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Get rid of furniture you do not need before you actually move.
Even when your moving cost is based only on hours worked, these costs will be higher if you keep all of your office furniture. Often, we find that multiple items can be liquidated and replaced with superior ergonomics and production. For example, we have bought back traditional desks from many clients and replaced them with custom, partitioned desking systems that offered greater privacy and focus than the originals. These systems also look more sophisticated than the originals and better match the production demands of the new office.

Keep in mind that moving costs include the setup of your furniture in your new office. Eliminating old, damaged, or non-essential items reduce man hours associated with your move in. We can bundle the installation of one or two new systems into your move in and adjust your costs proportionally to the furniture you sell us or liquidate.

Know what your new office layout will look like before you actually move.
Even if you are not downsizing, an office space plan for your new location may reveal that you do not need everything you currently have. Our office layout designs are based upon planned workflow in your new environment. Cubiture develops these drawing around the activities that will make your business successful. This will help you make the most of every single square foot in your suite. Custom storage and high-density filing options will make supplies more accessible, and document control more consolidated and efficient. This new layout will be free of the clutter of your old office so your employees can better focus on task completion, collaboration, and sales.

Lower transportation and storage costs with a moving company that owns its own trucks and warehouse.
Not every office relocation company owns its own trucks. Fewer still own their own storage facilities. If you work with such a company, rest assured that a portion of your moving costs will be directed toward their truck and storage leases. You will end up paying more for something that benefits them—not you.

Cubiture’s moving costs are lower than many similar companies simply because we own our own trucks and have a 25,000 square foot warehouse.
Anything you need stored, repaired, refurbished, or moved over the weekend can be handled by our team using our own equipment.

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Cubiture makes it easy for you to get an affordable professional office moving quote you can count on. We estimate everything in advance and calculate a fixed, hourly rate that we will stand behind upon completion of your move. You do not have to stop what you are doing to get this quote. Meetings are brief, and every detailed is handled from start to finish.

We begin with an office walk through.
This normally takes 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of your office. With your authorization, we will itemize every item in your office in order to determine the actual logistics of your move. We make a note of any office furniture or cubicle systems that need to be disassembled prior to moving. We count the items that will require special packing and protection. Last, we inventory your computers, phones, and office equipment in the event that you will need us to bring in a technical team to move these items as well.

You do not have to stop what you are doing for us to complete the walk through. We will make an office moving checklist go over it with you when you have a moment to meet.

The office moving checklist is subject to your review and change.
While we are able to do everything turnkey, you may want to handle certain aspects of the move on your own. For instance, if you lease your copy machines, you may want your leasing company to handle the move and setup of your copiers. If you are working with a managed I.T. Services provider, equipment moves may be included in your existing service contract. We encourage you to contact these vendors to see if they can handle the technology part of your move. If they agree, we can adjust your moving quote to handle only your office furniture and supplies.

We help you determine what to keep and what to throw away.
Many companies we move these days are downsizing to smaller, more affordable offices. It makes sense for these companies to move only the office furniture and cubicle systems they need. Otherwise, they will pay a higher hourly rate to relocate items for which they have no immediate use.

In some cases, we can buy furniture from a customer who no longer needs a particular workstation, chair, desk, or reception center. It is more common, however, for us to offer liquidation options that carry with them certain tax benefits. Either option will lower the total amount of your office moving quote considerably once these items are removed from your office move checklist.

A third option that some companies choose is to store office furniture in our warehouse in the hopes that they will recover from the current downturn and need those workstations back when they begin again to hire new employees. While there is a cost for storage, it has paid off for some companies who would have otherwise had to replace furniture down the line.

We develop an office space plan and coordinate the move with management in both buildings.
We do not need to visit your new location to develop a space plan. A copy of your floor plan is all we will need. This will enable our designers to draw up the layout of your new office based upon your anticipated workflow in the new suite.

We then talk to leasing managers in both buildings to discover what times and procedures they will require us to follow. Their responses give us all the information we need to finalize your office moving quote with a set number of hours that includes all line items on your office moving checklist.

