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Cubiture’s Cubicle setup service takes less time than other office furniture companies.

Our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, has always been adamant about planning and design.  His advanced knowledge of ergonomics, combined with his expertise in space planning, enable to Jerry to design customer workstations for virtually any type of business in the Houston marketplace.  If you are planning to move into a new office, or if you are simply expanding your existing space, Jerry can help you maximize your square footage utilization with ergonomic, personalized cubicle systems manufactured right here in Houston, TX.

Jerry can also help guide your selection of panel and desk materials.  Cubiture has hundreds of veneer, laminate, and fabric options for workstation partitions and work surfaces.  We also have glass inserts, sound masking materials, and accessories to personalize your cubicles to individual job descriptions.

Cubiture’s cubicle setup service costs less money.

Because we own our own factory and our own fleet of trucks, you actually end up paying less for custom workstation designs than you would if you purchased your cubicles from a name brand retailer.  We can build your cubicles to your specification and deliver them straight to your office.   Because there are no long-term warehousing costs involved, and because we are selling directly and locally, our prices are considerably lower than other dealers who are reselling cubicles at M.S.R.P.

Of course, if you want a particular brand cubicle such as Herman Miller or Steel Case, we can certainly provide this for you.  Even then, however, you may up paying less with Cubiture if you opt for refurbished cubicles that we can recondition in our factory prior to installation.

Jerry ALWAYS stands behind his work and the work of his team.

Anything that we sell out of our factory, as well as all the labor involved with cubicle setup, is backed up with a parts and labor warranty.  Jerry is a champion of customer service and is reputed to be one of the most customer-centric professionals in the cubicle systems and office furniture business.  Cubiture is a Better Business Bureau member with an outstanding track record in customer satisfaction.  Whether your budget is large or small, you matter a great deal to us.  Call us today, and let us develop a lasting solution that will deliver a return for years to come.

Cubicle Relocation and Reconfiguration Services Serving Houston, Texas

If you want a simple, predictable, and hassle-free office move, call Jerry Mogyorody for cubicle relocation and reconfiguration. 

Jerry’s customer-centric approach to workstation design has earned him a reputation for integrity, expertise, and innovative solutions.  Jerry believes that customers should earn an ROI on their move.  After all, an office move means a new beginning, and a new beginning should be better than the past.  Drawing from decades of experience in space planning, Jerry develops ergonomic workflow solutions designed to keep employees comfortably seated, focused, and productive in their new space.

This process requires very little time or effort on the part of the customer.

A quick walkthrough of your existing office is all he needs to develop a preliminary plan for cubicle relocation and reconfiguration.  Jerry knows what to look for when he itemizes furniture systems and can conduct his initial estimate while employees continue to work on their tasks.  Jerry will need to ask you a few questions about your business model so he can reconfigure your workstations for optimal performance in the new location.  However, these questions can be answered in an email or a few short phone calls if you are too busy to have an in-depth formal meeting.

After a walkthrough of your office and an analysis of your new floor plan, Jerry’s design team will finalize an office layout drawing of your new space. 

This drawing is produced free of all charges as part of your office move estimate.  It shows the new locations for all of your office workstations.  It can also show additional Cubiture options, such as office partitions, which can subdivide your new space with no need for drywall build out.  Advanced planning of this magnitude saves time on cubicle relocation and reconfiguration, which in turn reduces your overall cost.

Jerry will also contact both your existing building manager and your new building manager prior to your office move. 

He will discover the policies of both buildings pertaining to office relocation and schedule your cubicle relocation and reconfiguration on a day and time that works for both. You can request an hourly estimate or a flat rate-whichever works best for your bookkeeping.  Cubiture’s moving crew will handle all the crating, delivery, and setup of your workstations.  We have our own fleet of trucks and will provide a turnkey solution that gets you up and running in no time at all.

Call Jerry now if you are considering an office move. 

With just basic information, and a lot of advance planning, Jerry can make cubicle relocation and reconfiguration seamless, affordable, and ultimately profitable for your organization.


