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Modular Office Furniture Systems

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When it’s time to buy new office furniture and cubicles, you need a professional office furniture store that will provide a full range of services so you can keep your own business operating even as your new furniture or cubicles are being installed. If you are moving to a new location, you don’t want to take several days off while everything is being moved. An office furniture company that moves your furniture, cubicles, file system and data? Such a company exists!

Whether you need cubicles, office furniture, filing systems or panel workstations, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Cubiture. If you’ve decided to buy re-manufactured or refurbished, you’ll find what you need in our showroom as well. Come to our store and let one of our professional sales team know just what you’re looking for.

Has your company outgrown its current filing system? We’ll be able to help you select the system that’s best for your needs. We’ll also be able to help you have that new system installed, even if your entire team is still working.

Experience and Service

With our sales team, you’ll benefit from over 40 years of accumulated experience that each team member has to offer. No matter whether you’re seeking information on lobby furnishings, conference tables, filing systems, cubicles, office seating and general office furnishings, our sales team will be able to answer your questions and show you what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter what you need. We’ll offer the service. If you need your office space professionally measured for cubicles or furniture, a few members of our sales team will be there to help you out. In addition, they’ll design the best office furniture layout that maximizes your space and allows you to place every piece of office furniture in the best layout possible.

If you’ve just ordered a new office cubicle system, you’ll have it professionally delivered and installed.

Meeting Your Company’s Needs

Call us here at Cubiture, whatever the need. If, for instance, you need to have a layout design created for new cubicles, our sales team members will tour your offices and create the best cubicle layout, all based on the number of employees you have, their work roles and how much room you have for the new cubicle system you’re ordering.

Helping You Move

Before moving day, you’re probably pretty worried about ensuring that you’ve thought about everything – moving van, transferring utilities, moving files, installing cubicles and computers – every myriad detail you can imagine.

Turn all of that over to our expert sales team. With our “turnkey” management system, you’ll be able to continue working while we handle the move for you.

Competitive Pricing

You’ve probably already priced office furniture or cubicle systems. Now that you’re recovering from heart failure, look at why Cubiture is able to offer you better pricing. We provide factory direct buying opportunities that allow us to pass the savings on to you. This is true of every product line, not just a select few.

Browse our office furniture cubicles and order from Cubiture today.

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What To Know When Buying Used Office Cubicles

How To Buy Cubicles & Save Money Today

EPA estimates suggest that 3 million tons of used office furniture is dumped into landfills every year. Not only does this add to an already growing waste disposal problem, but it also requires manufacturers to expend additional energy and raw materials producing new office furniture. Repurposing used office furniture reduces these expenditures. It is an excellent and very simple strategy, for making your organization more sustainable.

The impact that re-purposing preowned office furniture makes on the environment is so significant LEED points are now awarded to companies that invest in refurbishing existing office furniture and office cubicle systems. Points are awarded in resource and materials reuse and waste management. Your company can also be given credit for reducing volatile organic compound, or VOC, emissions.

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How To Find Affordable Office Furniture In Houston Texas! FR-492

Affordable Office Furniture For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Affordable Office Furniture By CUBITURE.COM

It’s furniture shopping time, but you’re not sure where to start. More to the point, you don’t know where you’ll get the best deals on office furniture. Money – or budget – may be a concern, so you plan to steer clear of those stores where the prices seem to come out of the stratosphere. You need a solid shopping road map.

Demographics of Your Client Population

You should know who will be walking through your front door, you’ll be able to develop a better idea of what kinds of furniture to buy. Standard couches may suffice. Comfortable armchairs will fill the needs of the person who comes in alone.

Depending on what services you offer, you may serve only adults or you may serve families with teens and young children. Make sure you have reception-area furniture suitable for all age ranges.

If you are an architectural firm, a law or accounting practice, a medical or dental office or even a web design firm, you should be able to buy furniture for adults only. Depending on the culture of your office, you may be able to buy modern furniture.