Office moving quotes are final and carry no hidden costs.
After a brief meeting with you, the quote is finalized, and everything is handled turnkey from that point forward. The price we quote is the price you can count on paying because Cubiture takes as much pride in service as we do in office furniture!

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Call Cubiture for Office Remodeling In Houston, Texas – FREE Quote

Office Remodeling Company In Houston, Galveston, Lake Jackson & Katy, Texas,

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Houston companies frequently ask us what me mean when we say they can profit from their new office space. The answer is simple. Every square foot in your suite bears a cost. That cost is recovered if you utilize that utilize that space for production. Every square foot that is not utilized for efficient workflow and production is money lost.

The very purpose of an office remodel is to create a new environment where business systems can operate at lower costs and higher profits. Reconfiguration of existing workstations, combined with key replacements and a new layout, will generate an entirely new level of production and a measurable improvement in your bottom line.

The process is simple and scalable to any budget. Briefly, it works as follows;

We begin with a complimentary office space plan drawing.
After a quick walk through of your facility, and a copy of your floor plan, we prepare a preliminary drawing of your new office space. This is a fluid document that functions as a reference point. There is no cost to the customer for this drawing, and the visual model it provides saves time on both sides of the table. You have a better idea of how to build out your space if you can visualize your workflow in that space. It is also easier to decide what furnishings should be reconfigured, and which should be replaced, once you can see the new layout in front of you.

We provide multiple options for subdividing your new office.
If you have already decided to invest in drywall construction, our office layout design can function as a blue print for your office remodeling contractors. At no additional cost, however, we will propose alternatives to dry wall that you might want to consider. These office partition panels, which come in a variety of material builds and sizes, represent a tax depreciation value that can offset their slightly higher price point. Everything from glass to wood veneer to fabric panels can be used to subdivide your new space into executive offices, conference areas, and collaborative work space.

We customize your reception center and conference room to your brand.
Visitors and clients rarely see the production areas of your company. Only special guests are invited to executive offices to meet with upper management. The remainder of your visitors will be guided to two critical areas: your reception center and your conference room. It is imperative that these areas make the best impression possible on clients, investors, and strategic partners. As such, they often consume a higher percentage of your budget than production and operations.

Cubiture can reduce these costs with a variety of office remodeling options.
As a fully operational factory, we can custom build reception desks and conference tables at up to 40% savings on catalog and showroom brand names. We can also supply you with refurbished conference tables and receptionist stations at a much lower cost than new. Our work is warranted for parts and labor, so you can purchase furniture that looks brand new without paying the price of brand new.

Companies with a substantial office remodeling budget can also order any of the main showroom brands through Cubiture. We have a number of competitive mid-grade brands you can choose from as well. Call us today, or email us to setup a time to visit our showroom.

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How Custom Reception Desks Save Money and Time FR-1091

Cuctom Reception Desks For Sale In Houston, Galveston, The Woodland,s & Katy Texas

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Did you Know That Custom Office Furniture by Cubiture Costs Less than Retail Equivalents?

Cubiture’s manufacturing facility allows us to custom build reception area office furniture at a fraction of the cost of mainline manufacturers. As a local source with our own fleet of trucks, we can deliver our products directly to the customer and install them ourselves. This eliminates the need for third party warehousing and distribution, driving costs down by as much as 40% in some instances.

Because the reception desk is one of the most expensive pieces of office furniture you will ever buy, we urge you to speak with one of our designers about a custom solution that will meet your needs at a fraction of retail costs.

Custom Reception Desks are Built with Ergonomics in Mind
How often have we all entered an office foyer only to find the receptionist has stepped away briefly from her station. This has nothing to do with professional. It has to do with ergonomics. Your receptionist sits at her desk throughout the day. It is crucial that both the seating and the desk itself be designed with ergonomics in mind. An office chair rated for any less than an 8-hour work day will become so uncomfortable that your receptionist feels compelled to stand and walk to relieve tension and stress that builds when the body is uncomfortably positioned for long periods of time.