Need Cubicle Refurbishing? Talk to Jerry

Commercial Cubicle Refurbishing In Houston, Texas

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Jerry Mogyorody does a great deal more than simply own  Jerry plays an active role in every aspect of our company.  In addition to consistently leading the way in space planning, cubicle design, sales, and office relocation, Jerry is our premier cubicle refurbishing expert.  This is no accident.  Jerry’s passion for customer service led him to develop Cubiture as a turnkey service center for workstation design and installation.  He wanted the company to do more than simply sell office cubicles.  He wanted Cubiture to develop real-world solutions for Houston companies of all sizes.

For this reason, Jerry invested heavily in warehouse and factory space of his own.  He did not want to limit his customers to options found only in catalogs.  He also wanted to minimize lead times for customers who needed cubicle installation as soon as possible.  By establishing his own cubicle refurbishing center in Northwest Houston, Jerry liberated his customer base from dependency on distributors and freight companies.  He developed a turnkey system that continues to generate success to this day.  This system focuses on personalized workflow solutions developed around each customer’s specific requirements.  With his own fleet of trucks, Jerry is able to deliver solutions in turnaround times that outpace even the fastest dealers and freight delivery services.

Unlike many custom solutions that cost more, Jerry’s cubicle refurbishing programs actually cost less.  This is because the efficiency of his system enables his team to create solutions so quickly that man-hour costs are considerably lower than those of his competitors.  Jerry will drive to your office, discuss your options in colors, materials, and accessories, and give you an estimate right on the spot.  Once you authorize the project, his team will load your cubicles onto trucks and drive them right to our factory in Northwest Houston.  The team immediately gets to work on refitting your cubicles with new surfaces for panels and desks.  They repair frames for greater stability, and they secure all storage compartments and file systems with new locks.

Jerry wants every customer to experience a comfortable, positive work environment.  His system of cubicle refurbishing involves more than just making old workstations look new.  Workstations must also provide employees with ergonomic support so they can better focus on their tasks.  By equipping cubicles with better seating options, and with accessories that better consolidate work and storage space, Jerry can improve not only the way an office looks but the way it actually functions.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford new cubicles, call Jerry now for cubicle refurbishing.  Chances are your cubicles will look so new in the end that only an expert like Jerry will be able to tell they aren’t brand new.  The process is customer friendly, fast, and–most importantly–affordable for any company in Houston.

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Easy, Affordable Cubicle Moving Services by

Cubicle Moving Services In Houston, Baytown, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Katy, Conroe, & Cypress Texas

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Get great deals on cubicle moving with  Choose between a flat rate or an hourly rate you can trust.  Receive a free office space plan as part of our services, and let our team handle the logistics so you can keep working right up to the time of your move date.

We begin with a floor plan assessment and complimentary office space plan.
We want to get a clear picture of where you are moving so we can develop your new office layout drawing.  This design service is done free of charge and represents major savings on cubicle moving.  (Many competitors charge for space planning.  Cubiture never does.).

Our goal is to help you get the most of your new space.  Since you lease your office by the square foot, we want to configure your workstations in a way that uses the majority of your space for profitable production.

We coordinate cubicle moving with both building managers.
Both the building manager in your current location and the one at your new location have policies and procedures regulating office relocation.  We can save you a great deal of time by talking to both managers on your behalf.

Some buildings will not allow relocations during business hours.  Others may permit moves only on Saturdays or Sundays.  We want to choose a date and time that works for both management companies and gives us plenty of time to transport your furniture.

We give you the choice of a flat rate or an hourly rate that is finalized prior to your move date.
Our flat rate is actually based upon an estimated number of hours.  However, some companies prefer we break our rates down by the hour so that their accountants can document costs on each phase of the move.  In either case, we stand by the numbers we give you .  There are no hidden or after-the-fact costs associated with our cubicle moving service.

We also remove any unwanted furniture that you do not want to keep.
If you have chairs, desks, tables, or cubicles that you want to get rid of, we can take them off your hands.  Sometimes we can arrange a buy back and discount your cubicle moving costs at the value of the used furniture.  If we cannot buy the furniture back, we can remove it for you and liquidate it so you can at least write it off on your taxes.

We complete a cubicle turnkey move and installation so you can start working the following business day.
We own our own trucks, so we are able to get everything done in the same day provided we can schedule access to both buildings on the same day.  Our goal is always to make cubicle moving as quick as possible so your business keeps moving forward without downtime.