Look for Used Office Furniture

Your budget is a huge factor in your final purchase decisions. You need to buy multiple desks, office chairs, filing cabinets and possibly some low bookshelves for professional books and binders that your employees use.

Consider buying re-manufactured office furniture. It looks and functions just like new-from-the-showroom-floor, but it can cost you at least 50 percent less than the new items. Re-manufactured furniture has been taken apart and repaired, with chair padding and upholstery material or leather replaced.

You don’t have to choose heavy wooden desks. If the atmosphere of your office is more casual or modern, why not buy chrome and glass desks? If you aren’t sure what you’ll find, then call one of our furniture experts here at Cubiture. You’ll be able to ask all the questions you have, knowing that you’re going to get the best guidance and information that you’ve been seeking.

Choose Functional Office Furniture

You want your new office furniture to fill every need you, your employees and clients may have. Make sure that what you buy, whether new or used, will be fully functional for everyone.

If you’re looking at the most basic office chairs, thinking these will serve everyone’s needs, remember that everyone’s body is different. You have tall, short, thin and heavy employees. Some of them have old back injuries that may be aggravated by sitting in a chair that doesn’t have ergonomic qualities. Turn your attention to the chairs that have the ergonomic features and you’ll recoup your money in reduced health insurance claims.

Filing cabinets and desks should have sufficient storage for supplies and paper. Buy as many as you need, then a few more. It’s not worth saving a few dollars if someone ends up breaking a filing cabinet drawer by overstuffing it.

Where to Buy Your Office Furniture

You have so many choices of where to go for office furniture in Houston. Go ahead and check out the inventory at these stores, then compare what you find to what we have here at Cubiture. Browse our office furniture when you know what furniture you need.

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New, Used & Refurbished Office Furniture Store HM-9012

Refurbished Office Furniture Store In Houston, Tx.

CUBITURE.COM – YOUR NEW, USED & REFURBISHED OFFICE FURNITURE STORE. Call Us For A FREE Quote 713-412-0900 OR Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom Located On Beltway-8 between West Little York & Tanner Rd. On The West Side Of Beltway-8 In Houston, Texas

New, Used & Re-Manufactured Office Furniture Store

Brand-new office furniture is outside your current office budget, so you’ve decided to research refurbished office furniture. You’re not alone. New furniture is pricey and, because you’ve decided it’s time to replace your old furniture, you need to begin studying the properties and benefits of refurbished furniture.

What Refurbished Furniture Is Not

It isn’t shoddy furniture that shows its age. It’s not falling apart, with wheels, casters, height adjustment levers or drawers that refuse to work as they were designed to do.

Instead, refurbished office furniture has been cleaned. Broken or worn-out parts have been replaced. The finish of wood furniture is restored, so it looks just like new.

Also, refurbished office furniture is not so expensive that it’ll break your office budget.

How Your Business Benefits from High-Quality Refurbished Furniture

You and other company officers may have a definite idea about what you want your new/refurbished furniture to look like. It might carry some of the colors in your logo or branding. Rather than being made using vinyl, it may be covered with fabric or even leather.

You want wood desks, but you don’t want them to look like those dark, heavy behemoths that are found in legal or accounting practices. Yet, you don’t want chrome and glass desks either. Your office atmosphere doesn’t reflect that high-tech look. You still have an option. As you explore the different refurbished wood desks, why not consider ordering desks made using a lighter-toned wood? In this way, the new desks will reflect your company’s environment and possibly, its brand. In addition, you can create a forward-looking and light environment for you, your workers and managers. It may be possible to request that your refurbished furniture be made to specific color requirements.

How the Environment Benefits

Pre-owned office furniture that is diverted from city landfills doesn’t become part of our pollution problem. Instead, it becomes part of a sustainability effort that actually benefits cities all around the world.

Take this just one step deeper. Those companies that refurbish pre-owned office furniture use recycled materials or materials made using components made using “green” practices.

Not only will the environment benefit, your business will, too. If you buy refurbished office furniture, your company is eligible to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points. When you do so, you’ll join with many other businesses that have committed themselves to following environmentally conscious practices. Even better, by buying refurbished furniture, your business will be the owner of furniture that looks just like new.

