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Jerry always has small cubicles for sale.
As a space planning expert, Jerry knows better than anyone how important it is to conserve the footprint of office furniture.  As Houston business continue to rebound, companies are adding cubicles to support new hires that join their ranks.  Even in larger offices, the need to plan and allocate space efficiently becomes increasingly important.  Jerry’s unique business model makes Cubiture the ideal source for this efficiency.  Space planning is always free with Cubiture, and Jerry’s factory sells direct to businesses and eliminates third-party shipping costs and middleman warehousing fees.

No matter what your budget is, Jerry has small cubicles for sale that support the most vital positions in your company.    

Customer Service
Customer service cubicles can be as small as 2 feet wide by 5 feet long.  Most customer service jobs are completely paperless at this time.  CSR’s need only enough desk space to support a monitor, a keyboard, and a telephone.  While admittedly compact, these workstations can still be remarkably comfortable if equipped with low-cost, 8-hour rated ergonomic chairs.  Glass inserts that flood the interior with light work enlarge the CSR’s feeling of personal space and create a comfortable, focused work environment.

Outbound Marketing
While most outbound marketing is CRM driven, marketing professionals still have paperwork to manage.  Desks in these workstations must have enough surface area to allows marketing reps to organize scripts, reports, and hard copies of important emails.  In order to fit more surface area into a 4×4 or a 5×5 cubicle, Jerry will often design a desk in an “L-Shaped” or “U-Shaped.”  This can double or even triple an employee’s work area without consuming excessive square footage.

Inside Sales
Many inside sales representatives now work with two monitors.  One actively engages the CRM, while the other is used to research information essential to negotiating sales transactions.  As a result, small cubicles for sales representatives are typically a little larger than their customer service and telemarketing counterparts.  A popular size for these workstations is 6×6, with an L-shaped desk configured for dual monitor display.

Jerry designs small cubicles for sales, marketing, and customer service reps in a variety of configurations and styles.
With hundreds of laminates, veneers, and panel accessory options, Jerry can compliment any interior design in your office.  Simply email your floor plan over to Cubiture, attention Jerry, or call him directly at 713-412-0900 to schedule a walk throug of your office.

Small Office Cubicles For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

How Jerry Calculates Office Cubicle Dimensions To Save You Money!

FREE Professional Office Space Cubicle Dimensions CAD Drawings With Every Quote

Complimentary Office Space Cubicle Dimension CAD Drawings
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Office cubicle dimensions are easy for Jerry to calculate.  He breaks everything down to the basics, and then he designs from the ground up.  Jerry knows that any cubicle system, regardless of its size, appearance, or constitution, consists of only a handful of components.  Every workstation rests on some type of frame and contains a desk area at which the employee works.  Every workstation also has some type of dividers that create a personal work environment for the employee.  Most cubicles also have some type of built-in storage in which the employee stores supplies and personal belongings.

The physical size of these components depends mostly on the nature of the work they support.  For instance, an employee who spends most of his or her time on the phone will need cubicle partitions that are tall enough to create an enclosed space that blocks out the majority of background noise.  More than likely, such an individual will be logging information into a computer as he or she talks on the phone.  There will be very little paperwork involved in these tasks, so the desk area only needs to be large enough for a monitor, a keyboard, and a phone.  In almost every case, office cubicle dimensions for these workstations tend toward the compact end of the spectrum.  This allows room for scalable, future growth as sales increase and more employees join the sales and customer service teams.

In other departments, however, you may have people who avoid talking on the phone at all costs because their particular responsibilities involve long periods of focused calculations or intricate design work.  These individuals will need larger desk areas to support multiple computer monitors, a printer, and filing systems for hardcopies they produce.  If these desks are linear, office cubicle dimensions will be proportionally larger than cubicles built to support phone work.  However, this might not be an option in offices already challenged with increasingly limited space.  In such cases, Jerry may recommend doubling up desk area with U-shaped or L-shaped work surfaces housed within much smaller cubicle frames.

Jerry’s free space planning services prove invaluable to companies who are facing the pressure to grow without the option of moving to a larger office.  By personalizing office cubicle dimensions for each new hire, Jerry can configure workstation clusters around departmental workflow demands.  By building these workstations in his own factory and delivering them straight to the office in his own trucks, he can actually build custom cubicle systems that cost less than online retail counterparts.

