do not realize that Houston’s healthcare network extends far beyond its world-famous Medical Center.  Stretching in every direction, there are thousands of small family practices, dentist offices, pediatric caregivers, and neighborhood clinics.  In these smaller facilities, administrative office space is already in short supply.  Add one or two lateral file cabinets, and some have barely room for staff to walk.

One of the fastest ways to free up space in such an office is to replace any lateral file system that is being used as a storage cabinet with a compact rotary storage cabinet.  You can easily put 2 or even 3 of these cabinets in the space occupied by a single lateral filing system.  While people like the convenience of lateral file systems because they allow you to access files while seated, cabinets with interior shelves will allow you to store these folders vertically.  Units with doors allow you to lock up the cabinet after usage.  This is particularly useful in medical environments where patient information has to be secured so that only authorized caregivers can access it.

We make it a point to create better work environments for healthcare staff.  Making the administrative offices in a care facility every bit as comfortable as the waiting area is a top priority for us.  After all, these are the people who take care of all of us.  Shouldn’t we work hard to take care of them? We do.

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New Filing Systems for Medical Offices, Hospitals & Clinics – AU-6629

New Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics

Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics – Free Quote 713-412-0900

Offices in medical facilities often become very crowded.  With the massive amount of documentation healthcare workers must store, the tendency is to simply buy another filing system every time the last one becomes full.  There are also compliance issues at play here, because medical records must be accessible only to authorized personnel and therefore typically require some type of restricted access.

The need to remain in compliance, and keep records organized, drastically decreases available space needed for production.  Such a work environment is stressful to medical staff and can lead to compliance violations if office workers begin to take shortcuts around HIPPA regulations in a last-ditch effort to save space.

If your office has become overcrowded due to inefficient filing and storage systems, you need to call Cubiture.  Prior to moving into the office furniture industry, our founder specialized in high-density founding systems.  He still incorporates these skills into office space plans even to this day–making sure that all customers make maximum use of storage space at minimal overhead costs.

The value of a filing system is determined by its overall impact on your bottom line.  This impact is determined by factoring the cost of each square foot of floor space with the number of filing inches that rest upon that square foot of space.  Companies that are still using vertical file cabinets are typically getting only about 100 filing inches total from the entire cabinet.  If a cabinet consumes 2-4 square feet of space, then the cost that company pays for document control can be as high as 7 dollars an inch.

While you do not see many of these traditional file cabinets used in modern medical offices, you do see a large number of lateral filing systems.  These systems consolidate hundreds of filing inches in only a few feet of floor space.   Caregivers must be careful, however, to make sure that these lateral systems do not permit free and open access to unauthorized personnel.  While the cost of filing and space utilization may improve with a generic lateral file system, a single fine for a HIPPA violation starts at around $30,000 dollars.

Cubiture will be happy to replace any lateral filing system whose compliance functionality is in question.  We can either order or custom build a high-density filing system made specifically for the healthcare industry.  These systems utilize vertical shelving to store massive volumes of hardcopy data.  The shelves move on rails and can be closed and locked to prevent unauthorized access.  Such a system can bring filing costs down to as little as 1 dollar per inch and free up an entire section of the room for task completion and workflow requirements.

If your medical office is running out of space because of inefficient filing and storage, call us today for a free filing cost assessment and a complimentary drawing of a more efficient, cost effective, and HIPPA compliant replacement.

Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics
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Running out of Space? Try Custom Workstations by Cubiture HM-1330

Best Custom Workstations For Sale In Galveston, San Antonio, Austin Dallas, Corpus Christi & San Marcus Texas

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The first thing to understand about Cubiture is that our custom workstations cost less than leading manufacturer equivalents. 

While this may seem incredulous at face value, it is a solid fact made possible by the logistics of our business model.

Cubiture is more than an office furniture and cubicle reseller.  We own our own factory–complete with its own warehousing, repair, and refurbishing shops.  Our access to materials is unmatched in the area so we can build any style of desk, cubicle system, or table right here in Houston and deliver it straight to your office.

Custom workstations are the best solution for an office that is becoming crowded.  Instead of moving to a new location just to have more room, many Houston companies have found that it served their bottom line better to have a Cubiture space planner reconfigure their existing space and add custom workstations in key locations that maximized their square footage utilization.

The following list represents just of the few of the industries that have benefited from our workflow solutions over the past five years.

