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Re-Furbished Office Furniture

The reasons you’re opting to buy re-furbished office furniture don’t matter. The biggest concern you have is and should be the cost savings you reap, including when you consider depreciation rates of refurbished versus new furniture. If anyone frets that you’re going to be buying substandard furniture, you’ll be able to correct their mistake by reminding them that the materials used in refurbished furniture are high quality.

The Savings Percentage

Go ahead! Buy re-furbished office furniture instead of that new furniture you’ve been thinking of. While the new furniture will last for many years, so will the refurbished items you need.

In addition, you’ll be able to buy what you need – at an average savings of between 30 and 50 percent off the list price of new furniture. This means that, if you were anticipating a large expenditure coming out of your business account, you’ll be able to slash that amount considerably. When you buy the refurbished office furniture, you’ll realize that it looks just as good as new.

Can You Save Even More?

You’ll very likely be able to save even more. However, if you are especially diligent about keeping up with office furniture stores and outlets, you may be able to catch an even larger savings of up to 80 percent off the list price. This depends on what the store has brought into its stock recently.

You’ll need to call office furniture stores (and visit websites) daily so you don’t miss these bigger savings. As you come in to look at the stock of refurbished office furniture. Keep in mind that the company cleaning and repairing the furniture will go through every square inch of every piece it is working on.

Don’t Forget the Rates of Depreciation

As you discuss cost benefits with your managers and employees, make sure you cover the differences in depreciation between new office furniture and refurbished office furniture.

As a general rule, when you buy new furniture, you’ll be hit with an immediate depreciation cost when the furniture leaves the showroom. This is where, if you recycle your existing office furniture, you’ll have a distinct advantage – you won’t need to worry about applying depreciation expenses to that furniture. Instead, you’ll be able to extend the life of your current furniture without adding any unwanted costs.

One Concrete Solution

If you’re still trying to make a final decision, look at this example: Fifty new cubicle workstations can cost you a little over $65,000. Look at the cost that you’d pay for refurbished workstations: approximately $35,000, a savings of $30,000.

While you won’t have a wide choice of colors or materials or finishes, you’ll still be able to take advantage of some attractive fabrics and possibly, some glass panes for the partition dividers.

Slay that Recycled Products Myth

On to that myth. You may have heard that buying recycled office furniture means you’re going to spend much more money than you’re prepared to spend. A “myth” is exactly what this is. The fact is that refurbished or recycled office furniture will still run you between 30 and 50 percent off the list price for new furniture.

Recycling office furniture saves on natural resources and conserves energy. These savings are passed on to you when you buy that furniture. So, put that old myth to rest. Browse our office furniture and save on refurbished items.