Do not hesitate to call Jerry if you are hiring new people and need places to seat them.  Send a floor plan for evaluation, or schedule a walkthrough of your office.  You won’t be disappointed.

Complimentary Office Space Cubicle Dimension CAD Drawings 
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How Cubicle Space Planning Saves You Money

When buying workstations, it is always good to have some kind of game plan that will guide your purchasing decisions.  Workstations, like people, have to work together in an office.  In most instances, too, these workstations are built to support specific individuals in their job descriptions.  Because they vary in size and often have unique features, cubicles must be configured in clusters that support the most important processes within the company.  Cubicle space planning allows us to plan these clusters before making the actual purchase.  We can show you how large each cubicle needs to be, where it needs to be located, and what accessories it requires to support a particular employee.

Cubicle space planning is a complimentary service that Cubiture offers to every customer who requests a quote.  Our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, was once an experienced designer of high-density filing and storage systems.  He became an industry leader the consolidation of filing and storage systems into compact spaces, highly organized spaces.  When he founded Cubiture, Jerry brought this expertise into the furniture systems and cubicles industry.  His advanced knowledge of how to get the most out of every square foot in the office enables him to study any floor plan and quickly calculate the size and location of each cubicle in the space.

Most of our customers call us either when they move to a new office or when they hire a new round of employees.  Many will already have a specific number of cubicles in mind because they plan on adding 5 or 6 new employees to their team. Jerry’s free cubicle space planning allows these companies to scale their purchasing to their budgets.  Each cubicle can be custom designed to meet the needs of the individual employee.  Cubiture owns its own factory, so Jerry can send the drawing straight to manufacturing, having the cubicles built here in Houston, then ship them direct to the customer in his own trucks.



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If you need affordable cubicles, call Jerry Mogyorody at Cubiture.  Jerry has been building cubicles for Houston businesses for over 20 years now.  Jerry knows how to make the most of your office space so you can grow your company without having to move repeatedly as you expand your operations.  Jerry is more than a furniture salesman.  He is actually a furniture system and cubicle manufacturer that sells directly to the business community.  With his own fleet of trucks, and with a team of expert designers and craftsman, Jerry is able to manufacture custom cubicles at a fraction of the cost of online, retail competitors.

Jerry has built a solid network of material suppliers that now supports a vast inventory of all the materials necessary to build affordable cubicles customized to unique job descriptions.  His designs are based on two fundamental principles.  The first of these is ergonomics.  It is a scientific fact that employee performance increases when people are comfortable at their stations.  Jerry’s advanced knowledge of ergonomic science and seating enables him to create comfortable workstations of any size.  Jerry also builds workstations on the principle of space consolidation.  Many of his desk systems, for example, make use of corners and end walls that have been previously unoccupied.  This leaves more floor space for transit, conference areas, guest areas, and high-density storage.  Maximizing space in this fashion helps you get the highest possible return on your commercial office lease.

Jerry is also a big believer in accessorizing workstations so that employees have everything they need within easy reach.  Items such as shelving and file holders can be mounted to cubicle partitions so workers can store supplies and paperwork just inches above their desks.  Jerry can also design partitions with whiteboards when employees need to conference and collaborate at each other’s workstations.  Filing systems and storage systems are standard for every workstation.  As a high-density storage expert, Jerry can build advanced storage and file systems into the most affordable cubicle systems for pennies on the dollar.

Never think that you have to sacrifice aesthetics to buy affordable cubicles.  The Cubiture factory has over 400 types of laminates and fabrics for cubicle desk and partition construction.  If you want a more classic, natural wood look, we have over 100 types of veneer that can be used to build your workstations in traditional or transitional designs.  There is no reason to look anywhere else for affordable cubicles now that you have found Cubiture.  Call Jerry today, and get started with a free office layout design and space plan.  You won’t be disappointed, and you will be amazed at the return you generate from your investment in custom workstations designed with your business model in mind.

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Don’t Purchase Cubicles Without A Free Office Space Design CAD Drawing By Jerry

Design, Installation & Purchase Cubicles From

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Most organizations purchase cubicles when they begin to grow. 