Tutoring Centers
Tutoring centers teach children in groups.  At the same time, each parent expects his or her child to receive a certain amount of individualized instruction.  This is easy for trained teachers to accomplish with only a dozen or so students.  However, when enrollment doubles, even a veteran teacher can be challenged.

Cubiture has helped a number of tutoring centers avert the cost of relocation and staffing by adding custom, desk-mounted panels to worktables.  This has the psychological effect of focusing student minds on personal assignments, but it keeps the entire group visible to the teacher and accessible for personalized instruction.

Oil and Gas Support Companies
Many of these companies were forced to lay off more than 50% of their labor force due to the market downturn in 2015.  Many moved into smaller offices to reduce overhead expenses.  Now, many of these companies are hiring again and facing an impending space shortage as a result.

Cubiture can create new space within existing square footage at reduced manufacturing prices.  With buyback and liquidation programs, we can offset the purchase cost of custom workstations and implement a turnkey transformation of an office suite that maximizes square footage utilization.

Accounting Firms and Law Firms
Smaller accounting firms, as well as many law firms, sometimes find themselves expanding in rapid spurts of growth.  This can often occur after landing a huge contract with a Fortune 100 client.  When this occurs, new hires are necessary, who in turn will require new desks and seating areas.  In a small office space where the firm has heretofore grown slowly and steadily, partners and senior staff are faced with the dilemma of either expanding into an adjacent suite or doubling up in shared, private office space.

Cubiture has alleviated these stress points by combining clusters of custom workstations designed for individual junior staff members.  We have also successfully subdivided private offices into dual private spaces with a combination of office panels and wrap around desks that transform wall space into customized task completion and storage systems.

Healthcare Facilities
Houston health care providers value Cubiture most for our custom workstations for reception areas and our expertise in high-density filing and storage.  When manufacturing a reception center, we keep HIPPA compliance foremost in mind to prevent any unauthorized viewing of patient information that might be displayed on a receptionist’s monitor.

We utilize our experience in custom storage solutions, superior security for stored items, and years of experience in high-density filing to maximize floor space utilization for efficient storage of hardcopy patient information in full compliance with all governing regulations.

Call Centers
Cubiture can affordably meet the needs of new and expanding call centers by building cubicle systems from 100% refurbished components.  These custom workstations are designed with call handling and call documentation foremost in mind.  They are fully powered and wired for data and voice, and they are warranted for a period of 1 year for parts and labor.  Additional warranty options can be negotiated with Cubiture.

Managed IT Service Providers
IT support companies typically run out of space when they start adding inside sales representatives to their team.  This quickly consumes existing work areas previously used by outside sales staff.  Before you know it, the room is wall to wall with people, and focused conversations become very difficult with coworkers constantly talking in the background.  This makes it difficult to set sales appointments and even more difficult to handle helpdesk calls from existing customers.

Cubiture has helped several local MSPs make better use of their space by refurbishing existing cubicles into custom workstations that provide just the right amount of work area for each marketing or sales agent.  We have also solved the problem of background noise with sound masking systems or soundproof cubicle panels that make possible more clear, and much more focused, phone conversations.

While almost every major office furniture manufacturer will customize a workstation upon request, the cost of this work typically inflates costs far above standard MSRP.  Keep in mind that this inflation is not only due to labor.  It also involves transportation, storage, and warehousing costs associated with any given manufacturer’s supply chain.

Cubiture has eliminated these “middleman cost” by assuming the role of a custom workstation manufacturer that works directly with customers and includes free delivery and installation in each and every final quote.

Before you go buying from a catalog or ordering cubicles from some discount online furniture store, call Cubiture.  With professional space planning, we can double or even triple the amount of workspace in a particular office suite.  With free delivery and installation, this can generate up to 40% savings on total furniture acquisition costs. 

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New Office Panels Installed by Cubiture

New Office Cubicle Panels For Sale Cheap Discount Prices

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Now is the time to create a whole new work environment with office panels installed by Cubiture.
The term “office panels” loosely refers to three categories of dividers.  There are those that mount to the surfaces or edges of desks to create a personal workspace.  There are panels that mount to the floor and create departmental subdivisions within your office suite.  Still, others span the entire distance from the floor to ceiling, replacing the need for drywall construction.

There are powered and non-powered office panels for sale through Cubiture.  These panels can also have as much or as little glass as you want to help evenly distribute lighting throughout your suite.