We furnish every reception station with ergonomic office chairs rated for an 8-hour work day. We also make sure that the work area is positioned at a height that will allow the receptionist to type and write without tilting her arms or wrist. This positioning is key to comfort and helps reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Custom Reception Desks are Built for Task Completion
Some offices have more physical paperwork than others. Doctor’s offices, for examples, still use hard copy forms for intake and check up documentation. We build medical reception stations with HIIPA compliance foremost in mind. We ensure that any information placed upon the work area remains concealed from patients standing in front of the desk. We also position payment counters to conceal information displayed on computer monitors.

In other industries, we typically do a walk through of the facility to gain a clear understanding of the receptionist’s responsibilities within the organization. Desk and storage areas are designed for the admin to access phones, computers, paperwork, and office supplies from a seated position.

Custom Reception Desks Make the Right First Impression
Because the reception center is the first thing a client or visitor sees, you need to think about aesthetics as much as you do function. Almost every receptionist desk we build features some sort of custom millwork that beautifies the exterior facade.

The geometry of the disk is determined by your interior architecture. Some offices look better with linear front desk, while others like the one shown above appear more enhanced by a curved reception center. Any style, ranging from traditional to contemporary, can be designed to fit your business model. Our team can manufacture it quickly and install it in your office in less time than it takes to order a receptionist station from a name brand office furniture company.

Our process gives you more choice and convenience while lower costs at the same time. Call us now for a free design drawing of your new reception station.

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How Cubiture Outperforms Other Office Moving Companies

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There are many office moving companies in Houston, but there is only one Cubiture.
Cubiture has moved businesses all over the United States. As a Houston-based company, however, we are in a unique position to assist local businesses with affordable relocation services. Cubiture stands out from other Houston office movers with turnkey moving, space planning, and configuration services all bundled into a competitive hourly rate that is predictably fixed and agreed upon long before the actual move takes place.

Cubiture’s costs are lower because we own our own fleet of trucks and warehouse.

Many office moving companies do not own their own trucks.
These companies operate under a lease agreement with another agency that owns the moving trucks. This rental cost is passed on to the business, often at a significant markup. This alone can inflate the actual cost of the move by as much as 20%. You are effectively paying someone to pay someone else to move you. It’s more cost effective, and less complicated if you work with a company that does not have to rely on a third party for transportation or equipment.

Few office moving companies have their own storage facilities.
Almost every office mover will offer storage options for furniture, supplies, and equipment that you do not need at your new location. However, not every moving company has its own storage units. They lease the space from a third party and pass the expenses on to you. This can further inflate your invoice, and it can result in damage to your property if the facility your mover uses si not properly climate controlled.

Our warehouse is designed specifically for office furniture storage. Its advanced climate control system keeps furnishings in pristine condition. If you store any furniture from Cubiture and decide that you do not want it, we can help you sell it for cash.

Almost no office moving companies have trained furniture experts on staff.
Granted, every Houston mover has a team of people who have experience in handling office furniture. However few movers have professionals who routinely build, install, and repair office furniture. Working with Cubiture gives you more office furniture options. You can sell, store, or liquidate furniture that you no longer want. You can also purchase replacement furniture that is either used “as-is”, refurbished, or even brand new.

Call us today at 713-412-0900 for a quote and get a free office space plan for your new location.

When do We Need Office Space Planning Services?

FREE Office Space Planning With Every Quote

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You need office space planning any time you downsize.
Downsizing leaves empty desks and chairs that make your office look deserted. This negatively impacts the morale of your remaining staff. Every time employees see these empty workstations, they begin to worry about their own jobs. The cohesion of the team that once defined the office is gone, and confidence in the business begins to diminish from within. Clients will also notice that you have downsized and question whether your business has the delivery power to meet their needs.

Get those desks and chairs out of there as quickly as possible! Call Cubiture and talk with an office space planning expert. He or she can show you how to reconfigure your essential furnishings into a streamlined workflow solution that will restore employee morale and corporate production. Store you remaining furniture in our warehouse and either sell it, liquidated it for tax write offs, or have our team move it back to your office when you begin expanding again.