The addition of new personnel calls for new furniture systems and cubicles.  This is not always easy for a company because adding new people to the payroll is expensive enough.  It quickly becomes necessary for companies to shop for the very best deals on workstations in order to stay within budget.   While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest cubicles from some large online outfit, it is not necessary to sacrifice quality for savings.  Houston companies can afford ergonomic, personalized workstations for their employees if they take advantage of Jerry’s free space planning service at

Jerry approaches space planning from the perspective of managed growth.

Typically, a company hires new employees in groups that fill the ranks of several departments.  This represents not only new additions to each department but also changes to the workflow of that department.  Jerry’s acute understanding of workflow dynamics enables him to develop cubicle configurations that support those tasks that are essential to that department’s production. He does not charge for these drawings because he wants his customers to purchase cubicles that fit their actual needs–not just fill their space.

Jerry’s knowledge of ergonomics differentiates his space planning service from competitors who charge money for these drawings.

Very few space planners know ergonomics like Jerry.  They focus either on blending workflow with aesthetics in order to create a new sense of energy within the workspace.  While energetic dynamics do play a role in office morale, nothing takes the place of basic health and wellness.  Study after study has proven that comfort heavily impacts employee work ethic, focus, and overall morale.  Companies who purchase cubicles that are designed only for looks often pay a higher price than they anticipate in the long run.  Workers who feel uncomfortable, or who begin to experience cramps and backaches, constantly leave their seats and cost the organization thousands of dollars in man-hours over a long period of time.

Companies who purchase cubicles from Jerry can save money on the front end and on the back end.

Cubiture owns its own factory, so Jerry can build customer workstations at a lower price than name brand retail workstations.  Cubicle configuration based upon ergonomic space planning creates an environment where employees feel good about coming to work.  Superior seating options, unique filing and storage options, and the best office chairs on the market all work together to increase focus, improve attitude, and increase production in the new office space.

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Cubicle Setup – Fast, Affordable, Customer Friendly Serving Houston, Texas

Cubiture’s Cubicle setup service takes less time than other office furniture companies.

Our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, has always been adamant about planning and design.  His advanced knowledge of ergonomics, combined with his expertise in space planning, enable to Jerry to design customer workstations for virtually any type of business in the Houston marketplace.  If you are planning to move into a new office, or if you are simply expanding your existing space, Jerry can help you maximize your square footage utilization with ergonomic, personalized cubicle systems manufactured right here in Houston, TX.

Jerry can also help guide your selection of panel and desk materials.  Cubiture has hundreds of veneer, laminate, and fabric options for workstation partitions and work surfaces.  We also have glass inserts, sound masking materials, and accessories to personalize your cubicles to individual job descriptions.

Cubiture’s cubicle setup service costs less money.

Because we own our own factory and our own fleet of trucks, you actually end up paying less for custom workstation designs than you would if you purchased your cubicles from a name brand retailer.  We can build your cubicles to your specification and deliver them straight to your office.   Because there are no long-term warehousing costs involved, and because we are selling directly and locally, our prices are considerably lower than other dealers who are reselling cubicles at M.S.R.P.

Of course, if you want a particular brand cubicle such as Herman Miller or Steel Case, we can certainly provide this for you.  Even then, however, you may up paying less with Cubiture if you opt for refurbished cubicles that we can recondition in our factory prior to installation.

Jerry ALWAYS stands behind his work and the work of his team.

Anything that we sell out of our factory, as well as all the labor involved with cubicle setup, is backed up with a parts and labor warranty.  Jerry is a champion of customer service and is reputed to be one of the most customer-centric professionals in the cubicle systems and office furniture business.  Cubiture is a Better Business Bureau member with an outstanding track record in customer satisfaction.  Whether your budget is large or small, you matter a great deal to us.  Call us today, and let us develop a lasting solution that will deliver a return for years to come.

Cubicle Relocation and Reconfiguration Services Serving Houston, Texas

If you want a simple, predictable, and hassle-free office move, call Jerry Mogyorody for cubicle relocation and reconfiguration. 