  1. Desk mounted office panels improve personal focus and task completion.
    The pure open concept is going out of style.  Many new workflow studies now suggest that a purely open concept office layout holds too many distractions for employees.  It can also lead to contribute to increased off-topic conversation and friction between personalities.  Individuals can easily lose sight of their own job descriptions in a pure team environment. As individualism becomes increasingly sublimated into team initiative, the sense of individual accountability declines in proportion.  This poses a problem for management as well as operations.  It is difficult to assess individual effectiveness in an environment where personal ownership of task completion has been completely eliminated.Cubiture can help you restore individual performance metrics and personal accountability by adding personal site screen office panels to worktables and shared cubicle desk space.  This will preserve the essentially collaborative function of the environment, but it will also create ownership of workspace and improved focus on personal task completion.  We have a variety of thicknesses and colors to match any style of office décor.  Send us pictures of your current collaboration areas, and we can recommend any number of personal panel options that will fit your budget. 
  1. Freestanding office panels create distinctive workflow environments.
    We can take a raw office shell and use floor-mounted office panels to create workflows for accounting, sales, customer service, creative development.  This is particularly useful to companies who primarily transact over the phone because floor mounted office panels work to cluster call center cubicles and workstations into distinctive, yet also interactive environments.  Office panels are also ideal for research labs that require a blend of intense, individual focus and colleague interaction.  In an industrial environment, we can even build physical production areas by using a variety of laminate and/or veneer dividers that will separate group assembly lines.
  1. Floor-to-Ceiling office panels replace drywall by creating completely enclosed, separate rooms within your office suite.
    When you buy our largest office panels, you are basically investing in portable walls that can be reconfigured at will or moved to a new location when your company outgrows its current space.  This is a valued time-saver for any company that plans to grow significantly over the next decade. Having your own inventory of personal walls significantly decreases the wait time typically associated with new office build out.  You will also receive tax benefits when you invest in office panels.   Even though they are fully functioning walls, they are classified as office furniture and therefore qualify for tax write-offs associated with inventory value depreciation.

Office panels vary in price depending on the amount of glass and power conduits they contain.
While this represents a higher front-end cost than standard drywall construction, this difference is offset by the tax benefits discussed above.  When you consider as well the increased profitability of a suite that can be finished in days, rather than months, your investment in new office panels will significantly improve your bottom line over the course of the next five years.

Contact us now, and choose from hundreds of colors, thicknesses, and materials (including all glass panels) to create just the right interior design for your corporate culture.

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New Office Desks with a Classic Look – Exclusives by CUBITURE.COM

Custom Office Desk For Sale Houston, Galveston, Pasadena, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Austin, Texas

We receive many calls from Houston professionals who prefer to decorate their offices with a definitively classic look.  These persons associate traditional office desks, chairs, and conference tables with stability, conservatism, and a sense of history.  In many industries, such connotations are important to brand positioning.  Banks, financial planning firms, accounting, law firms, and higher educational offices all benefit from the formal look and feel that is created by a traditional office design.

Traditional office desks create a sense of stability.
An office desk with a classic look always reminds us of “the good old days” when things were better and more predictable.  In reality, this nostalgic sense of stability comes from our own perceptions.  We all know how a particular period of history turned out, so in retrospect, any past period feels naturally more predictable and safe to us.

If you are working with other people’s money, this sense of predictability and safety will work to your advantage.  That new, innovative feeling that anything is possible is not what an investor wants to experience when moving large sums of cash into a new venture.  Instead, he or she wants to feel that the venture is safe, solid, and offers the assurance of a reasonable return.

Cubiture has worked with many banks, accounting firms, and investment advisors to generate an office environment that engenders trust, respect, and a feeling of safety for the customer.

Traditional desks feature remarkable symmetry reminiscent of Old World designs.
Many of the design features of traditional office desks were developed in the 18th and 19th centuries.  During this time, there was a conscious effort to replicate the classical proportions of the Ancient Romans and Greeks.  Architecture, painting, and other disciplines followed very strict principles of proportion to achieve this effect.  Angles and curves were mathematically calculated to create a feeling of balance in the viewer’s mind.  Innovation was confined to decorative elements, and even these were often motifs found in classical sources.

To some extent, traditional office desks are still built with similar principles in mind.  Clean lines, strong angles, and a complexity of geometry all lend to a sense of the established and timeless. This is why such desks are still widely used by staff in museums, libraries, schools, and universities.