Look Around, then Buy Your Refurbished Office Furniture

Before you commit to buying refurbished office furniture, call around and do targeted Internet research. Learn everything you can about furniture that has been repaired and refurbished, then call our furniture experts here at Cubiture. They will be able to answer all of your questions, which allows you to make the best, most educated decision before you commit your valuable office funds. Browse our office furniture and make Cubiture your choice for refurbished furnishings.

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Office Furniture Cubicles – Personal Workstations ML-108

Custom Office Furniture Cubicles

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Office Furniture Cubicles

As you consider your options regarding office cubicles, you need to know what doesn’t work with your current arrangement. What does work? What do your staffers like the most? What do they hate (and tell you about)? Before you decide on a vendor and place your order, take all of these questions into consideration so you can discuss them with one of our cubicle experts.

Look at Your Office Space

Look carefully at the area where you will be placing your new office cubicles. If you have differing configurations for your current sets of cubicles, you had a reason for having them set up this way. If it worked when you ordered these cubicles, does this configuration work now? If not, why?

You may have added staff (or let staff go) depending on economic conditions. One or more of your departments may have grown larger, making your current setup insufficient for current staff. Take detailed notes so you can detail how many cubicles you need at this time.

Option 1: Ordering the Same Cubicle Design for Everyone

From clerks all the way up to managers, everyone will have the same cubicle setup. Each cubicle will have identical storage and configurations. Departments with staffers who work with confidential information will have the same cubicle as typists and clerks. Your IT and graphic design departments will work in those cubicles as well.

The benefits:

º No confusion about who gets what cubicle configuration
º Uniformity of cubicle design

The disadvantages:
º Employees who need privacy for their work won’t have the higher walls
º Ambient noise will affect everyone, no matter their job roles
º Managers won’t be able to talk privately to employees or clients

Option 2: Customizing New Cubicles to Each Employee’s Role

Ordering cubicles with higher dividing walls, extra storage and materials that cut down on the excess noise allows your staffers to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Managers and human resources employees will be able to work on confidential paperwork without worrying that someone who shouldn’t see the information can do so as they walk by.

Those IT workers and graphic designers will be able to work in a slightly quieter environment – those higher walls will deflect the sounds of conversations and phone calls.

Managers who work inside enclosed cubicles will, in effect, have private offices. Those meetings with clients and employees will remain confidential and the managers can work undisturbed by excess noise.

Option 3: Ordering the Same Cubicles and Supplementing with Dividers

Order the same cubicles and include partitions and dividers. Adding fabric wall panels will help you to keep the noise from surrounding areas from affecting staffers who need more quiet.

You’ll also have the option of ordering desktop privacy panels so HR and managers will be better able to maintain the level of confidentiality for their paperwork.

Option 4: Ordering Closed Cubicles for Managers

Your managers have told you they really need more privacy than an open cubicle offers them. Look at small, enclosed cubicles with doors that shut so they can get the quiet and privacy they need.

As you weigh all these options, call one of our Cubiture experts so you can learn more about each option and decide which options serve your needs best.

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Office Furniture Sales, Design, Repair & Installation ML-107

Used Office Furniture Sales

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Office Furniture Sales

You and your staff need new or pre-owned office furniture, but your budget is definitely a consideration. You may have already browsed office furniture store websites or even visited them in person and the prices you saw solidified your plans to buy pre-owned office furniture. You already know you can find furniture that looks just like new. All you need is to know how and where to find it.

Check Office Furniture Stores

Visit the brick-and-mortar locations and websites of remanufactured office furniture stores, such as Cubiture. Don’t stop there. Visit other stores so you know what prices are being charged.

Keep track of the prices of everything you look at, because you’re going to be comparing these numbers to the prices you find elsewhere.

Don’t Forget Furniture Liquidators

Hotels and other businesses send their old furniture to furniture liquidators. After the liquidator has the furniture inspected, it is repaired, cleaned and made ready for sale on the liquidator’s showroom floor.

