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Office Furniture Design

The office of yesteryear, with rows of desks in the secretarial pool and managers’ offices – and the coveted “corner office” are no longer. What worked in the 20th century may not work today, as telecommuting workers come into the office one or two days a week. In addition, people work more collaboratively, so they need to be able to work together, side by side, discussing ideas and concepts. Your office furniture design has to change with these new practices.

Useful Design

Look at how much your office layout has changed over the years. In the interests of quickly and reliably developing new products or services, you may have begun incorporating new ideas. Every piece of furniture has to have a use, so choose carefully.

Incorporate the Outdoors

Bring nature indoors, giving your employees and customers a taste of the outdoors. By using leaf and floral patterns in your fabrics, blending recycled wood paneling and even making “walls” of living plants, you’re creating a natural feeling inside the four walls of your office.


Embrace progress by becoming more innovative. After all, progress is inevitable. Look at current offices created by other companies and industries. Look at how you can do something similar. As young graduates come into your office to apply for open positions, they’ll be more eager to join your team.

Go Multipurpose

Desks used to be assigned to specific workers, then cubicles were the next big thing. Now, cubicles are becoming passe and the new focus is on benches and unassigned seating. Again, look at what other companies are doing and use what works for you.

Make it Sustainable

By “sustainable,” you want to ensure that what you incorporate now can be used well into the next several decades. Look for solid, high-quality furniture that won’t need replacing in the next few years.

Designate Lounging/Collaboration Areas

One of the newest trends is collaborative areas where workers can sit together and work on a project with each other. Think of comfortable sofas and chairs that they can use as they discuss that new design or software. Include wireless technology so they can bring laptops or tablets to these areas.

Add Detail

Once you’ve decided on the big items, such as rounded work tables and lounging areas, it’s time to zero in on the small details. Think of your office culture and move from there. Do you or your company’s founder have motivational tools you use for your employees? Make them into posters!

Incorporate Color

By adding bits and pops of color, you’re actually boosting employees’ ability to be more productive and creative. These bits of color can be small, such as in-boxes or mouse pads.

Choose Furniture/Office Design that Delivers What it Promises

If you came up with the idea of a room where employees can take a short nap, but you couldn’t follow through, come up with something else, such as increasing telecommuting options. This may be less expensive, but it still gives your employees something they may have been wanting.

Add Community Tables

A community table allows you and your workers to sit down and share ideas and thoughts. Find an area of your office where you can remove some cubicles and have a large table installed. Browse our office furniture and bring your office design into the 21st century!

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