Traditional office desks feature darker colors and sophisticated millwork.
We see a large number of traditional desks still being built from cherry and mahogany.  The darker colors of these woods tends to ground human emotion.  People tend to talk more quietly in such a setting and are more apt to listen.  Any executive seated behind such a desk appears naturally authoritative in his or her leadership role.

While these pieces are built to look definitively formal, they must also look attractive.  Too much “gravitas,” so to speak, can weigh heavy on the mind.  The goal is to quiet the mind with something pleasant and appealing–not to completely overwhelm it.  Custom millwork establishes this sense of appeal by varying the strict linearity of basic geometry.  It adds depth and variety to desk edges and panels, creating a sense of genuine beauty in the finished product.

Cubiture can order or manufacture a traditional desk for your office.
We work with hundreds of manufacturers, many of whom carry multiple lines of traditional office furniture.  As a manufacturer ourselves, however, we are in a unique position to custom manufacture office desks in traditional and transitional designs.  With our own factory, and with free delivery to Houston businesses, we can easily create a truly individualized piece at a price that is actually lower than name brand equivalents.  Gives us a call today, and tell us how you want your office to look and feel.  We can either find the desk or build you the desk to make your personal vision a reality.

Custom Office Desk For Sale
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New Medical Chairs for Clinics and Hospitals For Sale – GLO-14-0054

Medical Hospital And Clinic Chairs For Sale In Galveston, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio & Austing Texas

Medical Chairs For Clinics & Hospitals – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

Cubiture’s new line of medical chairs offers a fully integrated solution to the high traffic care facilities common to the Houston medical industry. Quite arguably the best medical facilities in the world, the hospitals, and clinics in our city need durable seating solutions that can be adapted to any environment and easily maintained.

We have models for lobbies, patient rooms, waiting areas, cafeterias, and recovery units.

Built with steel frames, these medical chairs retain their value even after thousands of patients and visitors have passed through your doors. Designed with the highest standards of infection control in mind, they make it easy for your housekeeping staff to maintain clean environments at all times.

Protect your investment with features built with heavy usage in mind:

• The stronger design feature metal to metal connections throughout the chair.
•  Quickly remove chair backs with accessible fasteners.
•  Metal mesh seat pans drain quickly in the event of patient incontinence.
•  Leg angles prevent chair backs from hitting the wall.
•  Non-marking glides protect your flooring.
• Quickly remove cushion upholstery for deep cleaning or field replacement.

Seat pans combine comfort and infection control with cushions made from high density, Ultracell Biofoam. Seat pans have no catch points and feature waterfall clean out between the chair back and the pan. Side panels are fully upholstered, and arm caps feature self-skinned urethane construction available in a wide range of colors. We also carry models with solid wood arm caps available in multiple finish options.

Textile choices include a diverse range of vinyl and Crypton fabrics. Frame and arm finishes include, but are not limited to, back, toast, Mocha, and Platinum. Standard and bariatric medical chairs feature a 500 lb. active weight capacity. Lounge and sofa seating feature a 350 lb active weight capacity.

Cubiture’s medical chairs offer guests superior support for backs and arms. We have low back, medium back, and high back models that will allow you to accommodate persons of all ages, heights, and weights. Backs are contoured to provide ergonomic lumbar support and forward extending arm caps feature easy grips that can be quickly field replaced if ever damaged. Arm grip extensions make it easier for elderly and physically challenged persons to sit down and get up. The waterfall seat edge on each cushion reduces pressure on the back of the knees, making them ideal for people with circulation problems.

Cubiture offers free delivery and turnkey installation of new medical chairs throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Call today.

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Order a New Conference Table from Cubiture

New Conference Tables For Sale in Dallas Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth & Houston, Texas

If you are looking to buy a new conference room table, no doubt your company has experienced changes.  These changes will affect the way your conference room works, not just the way it looks.  It is likely that your team will be using the room for more than just a meeting space.  With television common in offices now, the conference room has become a preferred break area and meeting place for business lunches.  People bring food and drinks into the conference room on a regular basis.  They also set laptops, purses, and other personal items on table surfaces that must be protected and maintained.

It is wise to consider things like materials, maintenance, and space utilization before deciding on a final choice.  The following guidelines will help you make these decisions quickly and cost-effectively.  They will also show you how custom options often cost less than brand-name equivalents.  