Jerry’s customer-centric approach to workstation design has earned him a reputation for integrity, expertise, and innovative solutions.  Jerry believes that customers should earn an ROI on their move.  After all, an office move means a new beginning, and a new beginning should be better than the past.  Drawing from decades of experience in space planning, Jerry develops ergonomic workflow solutions designed to keep employees comfortably seated, focused, and productive in their new space.

This process requires very little time or effort on the part of the customer.

A quick walkthrough of your existing office is all he needs to develop a preliminary plan for cubicle relocation and reconfiguration.  Jerry knows what to look for when he itemizes furniture systems and can conduct his initial estimate while employees continue to work on their tasks.  Jerry will need to ask you a few questions about your business model so he can reconfigure your workstations for optimal performance in the new location.  However, these questions can be answered in an email or a few short phone calls if you are too busy to have an in-depth formal meeting.

After a walkthrough of your office and an analysis of your new floor plan, Jerry’s design team will finalize an office layout drawing of your new space. 

This drawing is produced free of all charges as part of your office move estimate.  It shows the new locations for all of your office workstations.  It can also show additional Cubiture options, such as office partitions, which can subdivide your new space with no need for drywall build out.  Advanced planning of this magnitude saves time on cubicle relocation and reconfiguration, which in turn reduces your overall cost.

Jerry will also contact both your existing building manager and your new building manager prior to your office move. 

He will discover the policies of both buildings pertaining to office relocation and schedule your cubicle relocation and reconfiguration on a day and time that works for both. You can request an hourly estimate or a flat rate-whichever works best for your bookkeeping.  Cubiture’s moving crew will handle all the crating, delivery, and setup of your workstations.  We have our own fleet of trucks and will provide a turnkey solution that gets you up and running in no time at all.

Call Jerry now if you are considering an office move. 

With just basic information, and a lot of advance planning, Jerry can make cubicle relocation and reconfiguration seamless, affordable, and ultimately profitable for your organization.


Need Cubicle Refurbishing? Talk to Jerry

Commercial Cubicle Refurbishing In Houston, Texas

Cubicle Refurbishing In Houston – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

Jerry Mogyorody does a great deal more than simply own  Jerry plays an active role in every aspect of our company.  In addition to consistently leading the way in space planning, cubicle design, sales, and office relocation, Jerry is our premier cubicle refurbishing expert.  This is no accident.  Jerry’s passion for customer service led him to develop Cubiture as a turnkey service center for workstation design and installation.  He wanted the company to do more than simply sell office cubicles.  He wanted Cubiture to develop real-world solutions for Houston companies of all sizes.

For this reason, Jerry invested heavily in warehouse and factory space of his own.  He did not want to limit his customers to options found only in catalogs.  He also wanted to minimize lead times for customers who needed cubicle installation as soon as possible.  By establishing his own cubicle refurbishing center in Northwest Houston, Jerry liberated his customer base from dependency on distributors and freight companies.  He developed a turnkey system that continues to generate success to this day.  This system focuses on personalized workflow solutions developed around each customer’s specific requirements.  With his own fleet of trucks, Jerry is able to deliver solutions in turnaround times that outpace even the fastest dealers and freight delivery services.

Unlike many custom solutions that cost more, Jerry’s cubicle refurbishing programs actually cost less.  This is because the efficiency of his system enables his team to create solutions so quickly that man-hour costs are considerably lower than those of his competitors.  Jerry will drive to your office, discuss your options in colors, materials, and accessories, and give you an estimate right on the spot.  Once you authorize the project, his team will load your cubicles onto trucks and drive them right to our factory in Northwest Houston.  The team immediately gets to work on refitting your cubicles with new surfaces for panels and desks.  They repair frames for greater stability, and they secure all storage compartments and file systems with new locks.

Jerry wants every customer to experience a comfortable, positive work environment.  His system of cubicle refurbishing involves more than just making old workstations look new.  Workstations must also provide employees with ergonomic support so they can better focus on their tasks.  By equipping cubicles with better seating options, and with accessories that better consolidate work and storage space, Jerry can improve not only the way an office looks but the way it actually functions.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford new cubicles, call Jerry now for cubicle refurbishing.  Chances are your cubicles will look so new in the end that only an expert like Jerry will be able to tell they aren’t brand new.  The process is customer friendly, fast, and–most importantly–affordable for any company in Houston.