Cubicle Moving Services
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Expert Cubicle Lock Replacement – Drawers, Filing Systems, and Storage Cabinets

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Cubicle Lock Replacement – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

One of the most important cubicle repair services that Cubiture offers is cubicle lock replacement.  Many people store office supplies and personal items in the drawers and filing systems built into their workstations.  The security of these storage compartments is very important.   Unsecured items can be an invitation to theft in any office environment.  There are also certain industries where access to information must be limited.  Filing systems must remain locked at all times and accessed only by authorized personnel.

While theft in the office is not common, it is always catastrophic when it occurs.  Regardless of the value of the item stolen, it is a blow to morale anytime something is wrongfully taken from an employee.  It is important that workers are able to do their jobs without fear that something will be removed from their desk while they are away.  Overhead storage compartments and side drawers allow people to keep things like purses, personal information, and communication devices safe.  When the locks on these compartments no longer work, call us for cubicle lock replacement.  We can repair your drawers and storage compartments in your office without disrupting your workflow.  The cost is affordable, and the peace of mind it brings helps create a more focused, personal work environment.

In many industries such as Health Care, security is more a matter of legal compliance than it is a function of loss prevention.  Any unauthorized access to patient information can cost a health care facility thousands of dollars in fines.  It is imperative that clinics, family practices, and emergency rooms keep their files off-limits to unauthorized personnel.

Our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, has over 20 years of experience designing, building, and upgrading high density filing systems.  If you have any concerns about the security of your medical files, call Jerry personally here at Cubiture.  He can supervise your cubicle lock replacement and help you better consolidate your filing and storage systems if your administrative space has become cramped and difficult to move around in.

Like everything we do here at Cubiture, cubicle lock replacement is protected by a parts and labor warranty.  We stand by our work, especially when it comes to keeping people’s belongings and confidential information safe.  Trust Cubiture to do it right, and give Jerry a call today.

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Get Turnkey, Affordable Cubicle Installation Services from

Office Cubicle Installation Services - FREE Office Space CAD Drawing With Every Quote Houston, Texas

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Cubiture does more than just sell and install cubicles.  Our turnkey cubicle installation entails several additional, complementary services that many other organizations charge a lot of money to perform.  Many space planners, for example, charge you a design fee if you want an office layout drawing of your new floor space.  Some even charge for a floor plan analysis.  Others will charge a fee for delivery and a separate fee for installation.

Cubiture offers complimentary floor plan assessments and office space plan diagrams.  You pay only for your physical cubicles, and you choose between a flat installation rate or a rate based on hours worked. 

We also warranty our products for parts and labor, so you get support bundled into your purchase. 

We begin with a floor plan analysis.
Many customers call in with a floor plan already in their hand.  They send the plan over in an email, and we work from there.  We estimate available space for workstations, transit areas, and storage systems.  We look at the total amount of square footage in the suite and calculate the cost of operations per each square foot.  Our goal at this stage in the process is to minimize the amount of square footage for things like storage and filing.  This leaves the majority of floor space free to build profitable centers of production based on your business model and operational requirements.

In the event that you do not have a floor plan, we are happy to schedule a free walk-through of the space to make these calculations.  We are very much a face-to-face vendor and are happy to visit with you at no cost provided you have time to schedule a meeting.

We then conduct a workflow analysis.
Understanding how your business works will help us maximize your ROI on cubicle installation services.  Factors such as what marketplace(s) you operate within, the number of employees you have, and your primary goals and current challenges all play a major role in designing workstations that truly support your team.

If we can pinpoint the profit centers in your company, we can direct the majority of your funds toward cubicle systems that support your revenue streams.  While we readily acknowledge that cubicles themselves do not make you money, we also point out that properly designed cubicles will better position your team for superior focus and increased production.

After finalizing your space plan, we then build your workstations custom to your business model and operational requirements.
Because we own our own factory, we can keep the total cost of our cubicle installation services well within budget tolerance.  You are not having to pay a markup or warehousing cost on the products we build for you.  It is strictly a matter of parts and labor, with predictable delivery costs finalized well in advance of the actual installation.