Your Choice of Materials

Many new conference tables are made from laminate.  Laminate consists of a layer of melamine that imitates the appearance of wood, vinyl, or plastic.  The primary advantage laminate offers is a full spectrum of color choices.  (You can have a red, blue, or solid white conference table if you like.)  Laminate is also tougher than wood.  It is more resistant to scratches and is easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge.  

Solid wood is very expensive or heavy.  Most conference room tables are made from veneer, which is a thin wood overlay pressed onto a particle board frame that is much easier to move around–and afford.  Wood veneer is more vulnerable to damage, however, so you will need to inform your employees not to slide objects across the table.  Objects left on the table for long periods of time can also create areas of discoloration, so don’t let people leave items on the table after they are finished with the room.  Invest in blinds or curtains that will minimize exposure to direct sunlight.  You might also want to consider covering the top of your table with a glass top to fully protect its value. 

Your Choice of Shape

A round table has a mythic significance and conveys an emotional appeal for equality.  This is a good investment for a company that is 100% employee-owned, or where team building occurs weekly.  Be aware that the round table does not make the best use of space and serves more of a psychological function than a practical one.

We seldom receive orders for square tables.  When we do, they are usually for very small conference rooms that dual function as break areas.  Because the middle of the table is difficult to reach, it often ends up being used for temporary storage or catered sandwiches ordered for the team.

Rectangular conference room tables make the best use of space and seat the highest number of guest.  They are also the easiest table to build, which, in turn, makes them the most affordable options for companies on a budget.  Cubiture can build a new rectangular conference table for your office that is up to 40% less expensive than those made by major brand manufacturers.

Two derivatives of the rectangular table–the racetrack and boat shape–add additional aesthetics to rooms that need more than simple geometry.  The racetrack design features semi-circular ends.  You give up 12.5% perimeter with this added appeal– but that only reduces your seating capacity by one or two people at most.

The boat-shaped conference table has the same–sometimes slightly more– perimeter as a rectangular table.  This allows you to seat just as many guests, and it also add a chic, sophisticated element to your room.  The boat shaped design is preferred in many law offices and accounting firms because of its definitively formal aesthetic.

An oval has slightly less perimeter than a rectangle, but it can still seat more guests than a round table.  If you want to create a sense of inclusion and still leave plenty of legroom and walk space in a smaller conference area, this might be an ideal choice.

If your office is small, and if you use your conference room for a blend of meetings, task completion, and personal breaks, talk to your space planner about a modular conference table.  Being able to divide a large table into smaller, personalized equivalents can allow more than one group of people to use the conference room at any given point in time.

U-Shaped and V-Shaped
If you are buying a new conference table for a room that frequently hosts guest speakers, consider combining a U-shaped table with a podium that allows your speaker to occupy a central position within the audience.

If your meetings center around video conferencing, you should invest in a V-shaped table that allows everyone to see and be seen through the monitor.

Your Choice to Pay Less

With Cubiture, custom costs less.  Because we own our own factory, we can manufacture any laminate or wood veneer conference table custom to the size of your room, the number of seated guests, and the interior decor of your company.

Probably the best way to take advantage of this savings opportunity is to email us pictures of conference tables you like and send us a copy of your floor plan.  We can combine the characteristics of the tables you like and size your new conference table to fit your room and meeting attendance requirements.  Call or email us now to get started.

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Uncomfortable? Buy a New Office Chair from Cubiture

New Office Chairs For Sale Cheap Discount Prices

Investing in a new office chair is an investment in more than simple comfort.
It is an investment in your health.  An ergonomic chair can quickly alleviate the back pain, neck pain, eye strain, leg pain, and abdominal pain that many workers experience after sitting for a long period of time.

If you are experiencing any of these pains, your chair is probably not rated for 8 hours.  Often, when we go into a business to do office space planning, we discover that most of the chairs in the office are rated for only 5 hours.  Employees often have to stand up and walk around several times a day to keep from developing cramps in their backs, arms, and legs.

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, it is time for a new office chair.  Cubiture specializes in ergonomic chairs that are priced competitively against those found at big box stores.  We sell chairs that conform to people.  We never ask people to conform to chairs.

Start with where you actually sit.
Ironically, the one part of the chair that matters the most is the part that most users overlook.  This is the seat pan itself.  When you sit in your chair, you should have 2-3 inches of space between the back of your knees and the edge of your chair.  If the pan is too short, your legs hang off the edge too much and do not receive the proper support.  If it is too long, the edge of your seat can cut into the backs of your legs and cut off circulation.  Most of the cheaper chairs that you buy in stores have limited adjustments (if any) for the seat pan.