You need office space planning when you move or open a new location.
More than likely, you will be liquidating and replacing some of your existing furniture. More than likely, too, you have only a few pieces that you are certain you want to get rid of. Different people in the office will want to keep certain items, while others will want to replace the majority of what you currently have with newer equivalents. This debate can damage morale, create schisms, and even slow down your move.

Cubiture can help you satisfy all members of the team by designing a workflow layout for your new floor plan. Each employee’s workstation will be drawn in full detail. This will give every employee a clear picture of what will work best in the new suite. Once people can see what their work area will look like, it will be easier for all parties involved to agree on what needs to be moved, stored, or liquidated. It will also enable you to see what new furniture purchases you may need to make to complete your new office design.

You also need office space planning when you hire new employees.
Before you assume that you know what your new employee needs, talk to an office layout design specialist. Explain the new hire’s job description in full detail. Discuss how his or her job contributes to the company as a whole. Our designers are trained workflow experts who design workstations around task completion. Your new employee will be fully supported in an ergonomic environment that keeps him or her alert, positive, and focused throughout the day.

How Cubiture’s Used Office Furniture Liquidators Can Help You Profit During a Downturn

Office Furniture Liquidators Services In Katy, Galveston, The Woodlands & Bay City Texas

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Cubiture’s used office furniture liquidators have helped hundreds of Houston companies recover losses associated with downsizing.
The recent economic downturn in the oil and gas industry forced thousands of Houston area businesses to downsize their workforce. Many of these companies also relocated their remaining workforce to smaller, more affordable office space in an attempt to reduce overhead. Cubiture was there for these companies during this time. We were able to party offset their losses by reducing the tax burden associated with surplus inventory. In some cases, we also helped our customers obtain additional tax credit through charitable donations.

Almost every one of these customers had vacant workstations that needed to be removed prior to their move.
When employees were laid off, they left behind empty desks, office cubicles, and office chairs. These items needed to be removed in order reduce the overall cost of the move. Cubiture was able to deliver a turnkey solution to these companies. Using our 25,000 square foot warehouse as a temporary storage facility, our used office furniture liquidators immediately removed all unwanted furnishings prior to moving the remainder of the office to the new location. Our moving team was then able to move and reconfigure the remaining furniture in the new space in a shorter amount of time that resulted in much lower labor rates for our customers.

Customers who contacted us long before they moved saved the most money, and, in some cases, made money.
A few of the businesses we helped had the foresight to contact our team as soon as they began to downsize. While practically every one of them was still bound by a commercial lease, they knew they would eventually have to move eventually. Knowing that empty desks and chairs represented a higher tax burden, they immediately contacted our used office furniture liquidation division to and had all unused items moved into storage in our warehouse. Our space planners then reconfigured their workstations so the remaining employees could efficiently streamline their production during the hard times that followed.

Temporary warehousing gave these companies more options for used office furniture liquidation.
Some companies actually made money from their liquidation when we found other businesses that were willing to buy the used items “as-is.” The profits made from these sales were shared with the companies who originally liquidated the items. Others earned tax credit when we donated their furniture non-profits and educational institutions. A few of our customers also recovered more quickly than they expected. As they began to hire again, they either had us move their furniture back to their office or obtain significantly discounted replacements.

Talk to Cubiture’s used office furniture liquidators and receive a free office space plan.
Whether you are downsizing, streamlining, or considering a move, Cubiture can help you. We can store and liquidate any unwanted furniture so you can better streamline your operations and cut future costs on taxes, moving, and furniture replacement.

We give you more options to consider, and we often find ways to help you make money. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Affordable Office Relocation Services In Houston, Texas – By Cubiture.com

Office Relocation Services, Houston, Galveston, The Woodlands & Katy Texas

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Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom Located On Beltway-8 between West Little York & Tanner Rd. On The West Side Of Beltway-8 In Houston, Texas.

Many companies take short cuts on office moving that cost them more money in the long run.
Assuming that office relocation services will cost too much money, they attempt to move their belongings, furniture, and office equipment on their own. Sometimes they hire inexperienced people to help with the move, only to have their furniture damaged or improperly reassembled at the new location.