Give us a call now, and we can start with a floor plan or a courtesy walkthrough at no cost to yo

Office Cubicle Installation Services
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Three Ways to Save Money on Cubicle Installation Cost

Cubicle Installation Services - Cubicle Installers In Houston TX

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The first way to save money on cubicle installation costs is to get a complimentary space plan.
Space planning is essential to any office furniture purchase.  You have to know exactly how much floor space you need for each cubicle, desk, or table that you install in your suite.  Without this estimation, it is very difficult to know exactly how many cubicles to buy and where to install them in your office.  Developing an office design layout will quickly clarify just how much space you can allocate to each employee.  This will not only determine the number of cubicles you need; it will also help us know what size each workstation needs to be.

Another way to cubicle installation costs is to get a square footage utilization report.
Cubiture will produce this report for you at no cost.  This report is based on how much you are paying for each square foot in your lease.  It then assesses your ROI potential by itemizing the square footage utilized by workstations in production areas.  We want to minimize the usage of space for things like filing and storage, leaving the bulk of your area for individual work spaces, collaboration areas, conference rooms, and key transit areas.

This report will enable you to cluster your production areas into departments that produce more results in less time.
A third way to minimize cubicle installation costs is to invest in custom workstations that cost less than retail equivalents.  Many businesses feel compelled to buy overpriced new cubicles because they understandably want their new office to look brand new to visitors.  With Cubiture, you can have this new look with workstations made here in our Houston factory.  We have hundreds of options in fabric, veneer, and laminates that can create any level of style in any design configuration you prefer.

Cubicles designed to support specific workflow requirements not only save you money on the front end, but they increase your opportunities to generate a return on your investment by creating a more focused, comfortable, and efficient production environment.

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Jerry Mogyorody – Making Office Cubicle Installation Easy and Affordable

Office Cubicle Installation & DesignWhen you call requesting a quote for office cubicle installation, more than likely you’ll be speaking with Jerry.  Jerry Mogyorody is the owner of Cubiture, and he loves working with customers.  No matter how large the company grows, or how many people we hire, Jerry always finds the time to work one on one with customers who need real solutions at a price they can afford.  We never cease to be amazed at how successfully Jerry can run a business and stay in touch with so many people at the same time.

Maybe it is the way Jerry approaches office cubicle installation.  He acts as an advisor to our customers more than a seller of products.  Jerry listens to people when they talk about their workflow processes.  He learns what makes them money, and he learns what costs them money.  He then educates the customer about the relationship between cubicles and worker productivity.  Jerry is a big believer in making people comfortable from an ergonomic perspective so they can better focus on their tasks without the distraction of pain or discomfort.

Jerry is also a big believer in making the most of existing office space.  Prior to founding Cubiture, he specialized in custom, high-density filing systems.  This experience carried over when he moved into the office cubicle installation business.  Not many office furniture salespeople think numbers when they look at the floor of an office.  Jerry does, because he can calculate in his mind just how much a cubicle system in a particular spot is costing the company per month.  By explaining how much various office furnishing are costing an organization–and how much or little they actually make in return– Jerry can propose solutions that better support task completion and employee well-being.

The actual product choices the customer eventually makes emerge naturally out of this dialogue.  It is rare that a particular cubicle, chair, desk, or conference table is sold as a stand-alone piece solely because of its features.  This is because Jerry turns products into services that help his customers make more money.  He is also an expert in cubicle design as well as installation.  He often custom builds customized cubicle systems at a fraction of the cost of new equivalents.

Since Cubiture owns its own factory, you can come straight to the owner to have cubicles built precisely to your needs at a much lower cost than you can buy from other online sources.  Even better, you can work with a man who will educate you in the science of office cubicle installation and develop a solution for you that will save you money in the short term and make you money in the long run.

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We Offer New, Used & Refurbished  Office Furniture & Cubicles. We Also Provide Office Furniture Installation, Moving & Free Office Design Services

Cubiture Offers You More Than Other Cubicle Installation Companies

Cubicle Installation & Design Services In Katy, Galveston, The Woodlands, Baytown & Pasadena Texas

Cubiture offers more detailed space planning that competing cubicle installation companies.
Cubiture bases our space plans on an assessment of cost per square foot.  Not every cubicle installation company does this.  A large number of our competitors will approach space planning from the perspective of aesthetics and comfort.  They aim to create an emotional appeal that generates an upbeat and focused environment.

We agree that these factors are important, but we also maintain that business is first and foremost about making money.  Your new cubicle installation should do more than look good and make you feel good.  It should also create a profitable workflow that makes you a return on your investment in office space.