Once you’ve seen what is available, you’ll be able to compare this furniture to other resources you check.

Just as a quick cautionary note. You will find lots of odds and ends, some of which will be too old to be of any use to you. Keep looking, because you’re eventually going to find what you’re looking for. If you need matched office sets, this option is one of your best.

When to Shop for the Deals You Need

Once you begin looking for pre-owned office furniture, you need to know when you’re most likely to find what you need. Just as clothing is sold seasonally, good furniture deals are made available at around the same time of every year.

For office furniture, expect to see availability rise in February and June. Businesses usually wait to turn their old furniture over to a liquidator or other site for one of several reasons:

º New funds become available at the beginning of the calendar year, meaning companies have much more funding with which to work

º People who work at home or who own small businesses must wait until they have their tax refunds in their bank accounts, if they expect to receive money back from their taxes.

Classified Ads are an Option, But. . .

Look through classified ads, but remember that the prices being charged by the seller could be much higher than what you would find being charged by a furniture liquidator or even a used furniture outlet. These individuals set such high prices because they want to get back at least a portion of what they spent.

A good option here is to bring your negotiating skills with you and be ready to bargain those too-high prices down to something more manageable. This is where your initial research comes in handy – you’ll be able to inform the seller, “Well, at XYZ, we saw desks and ergonomic chairs being offered about 30 percent lower than what you’re charging. We need to buy several items. Maybe we can talk about a discount.”

Furniture Consignment Shops May Have Good Deals

Furniture consignment shops are able to charge less for remanufactured office furniture because they have several pieces of furniture in their stock. While you may be less likely to find matched office sets, the savings you’ll get may make this a non-issue for you. Just make sure you know you’re getting the best deal possible before you buy. Browse our office furniture when you know what you need.

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Administrative Office Furniture Buying Guide HM-899

Refurbished Executive Office Furniture Sales. Call For A FREE Quote!

CUBITURE.COM – YOUR SOURCE FOR NEW & USED Executive Office Furniture. Call Us For A FREE Quote 713-412-0900 OR Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom Located On Beltway-8 between West Little York & Tanner Rd. On The West Side Of Beltway-8 In Houston, Texas

Administrative Office Furniture For Sale

Now that you have finished purchasing administrative office furniture for your workers, it’s time to turn your attention to your executives. Look at what they are using now. Does their current furniture meet their needs? Have your managers spoken to you about what features and performance they need from their desks, chairs, filing cabinets, hutches or credenzas? If not, it’s time for you to identify what their furniture needs are so you can begin researching what’s available.

What are Your Needs?

Adjustable office chairs with good lumbar support are a necessity, not a luxury. Sturdy furniture that stands up to hours of use, several days a week. Filing cabinets with drawers that work after a few years of use. Hutches and credenzas that actually hold the notebooks, binders, manuals and trade books that your managers rely on every day.

Even if these features are contained in simpler pieces of furniture, your managers will be happier and much more able to attend to their daily duties. Look at the features of the chairs.When you and they aren’t changing position, trying to ease that back pain that always seems to develop around mid-afternoon, productivity will increase. When you pay closer attention to the features in other pieces of furniture, it may be easy to see your executives responding in a positive way.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

Looking at the chairs, you need adjustability and lumbar support. Desks should also fit each manager. If you order every desk to be the same size, your bigger managers may feel constricted. Your smaller managers may feel lost with all that real estate they are sitting behind. For this reason, you should take your management team with you as you scout out new executive furniture. Have them try each desk you’re considering for size and comfort. Then order the ones that fit them.

ADA Information On Occupational Ergonomic Office Furniture

Look at Your Office Layout

Do you house every employee, management included, in workstations? Are some of these stations enclosed offices? Or do you have separate walled offices for every member of your management team? Your office layout will dictate what kind of executive office furniture you choose.