Cubiture has a number of new office chairs that offer you to adjust the seat pan to the proper distance from your knees for maximum ergonomic leg support.

Easily adjust seat height.
You also need an office chair that will allow you to quickly move the seat up and down.  Your seat pan should be low enough to allow both of your feet to rest firmly on the floor.  Many of the cheaper chairs you buy retail have inferior gas cylinders that fail after one or two years of use–making it impossible to set the proper height.

Cubiture sells many lines of new office chairs that come with a lifetime warranty.  You don’t have to worry about repairing the gas cylinder if it fails.  We simply bring you a new chair.

Rest Your Arms Without Bumping Your Chair into Your Desk
Your arms should be roughly parallel to the surface of your desk, although some people do better with their arms pointing downward at a very slight angle.  Your armrest should be large enough to support your elbows comfortably.  However, if the armrests are too long, they will collide with the edge of your desk and force you to sit too far back from your work area.

Find a new office chair at Cubiture that has adjustable armrests that are just the right size.

We do NOT recommend locking the back of your chair.
While many of our new office chairs allow you to do this, we recommend that you use the tension control on your new office chair instead.  By increasing the tension, you can create sufficient resistance to give your back a firm support.  However, if you need to lean back in your chair, the backrest will also recline.

A firm, yet reclining, chair back offers a better blend of neck, upper back, and lower lumbar support than a backrest that is fixed in place.

New Office Chairs in all Sizes and Styles
Find chairs for executives, receptionists, conference rooms, and open concept work areas in our Cubiture showroom.  Call now to schedule a visit, and remember to request a free office space plan with your quote.

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New Reception Desk For Sale From Cubiture.Com

A new reception desk represents a new start for your Houston company.  Yet with so many styles available, making a choice can seem overwhelming.  You may be tempted to go with something that looks very similar to your current desk because it represents the familiar.  Or, you may want to save on costs and go with the best price for something with basic appeal and simple functionality.

Cubiture can offer you so much more through free space planning services that will advise your selection through the following professional guidelines.

Today’s receptionists play a variety of roles within an organization.  In addition to greeting visitors and answering phones, many are now charged with a number of administrative tasks.  In many companies, the receptionist inputs data into the company CRM and keeps track of hard copy invoices, records, and important emails.  A new reception desk in this type of environment would require plenty of desk space for computers and peripherals.  It would also require custom filing and storage areas in which the admin could organize printed materials.  In some institutions–such as those offering urgent healthcare–these areas must only be visible to the admin and other authorized persons.  Desk designs should conceal displays and paperwork from the curious eyes of visitors, patients, or clients.

Most of us grew up with a mindset that labor should be somewhat difficult–and at times unpleasant–to get the most out of employees.  The thinking of previous generations associated things such as comfort and fun with home life and recreation.  Fifty years ago, only the most progressive cities in large coastal cities experimented with the idea that work could be both exciting, enjoyable, and profitable.

The past five decades have witnessed an almost complete shift away from this mindset.  Studies in ergonomics have revealed that comfort is the ally–not the enemy–of productivity.  Workers who are seated comfortably will remain at their stations and focus for longer periods of time on task completion.  Perhaps nowhere in the office is this more important than in your waiting area.  If visitors walk in and the receptionist is absent, the impression they receive is immediately negative.

When buying a new reception desk, be certain to talk with a Cubiture space planner about ergonomics.  Seating, the arrangement of filing systems, placement of storage areas, and desk space all have a major impact on the morale, mindset, and ultimate productivity of your admin.

Your new reception desk is more than just a new piece of office furniture.  It represents your brand and establishes the emotional tone of your work environment.  This emotional tone is not just for visitors.  It is for your employs as well.  Every day, your team passes through the lobby on the way to their various workstations.  It is important to select a design that represents your corporate culture and supports your workflow requirements.

Many new reception desks feature designs that were developed with brand positioning in mind.  In our selection, you can find a number of models built specifically for CPA firms, banks, medical clinics, hospitals, IT companies, and educational institutions.  We can also recommend a number of custom designs that we have developed for Houston area companies that were competitive not only in look, but also in price, to similar models made by mainline manufacturers.

If you need ideas for your new reception desk, call our showroom to schedule a visit.  If you would like a visit to your office, simply request a free office design space plan, and a specialist will visit your office.