Before we moved into cubicle installation and furniture systems, our firm specialized in custom, high-density filing systems that reduced costs and freed up wasted space for higher production volumes.  Now, after 25 years in the cubicle and office furniture business.

Cubiture offers you more options in office cubicles and office furniture.
Like most cubicle installation companies, we offer both new and used workstations.

Unlike most cubicle installation companies, we also own our own factory.

This facility enables us to build custom workflow solutions that are actually LESS expensive than many catalog items you find on major manufacturer websites.

One example of such savings was a project that we did a few years back for a lady who called for a quote on a desk system she saw online.  We quoted her the cost of the desk advertised online, but we also quoted her a custom system manufactured in our factory.  This system was actually a cubicle section built with wood veneer work surfaces and panels.  It looked nothing like a stereotypical cubicle, and it was over $4,000.00 less than the advertised model.

We are perhaps the only cubicle installation company in Houston where custom costs less, not more.

Cubiture offers turnkey free delivery and installation of new cubicles and pickup of your old furniture.
Some cubicle installation companies charge strictly by the hour.  This can result in higher fees because an office move can sometimes take longer than expected due to unexpected circumstances that arise.

We give our customers more options than that. We can quote cubicle installation by the hour, or we can quote a flat rate.
In either case,  our customers know, well in advance, what they will be investing in our services. We stand behind our bids regardless of the variables that may arise during the relocation.  We also help our customers generate a return on their existing office furniture.  Either we buy it back or assist in liquidating it to generate a tax write off for the customer.

Consider these advantages when you begin looking for a cubicle installation company, and choose Cubiture for a more thorough solution that saves both time and money for your team.

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Cubicle Replacement Parts-Call For A FREE Quote

Office Cubicle Parts For Sale

Cubiture supplies cubicle replacement parts at a fraction of the cost of workstation replacement.  

Some of the more common workstation components that we repair are shown in the infographic above. Many cubicle replacement parts can be installed in your office without disrupting your operations.  However, if the cubicle workstation must be taken to our factory, we will loan you a temporary replacement and handle pickup and delivery free of charge.

Finish Ends
Finish ends are strips attached to the edge of the panel.  They can begin to peel after frequent collisions with objects or chairs.   You don’t want to let this continue once it starts because peeling strips will catch on clothing and bags and eventually rip off.

Do not try to glue these strips back to the panel.  Many retail glue brands will leave bubbles under the surface of the strip, making it look worse than it did when it was loose.  Let our professional team replace them with new strips and industrial grade adhesives intended for cubicle repair.

Wing Panels
Wing panels consist of laminate, veneer, or some type of fabric.  After many years of usage, these can become so visibly damaged that management is embarrassed to have guests in that part of the office. Fabric colors can fade, and in some cases, fabrics themselves can tear.  Objects with sharp edges can scratch panel laminates and veneers, making them look years older than they really are.

Cubiture has hundreds of fabric, laminate, and veneer options that can restore your cubicle partitions to near mint condition.

Uneven Desks
Most cubicle desks consist of multiple sections.  Ideally, these sections should remain level with one another so the employee has a smooth, even surface on which to work.  After several years, however, one part of the desk may be higher than another.  This creates an unnerving work environment for many people that can damage productivity because of the constant distraction it creates.

While many people assume that an uneven desk is the result of a warped cubicle frame, it is more commonly the result of damaged cubicle feet supporting the frame.  Replacing these parts will usually correct the problem.

Storage Bins and Drawers
Locks are the most important cubicle replacement parts we supply because they protect belongings as well as company property.  When the mechanism fails, anyone can open a locked drawer or cubicle bin with minimal force.  Broken locks should be replaced immediately.

In some cases, the drawer fails to lock because it does not close all the way.  This indicates that the slide mechanism within the assembly needs to be replaced.  Both locks and drawer slides can be replaced in your office while you work.

So why wait?

More Experienced- Better Results
As a Herman Miller refurbishing & re-manufacturing center, Cubiture stands out from other sources of cubicle repair.  Many cubicle replacement parts are kept in stock in our factory warehouse.  Cubiture stands behind its work with a one-year warranty on all replacement parts and labor.  Some items may carry additional warranty terms based upon their manufacture.  Call us now for quick, affordable, cubicle repair.

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