Cubicle Refurbishing In Houston
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Easy, Affordable Cubicle Moving Services by

Cubicle Moving Services In Houston, Baytown, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Katy, Conroe, & Cypress Texas

Cubicle Moving Services – Call 713-412-0900 For A FREE Quote

Get great deals on cubicle moving with  Choose between a flat rate or an hourly rate you can trust.  Receive a free office space plan as part of our services, and let our team handle the logistics so you can keep working right up to the time of your move date.

We begin with a floor plan assessment and complimentary office space plan.
We want to get a clear picture of where you are moving so we can develop your new office layout drawing.  This design service is done free of charge and represents major savings on cubicle moving.  (Many competitors charge for space planning.  Cubiture never does.).

Our goal is to help you get the most of your new space.  Since you lease your office by the square foot, we want to configure your workstations in a way that uses the majority of your space for profitable production.

We coordinate cubicle moving with both building managers.
Both the building manager in your current location and the one at your new location have policies and procedures regulating office relocation.  We can save you a great deal of time by talking to both managers on your behalf.

Some buildings will not allow relocations during business hours.  Others may permit moves only on Saturdays or Sundays.  We want to choose a date and time that works for both management companies and gives us plenty of time to transport your furniture.

We give you the choice of a flat rate or an hourly rate that is finalized prior to your move date.
Our flat rate is actually based upon an estimated number of hours.  However, some companies prefer we break our rates down by the hour so that their accountants can document costs on each phase of the move.  In either case, we stand by the numbers we give you .  There are no hidden or after-the-fact costs associated with our cubicle moving service.

We also remove any unwanted furniture that you do not want to keep.
If you have chairs, desks, tables, or cubicles that you want to get rid of, we can take them off your hands.  Sometimes we can arrange a buy back and discount your cubicle moving costs at the value of the used furniture.  If we cannot buy the furniture back, we can remove it for you and liquidate it so you can at least write it off on your taxes.

We complete a cubicle turnkey move and installation so you can start working the following business day.
We own our own trucks, so we are able to get everything done in the same day provided we can schedule access to both buildings on the same day.  Our goal is always to make cubicle moving as quick as possible so your business keeps moving forward without downtime.

Cubicle Moving Services
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Expert Cubicle Lock Replacement – Drawers, Filing Systems, and Storage Cabinets

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Cubicle Lock Replacement – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

One of the most important cubicle repair services that Cubiture offers is cubicle lock replacement.  Many people store office supplies and personal items in the drawers and filing systems built into their workstations.  The security of these storage compartments is very important.   Unsecured items can be an invitation to theft in any office environment.  There are also certain industries where access to information must be limited.  Filing systems must remain locked at all times and accessed only by authorized personnel.

While theft in the office is not common, it is always catastrophic when it occurs.  Regardless of the value of the item stolen, it is a blow to morale anytime something is wrongfully taken from an employee.  It is important that workers are able to do their jobs without fear that something will be removed from their desk while they are away.  Overhead storage compartments and side drawers allow people to keep things like purses, personal information, and communication devices safe.  When the locks on these compartments no longer work, call us for cubicle lock replacement.  We can repair your drawers and storage compartments in your office without disrupting your workflow.  The cost is affordable, and the peace of mind it brings helps create a more focused, personal work environment.

In many industries such as Health Care, security is more a matter of legal compliance than it is a function of loss prevention.  Any unauthorized access to patient information can cost a health care facility thousands of dollars in fines.  It is imperative that clinics, family practices, and emergency rooms keep their files off-limits to unauthorized personnel.

Our owner, Jerry Mogyorody, has over 20 years of experience designing, building, and upgrading high density filing systems.  If you have any concerns about the security of your medical files, call Jerry personally here at Cubiture.  He can supervise your cubicle lock replacement and help you better consolidate your filing and storage systems if your administrative space has become cramped and difficult to move around in.

Like everything we do here at Cubiture, cubicle lock replacement is protected by a parts and labor warranty.  We stand by our work, especially when it comes to keeping people’s belongings and confidential information safe.  Trust Cubiture to do it right, and give Jerry a call today.

Cubicle Lock Replacement
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