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Refurbished Modular Office Furniture For Sale In Dickinson Texas

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Refurbished Modular Office Furniture

This configuration functions as an excellent example of how Cubiture configures office furniture for specific workflow requirements. There are a number of key points to this particular configuration that optimize this workstations for maximum comfort and worker productivity.

The first thing we notice here is the abundance of lighting that each person has on his or her cubicle desk. Task lighting is generated by the desk lamps that you see positioned to either side of the worker’s computer display monitor. A blend of office lighting and natural light from a nearby window then travels in through the glass windows we have mounted at the tops of the modular workstation walls. This bathes the entire cubicle assembly in a wash of light that lends of a sense of positivity to the space. A person sitting here will have an easier time maintaining a positive attitude than he or she would in a space that was only partially lit and surrounded by dark splotches of shadow.

The glass windows also allow you to unobtrusively monitor your employees without having to enter their personal space.

This modular office furniture system also provides each worker with additional legroom. The filing cabinets here are positioned between individual cubicle desks—not underneath them. Employees can therefore utilize the entirety of their desk areas without bumping their legs on storage assemblies. The ergonomic office chairs we installed allow employees to glide from one end of the desk to the other without having to stand. This helps keep employees focused on task by keeping them comfortably seated throughout the work day.

In addition to creative modular office furniture designs like the one shown here, Cubiture can add even greater value in the form of cost-competitive refurbished cubicle components. Practically everything you see here, with the possible exception of the glass windows, could easily be a used cubicle component that was refurbished and assembled in a new configuration.

The savings you gain from refurbished modular cubicles, combined with our space planning and custom configurations, makes Cubiture the right choice for any company looking to increase production and maximize its profits through more efficient, disciplined, and ergonomically supportive workflow solutions.

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