Our professionals are trained experts with years of experience in furniture refurbishing and furniture repair. Few people in the office relocation industry know how to handle furniture like Cubiture employees.

Cubiture eliminates unexpected costs with competitive, hourly rates that are scaled to budget tolerance.
Unlike some office relocation services that charge you by the line item, Cubiture bills you only for the labor involved based upon a predetermined number of hours that we agree upon in advance. The resulting costs are far lower than companies that charge you for the number of cubicles, desks, tables, and chairs. Some companies also charge extra to move certain types of equipment or to move personal items that belong to various employees.

Our rates are carefully estimated in advance and agreed upon before we begin.
To us, planning your move is essential. We begin with a free consultation that outlines the details of the move. Considerations such as the number of types of furnishings, office equipment, and personal belongings are carefully inventoried. This allows us to estimate labor hours associated with packing, disassembling cubicles, and protecting office furniture during the move.

If you have a floor plan of your new office, we can also estimate the installation and setup of your office upon arrival at your new location. Items such as rental crates for personal belongings, shrink wrap, and protective blankets are bundled into our hourly rates so you pay only what we have negotiated in advance.

We work with building management to coordinate your move in full compliance with management policies.
Some building management companies have no problem with companies moving into or out of the building during business hours. Others, however, consider office relocation services to be disruptive to other tenants in the building. We can work on either level. If your management company limits office moves to after hours during the work week, we can work in the evenings to get you out of your old office and into our new.

If you are limited to weekends only, our crews can move you on a Saturday or a Sunday to your new location. We will schedule the move to accommodate building policies at both locations.

Our office relocation services are some of the lowest you will find because we own our own warehouse and fleet of trucks.
Imagine how much you will have to pay to a moving company that has to rent a storage facility or to rent a truck.  Such costs get passed on to the customer—and often passed on at a 20-30 percent markup.

This is never the case with Cubiture. We own our own factory and our own trucks, so our rates are much lower than office relocation services who have to sub-contract transportation and storage.

Our office relocation services include free space planning.
Many customers lease a space and have only a vague idea of how they will setup their work areas once they are in the new location. They hope the movers can figure out where to put things once they arrive in the new suite.

Leaving furniture configuration to the last minute will cost time and money. Eliminate these costs by having our designers develop a free office layout drawing that will show exactly where your work spaces will be located in the new office. This saves time on our end and money on yours.

With Cubiture, you get there faster—and in far better shape—for a price that you will love and never regret paying. Call us now for a free quote.

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Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom Located On Beltway-8 between West Little York & Tanner Rd. On The West Side Of Beltway-8 In Houston, Texas.
Office Moving Tips
Office Moving Checklist

Cubiture – Houston’s Premier Direct Office Furniture Source

Manufacturer Direct Office Furniture For Sale At Deep Discounted Prices Save Up To 70%

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How often have you visited direct office furniture sites that were anything but direct?
Their shopping carts are cumbersome. Their inventory constantly fluctuates. The one thing you want is out of stock. Prices are not what they seem, and shipping costs eat up whatever savings you gain on so-called discounts.

Cubiture offers you something better, more reliable, and far more affordable.
Our factory and warehousing facility, located in Northwest Houston, offers three lines of discounted office furniture and cubicle systems.

1. Used, “As-Is” Office Furniture
“As-is” furniture is any table, desk, cubicle, chair, or storage system that is resold in the condition in which it was purchased. You would be surprised at the number conference room tables, reception desks, office chairs, and call center cubicles that still retain their original look and perform reliably in their new workflow configuration.

Ideal for start-up companies, “as-is” furniture represents the least expensive direct office furniture source that Cubiture has to offer.

2. Refurbished Cubicles and Furniture Systems
Cubiture is a certified Herman Miller Refurbishing Center. As such, we can purchase cubicle systems from companies who are liquidating inventory and recondition these systems prior to resale. We re-purpose all surface areas, replace panel fabrics, and repair faulty locks and drawers on storage units. We stand by this work with a 1-year warranty.