For a layout that has been created with workstations, you’re going to have to remember that size is everything – if you order the largest desks or credenzas, you’ll crowd your managers out of their cubicles. Go small. You’ll still have the room you need for storing documents and manuals. If your cubicles have overhead storage bins, these can hold office supplies, trade books, manuals and notebooks.

Use Your Layout to Create The Environment that Works for You

Now that you know how your office layout will affect the environment you want to create, it’s time to start looking for the furniture that fits what you’re striving for.

If everyone, including your managers, occupies a cubicle, will wood desks fit? Or would you be better able to create the look you’re seeking by choosing chrome-and-glass desks? As you weigh options, contact our office furniture experts at Cubiture. They will help you to make the best decisions for your company. Browse our office furniture so you’ll be ready to order when you know what you want.

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What to Look for in Wood Office Cubicles ML-204

Wood Office Cubicles For Sale

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Wood Office Cubicles

Wood office cubicles made mainly from wood do look different from those you generally see. Depending on the kinds of wood used and how the wood has been used, these wooden cubicles grab your attention with their attractive looks. They may also be pricier, so you’re going to have to find those that fit your budget.

Functionality First

Look for functionality in the wood office cubicles you’re examining. Talk to the furniture experts at Cubiture and ask about how they are assembled once they have been brought into your office. You want fully assembled cubicles that are going to stay standing when someone leans against a wall. You also want wooden cubicles that have the storage your employees need. What about sufficient electrical outlets for computers, tablets and phones?

Look at what each worker does in their job functions. Whether they make hundreds of phone calls a day, produce legal documents or write technical manuals, they all need to have the proper functionalities in their cubicles so they can perform their job duties.

Create Pods of Cubicles for Different Groups

You try to make sure that different departments can work together as efficiently as possible. Therefore, rather than situating one Payroll worker here, then placing two in the opposite corner, you have assigned cubicles so that all Payroll and HR employees are close together.

You’ve done the same for IT, web design, graphic design and any other departments you have in your business. Using wooden office cubicles, you’ll be able to achieve this goal. Just alert our staff members of your plans to have every department placed together and we’ll make sure to arrange the pods you need.

New Cubicles Should Fit Your Office Culture

Looking through the catalogs, you’ve seen some eye-catching wooden cubicles and you’re interested in looking more closely at some of them. There’s only one catch. You and your company officers have painstakingly created an office culture that works for you.

Whether your office culture lies more in cubicles set up side-by-side or in open cubicles that are arranged in a zig-zag pattern is up to you. All you want to know is that, when you order your new cubicles, they fit the culture you have created.

You can even order open office desk systems that have glass partitions between the two facing desks. These have the desk space and storage space your employees will need.

Stick to a Budget

You’ll pay a little more for wooden cubicles for your staff. After considering everything, such as functionality, the fit with your office culture and the ability to create separate departmental pods, you need to look at the cost of each cubicle, both separately and in bulk.

Talk to one of our office furniture experts here at Cubiture. Since you’re working within a budget, you want to find the right cubicles that fit within your budget. You’re going to be shown a range of wooden cubicles. Look at each, then decide which will best fill your business needs. Browse our cubicles and get an idea of what you’re looking for.

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4 Perks Of Buying Discounted Office Furniture ML-210

Discounted Office Furniture

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Discounted Office Furniture Sales

Yes, those new desks are definitely attractive and would add so much cachet to your office. But. . . once you place your order, you’re stuck waiting for delivery, which could take quite a long time. In addition, that furniture straight from the showroom floor can be pricey. Why not consider discounted office furniture? It will serve your needs just as well as, or maybe even better than, new furniture.

You Protect Your Budget

When you consider that you can save at least 30 percent of your office furniture budget on discounted furniture, that’s quite a motivation right there. In fact, you can easily save even more – as much as 50 to even 60 percent of what you would pay for new chairs, filing cabinets, desks or even credenzas.

If you’re worried about the looks or durability of discounted office furniture, contact one of our furniture experts at Cubiture. They will be able to tell you just how well lower-cost furniture can serve your business’ needs.

