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Used Office Furniture Systems

Office furniture systems, or cubicles, don’t come cheap when they are new. Of course, you’re also paying to have the system installed in your office, so you understand that the price of your new cubicles includes this. If you choose to buy a used system, you’re going to need to ask a few questions to protect your company and ensure you’re not getting a bad deal.

Avoid Buying Someone Else’s Old Problems

You’ve seen a system that is a total steal. The price of the entire office system is much less than that of a new system of cubicles. Sooner or later, you may wonder why. Go beyond just wondering and ask!

Is that system faulty in some way? What’s wrong with it? If there are no structural defects, maybe something else led to the previous owner deciding to get rid of the cubicles. The business may have closed or gone bankrupt.

Whatever happened, if you buy this used office furniture system, you’ll be responsible for its installation.

Arrange for Furniture System Installation

If you’ve never installed office cubicles, you shouldn’t start now. Call us at Cubiture and arrange for professional installation. Our installers know that office furniture systems come with lots of parts that have to be put together in just the right way.

Also, some of those pieces may have been damaged while the cubicles were being taken down, so they will have to be replaced. If not, your office furniture system will not function properly – and may, in fact, function in an unsafe way, which could lead to dangerous situations for your employees.

Before you decide to buy this system, good price or not, get an accurate quote for the installation of the used office furniture system before you pay any money to the previous owner.

Verify that the Furniture System is Still in Production

How old is your new system? Is it old enough that its parts or the entire system are no longer being made? Get the answers to these questions first, before you buy. If it is still in production, you’ll be able to buy pieces you need, just in case some of the original parts are non-functioning or broken. Your professional installer can tell you what parts you’ll need, if any, so that installation won’t be slowed down or stopped.

Armed with this list, order the parts you need, such as trim pieces, connectors or electrical wiring. As soon as your order arrives, your installer will be able to come to your location and efficiently install your used office furniture system so your workers are able to resume work on their duties.

If you did buy a used office furniture system with faulty parts that are no longer in production, you’re going to have to resume your search for another used office furniture system. This will delay your company’s ability to resume work in a timely and efficient manner. So, while that new system looks so attractive, do your homework first. Browse our cubicles today and buy the right used office furniture system for your needs.

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