3. Custom Systems at Discounts of up to 40%
With Cubiture, “custommeans less, not more.
Because we own our own factory, we can build individualized workstations, reception desks, and storage cabinets at a fraction of the cost of name brand, direct office furniture companies. Many of the furnishings photographed in our website are custom systems that were designed for small Houston medical facilities, financial centers, and oil and gas supply companies.

Cubiture’s Showroom, located between West Little York and Tanner along Beltway 8, offers new office furniture delivered directly to your office.
We carry lines from over 500 manufacturers sourced directly from all over the world. Find conference room tables, ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic desking systems, and storage solutions that maximize profitable utilization of your square footage.

In a time of economic volatility, Houston companies need more than a one-click solution.
They need a direct office furniture store that can remain within budget to create improved workflow, ergonomic, and space management solutions. They need an empathetic approach to office layout design that reflects their value production, mission statement, and corporate culture. They need a team of experts who can deliver what they need without downtime, hassle, or hidden costs.

They need Cubiture—Houston’s premier direct office furniture source.

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CUBITURE.COM – The Best Business Movers in Houston, Texas

Professional Business Movers In Houston, Texas

Professional Business Movers In Houston, Texas – Call 713-412-0900 For A Free Quote

Cubiture does more than other Houston business movers. In addition to getting you set up in our new location, we help you plan your move in advance. You will know exactly what you need—and what to expect—on the morning that our trucks roll into your driveway.

Complimentary Furniture Consultation
Before our business movers touch any of your existing furniture, we assess and document its condition. This consultation protects both you and us because it gives us an itemized list of any damaged chairs, desks, cubicles, or storage systems in your office. These items can be repaired in our West Little York factory at a fraction of the cost of replacements.

If you do choose to replace any worn or damaged items, we can either buy them back from you, or we can help you liquidate them for a tax write off.

We will also assess the quality of your office seating. Most office chairs offer only limited ergonomic support and are rated for only 5 hours. We have a number of affordable, advanced ergonomic upgrades that are competitive with big box store prices and rated for an 8-hour work day.

Complimentary Space Planning for Your New Office
Our business movers work closely with space planning experts who help them coordinate the setup of your new location. We recommend that you give us a floor plan of your new location as soon as possible so we can develop a workflow solution for your new space. This drawing will determine how to make the very best use of your new space.

If you are considering buying new or replacement furniture, the space plan will streamline your purchasing by showing you exactly what is needed to make the new space work for you.

Cubiture Reduces Transportation Costs.
Cubiture saves you money on logistics. Unlike many business movers in Houston, Cubiture has its own fleet of trucks. You pay less for the move itself because you do not have to cover the associated costs of rentals that many competing office movers routinely pass on to their clients.

Our team can also move you faster than other office move companies. Our professionals have decades experience in office furniture manufacturing, refurbishing, assembly, and repair. Whatever you need us to move, our experts can transport and install in a fraction of the time.

Advanced Filing and Storage Solutions
One of the biggest space wasters in any office is the standard vertical filing cabinet. The typical file cabinet offers as little as 100 filing inches in exchange for the floor space it occupies. To avoid this waste of space, ask Cubiture about custom storage and filing options.

You might want to invest in lateral filing systems that wrap around walls and offer thousands of filing inches to seated personnel. If you want to utilize your vertical cube in a smaller storage room, our business movers can install high-density filing systems that offer even greater storage capacity.

Cubiture Minimizes Construction and Remodeling Costs.
Before you go and hire contractors to build out dry walls and other interior structures, talk to a Cubiture space planner.

Our private office panels enable you to create custom workspaces and private offices with floor-to-ceiling panels made from a wide range of materials. Create the look and feel that you have always wanted with panels you can move and reconfigure at will.

Because they are classified as furniture, you can also write off their depreciation on your business taxes. As your company grows, you can rearrange private office panels to generate entirely new layouts to accommodate a growing work force.

Cubiture’s team of business movers has worked throughout the Continental United States. Headquartered in Houston, TX, we offer local companies exceptional discounts and value added services. Our efficiency and expertise enable us to scale any office move to the budget of start-up, small, mid-size, and enterprise level clients. Call us now for a free consultation.

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