High Quality

Discounted office furniture doesn’t have to mean low-quality, shoddy furniture that’s going to fall apart before you’re ready to buy again. If you take the option of buying display models from an office furniture store, it will have little, if any, wear and tear. Also, that furniture may have come almost-new from a company that went out of business. As long as you do your homework and check out each piece of furniture, you can avoid choosing furniture with defects or high levels of use.

If the furniture you’re considering buying has been remanufactured, rest easy knowing that any issues with broken parts, old padding, nicks in wood furniture and poorly working drawers will be isolated and fixed.

Environmentally Friendly

When you buy discounted office furniture – no matter what that furniture is – you are doing your part to protect the environment in two ways:

º You save precious resources when you choose discounted furniture
º You help landfills by choosing discounted furniture as well

Much of the discounted office furniture you’re looking at has been either remanufactured or refurbished. This means that, not only are you helping the environment, the previous owners of the furniture are also doing so. You’ll also benefit, because the furniture you’re looking at may look just like new. Your business can benefit if you buy this furniture – clients and business partners won’t know you chose discounted furniture.

Quick Delivery

Let’s face it. When you order new office furniture, you’re in for a lengthy wait. That furniture needs to be constructed in the quantities your company needs. This could set your company up for a wait of several weeks up to a few months. You don’t want to wait!

When you choose and order discounted office furniture, you’ll be able to take delivery in just days, at most. When you consider the disparities in waiting time, you may decide that ordering discounted office furniture will best serve your company’s needs. Browse our office furniture and order from Cubiture.

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Cubicle Workstation Layout – HM-1965

FREE Cubicle Workstation Layout Discount Sales

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Cubicle Workstationused by office staff are going to be noticeably different from those used by workers in the information technology department, collections and original design departments. As corporation managers begin to understand what their present employer has on hand and comparing it to what is needed, they need to see what is on hand for their workers so they can decide whether their budget will allow the large purchase they are about to make.

Find Out What Your Employee’s Really Need

Administration has made the decision. The old office cubicle workstations have come to the end of their lifetime and it’s time to purchase new cubicles for every worker.

Before the new office cubicle workstations are ordered, every supervisor needs to sit down with his staff and find out what they think they need. After working in their present cubicles for a number of years, the personnel know what works for them and what doesn’t. They will bring up office space issues, storage issues and the ease of moving around inside their individual spaces.

Different Cubicle Workstations for Different Departments

What works for the administrative department won’t work for creative or information technology division. Call center workers are on their computers and telephones right through their shifts. Collection personnel are calling people who are late in paying their bill, which means they are talking to people all day long.

The difference with artistic staff, such as copywriters, graphic designers and the information technology people. They have to concentrate for long periods of time and they need to have  quiet space.

When two dissimilar departments with widely diverse functions work in close to each other, employees are going to be irritated. Those creative employees are going to want more quiet space while the accounting workers are going to want the choice to make their phone calls and use their normal voices.

What Information Technology Employee’s Require

Administrators of large corporation have likely seen workers from their information technology division moving from workstation to workstation. These personnel then go into an enclosed meeting room so they can work out a coding issue without being bothered by continuous phone calls in the account division.

This happens because information technology workforce require a large amount of uninterrupted time, so they can concentrate on what they are working on. If they are continually interrupted it takes them much longer to finish their project. These personnel can be located into one large component, if possible away from other, loud departments. Preferably, they ought to be placed close to a cell of small meeting rooms.

Cubicle Workstation Layout Options and Necessities

Finally, supervisors need to know what each employee needs in his/her cubicle workstation. From internet connection to overhead filing cabinets, businesses can customize the office furniture to maximize your office space.
Administrators might wind up going back to their notes because some workers are going to require extra office space, based on their job description. Employees should have brought up their call for for additional office space when informing supervisors of their requests.

Now that managers know what they and their staff require, it’s time to visit a cubicle manufacturing company like Cubiture.com. Our cubicle workstation experts will help you to determine the right office cubicle to fit your office space.

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