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Whether you are simply reconfiguring the layout of your current furniture layouts, undertaking a completely new design, or searching for a brand new start in a new location, the utilization of a free office design service can take much of the burden off your shoulders.  Think of the workflows, work styles, and the welfare of your employees.  Consider how you would like to improve each of these aspects before you meet with your consultant to ensure you are able to give them all the information they need to provide you with the most efficient design for your office space.

The interactions between team members are not the only aspect that matters when it comes to workflow.  You must also take into account shared peripheral devices, conference rooms, and other public spaces.  Which employees utilize these areas most often?  Furthermore, are employees using these spaces more frequently than they should be?  Do not forget about client visits, and the areas in which they currently have access to, if you have any designated spaces at all.  Take note of these findings so that when conveying your needs to your designer, they can consider these situations when providing your free office design.

Many corporations have come to the realization that employees are the heart of the business, not clients.  The way in which the areas each employee has access to has proven to have a substantial effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether it be a positive or negative effect is dependent upon the structural and aesthetic design.  With the utilization of free office design services from a professional, achieving such an atmosphere is possible within any budget.

Do not forget to keep in mind the features that are important to you and the rest of the staff.  These could include aspects such as ADA compliance, environmental sustainability, and flexibility of each furniture component.

Consider all such elements when planning your relocation or renovation for your company with your free office design consultant, and you will have begun a productive journey that will benefit your corporation for years to come.

Private vs. Open: What Type of Office Cubicle is Right for Your Business?”

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Office Cubicles

Office cubicles were developed in the late 1960s as a middle ground between a full office and a fully open workspace. There are nearly as many cubicle designs as there are offices, and they range from simple and utilitarian to upscale and beautiful.

As the needs of workers have evolved, so have these wall partitioned work spaces. They’re still a lower-cost way to separate work spaces, but now they’re available in a more classic cube and an enclosed one that’s much more like a traditional office. No matter what your office needs, there’s likely a cubicle style that will fit perfectly.

Working in a Closed Cubicle Environment
It almost seems like the antitheses of “cubicle,” but some really are closed, at least as compared to a typical office cubicle that’s only slightly partitioned from other work spaces. There may be three walls, which may be quite tall. And there can even be a fourth wall and a door.

The Pros, and the Cons
The cubicle idea was born as a cost-effective way to provide workers individual, dedicated space without building a separate office for each person. In a closed cubicle, there is a partitioned work space that is nearly as private as a separate room. It’s essentially an office at a much lower price point, and without a construction crew.

Businesses where workers need to meet privately with clients, or where complex problems require quiet and concentration, benefit from this design.

The downside to a closed cubicle office is that workers may have a more difficult time working collaboratively. But for an office where privacy is important and most people work independently, a closed plan is a good option.

Working in an Open Cubicle
Open office cubicles are the more common of the two. They may have very low walls, just enough to separate desks and block the view from one work space to another, or they may be a bit more private with higher walls. In this setup, workers can move around, communicate with each other, and not feel secluded from the rest of the office.

The Pros, and the Cons
In a classic open cube, workers have some privacy and separation from distractions, which helps with concentration. It also helps encourage working collaboratively, and doesn’t inhibit movement around the office.

Open cubicles are perfect in offices where workers bounce ideas off each other, move around from space to space, and don’t spend much time on telephone calls where noise could be a problem.

The downside to an open office cubicle is that no one ever has full privacy. That can make concentration challenging in a busy office, and it can also present problems in an office where sensitive information is discussed with clients. But for an office where teamwork is important, open cubicles give workers the best of both worlds — separation without seclusion.

Cubicles are one of the great inventions of the 20th century. They help business owners keep costs low, while providing workers with a space of their own. And no matter what your office needs, there’s a style that will work the way you want it to.

Cubiture knows about cubicles. We can help you plan and design the perfect office to suit your budget, and we have a wide range of office furniture, both new and used. Count on Cubiture’s knowledge and experience to help you create an office space that works for you.

Office Furniture Desks – Cubiture Comfort and Style

Office Furniture DeskWith more and more people entering into the professional office setting, a vast majority of American workers are dedicating massive amounts of time to their careers.  No longer is the traditional 9-5 Monday through Friday career an option to many of the nation’s workers.  Corporate lives have become the priority in many people’s existence. Concomitantly, most of one’s time spent at work consists of sitting behind office furniture desks.  It follows that we should make the experience more enjoyable and comforting for our employees.

Office furniture desks should be practical, functional, stylish, and above all comfortable.  An uncomfortable office space can lead to a drop in performance when workers exhibit signs of exhaustion from the strains of deadlines and protocols.  However, when provided with a space that promotes organization in filing cabinets, curios, hutches, pencil drawers and other necessary items; a small amount of stress relief provides the worker with enough clarity to focus on matters that are more important.

When selecting office furniture desks for your organization, a slew of choices will be at your fingertips.  Desk styles vary from basic to ornate.  Take into consideration the type of company you are running and the message you want to send to your employees and clientele.  The style of furniture that you select has the ability to say all of this for you.  Once you have selected your style, you must choose a color palate.  With hundreds of stains, varnishes, paint, and veneer colors to choose from there is no doubt that you will find the perfect style to coordinate with your design and budget.

Granted, one might not attribute much productivity value to their office furniture desk, but with the varieties offered to consumers currently, boring, bland furniture is an idea of the past.  Combining style, functionality, and comfort into your office designs through furniture selections is easily the most practical solution to any efficiency problem without having to empty the petty cash.

Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture

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Traditional executive office furniture or contemporary office furniture; what is your preference?  Which design best reflects your company’s style?  Before making your purchase, keep in mind the atmosphere you wish to convey to patrons of your business and to your employees.  Do you see your company as more of a traditionalist, sticking to the tried and true methods?  Alternatively, does your company tend to be more creative and innovative fitting into a more modern style?  Once you have established your preference, the world of office furniture is wide open to creating a new style for your space.

In the past, office spaces used darker wood tones such as walnut and mahogany for creating a classic appearance.  By contrast, brightly painted or light stains can transform the same traditional pieces into contemporary office furniture pieces.  To accompany your new desk, think of replacing your old chair so that is also a reflection of the style you wish to portray.  With contemporary office furniture, seating selections range from mesh-backed chairs with a headrests or a high-back chair with chrome accents.  The fabulous thing about these chairs is you can select colors to coordinate with the rest of your office design.

When selecting contemporary office furniture, you must select pieces with strong, clean lines.  Carved decorations and claw foot feet have no place in a contemporary design.  Design is where the line is drawn when quality office furniture is concerned.  You should never have to sacrifice durability or longevity simply for style.  Be cautious of pricing as well.  With so many options to choose from, you should do your research and shop around making sure to obtain written quotes so that each company can fight for your business, instead of the other way around.

Contemporary office furniture design is not limited to desks and office chairs; this concept ideally incorporates into practically every area of the office.  Credenzas adorned with glass back lit doors, or floating bookshelves are perfect examples of small details one may include into a contemporary office space.  Artwork is also a fun way to bring life and color into a space while still establishing a professional appearance.  Let your creativity run free when making selections for your modern office space.  The possibilities are endless.

Used Cubicles for New Businesses

ml-used-cubiclesJump Start Your Start Up With Used Cubicles

Opening up a new business requires extensive planning. There’s funding, budgeting and all the details that go into marketing your product or service. Don’t forget that you also need a well-organized office with well-thought-out seating arrangements. Folding tables and folding chairs won’t do.

You will create a much more polished, professional image if you invest in quality, affordable workstations. Used cubicles installed by Cubiture are a great option to support your office space, generate productivity, save money, and support productive performance. Your Cubiture space planner will work with you at no charge to determine the following parameters of your office layout design:

1. Configuration
Is your office small? Would a cluster of cubicles suffice, or will there be separate private offices that need desks and credenzas? How many employees do you anticipate adding to your company in the next 12 months? What are your plans for growth over the next 3 years?

2. As-Is or Refurbished Cubicles
Used cubicles are cheaper if you buy them as-is. However, most of our clients don’t mind paying a little more to recondition the work surfaces and panels with new laminates and to replace panel fabrics with new materials.

3. Functionality
Your cubicles should support task completion and provide employees with ergonomic seating appropriate to the kind of business you have. Do you have a small call center? Accounting firm? Architecture firm? Each of these businesses requires different kinds of seating.

4. Features
Workstations will include the storage space, task lighting, specialty cabinets and filing systems necessary to a particular employees’ job responsibilities.

It can be very stressful building a new business. It takes immense effort and time.Let Cubiture reduce your stress with used cubicles that respect your business model and protect your budget. You will save money and have a beautiful office space. What could be better?

5 Tips for Getting the Best Office Furniture in Houston

Quality Office FurnitureCompanies that locate in Houston expect to take advantage of a bustling business environment and work with major players in just about every business sector. When it comes to buying office furniture Houston business owners and managers don’t want to compromise.

Your choice in office furnishings reflects your business’s values and can positively affect productivity.

If your Houston-area business needs office furniture, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. But if you follow a few important guidelines, you can spend wisely, and most importantly, make an investment that will serve your business well. When selecting office furniture Houston businesses should keep these 5 tips in mind.

1. Thoroughly Evaluate the Physical Layout

Understanding the physical dimensions you’re working with is your first step. Measure all dimensions carefully, or get dimensions off the blueprints for your office. Check the width of all hallways and doorways, and make note of the number and locations of electrical outlets, phone jacks, and other infrastructure. Note the presence of things like support beams that may be installed in large open spaces, how many there are, and how far apart they are. Some providers of office furniture in Houston offer space planning as a free service, to help you choose products that will fit comfortably.

2. Appreciate the Importance of Aesthetics in the Office

Cubicles do not have to be boring and generic. When buying office furniture Houston businesses have a huge range of choices in fabrics, colors, and designs to help them set exactly the right aesthetic tone. Some companies select office furniture that reflects company logo and advertising colors, while others choose aesthetic features based on the style of building they’re in, the characteristics of the workforce, or the type of work they do. You’ll want to balance privacy and interoffice communication by choosing cubicle wall panel height carefully, taking into consideration whether business operations require more privacy or easy communication among employees.

3. Consider How Furnishings Affect Workflow

Office layout should reflect the flow of operations. Some staff members may need to be clustered together, and equipment should be located to facilitate access of those who use it most. For offices where workers spend most of their time sitting at their desks, the ability to adjust desk and office chair height, and height of the equipment they use most is critical to reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Much office technology networking can now be done wirelessly, but if your office requires a lot of cabling, your choice of furnishings should accommodate it to prevent safety and tripping hazards.

Be sure office furnishings accommodate the technology your employees rely on.

4. Choose Furniture With Multiple Functions

If your work environment dictates smaller workspaces, choosing office furniture with multiple purposes can help reduce clutter while giving employees the workspace and storage they need. Multifunction furniture pieces can also aid productivity by making supplies readily accessible and easy to organize. Determine which furniture pieces are essential, and select designs that have added functions (like storage) built-in. Even cubicle partitions are available with built-in shelving for storage of small items, or that allow you to attach things like boxes, hooks and shelving easily.

5. Envision Your Office One Year From Now

Providing your office furniture for your immediate needs may seem overwhelming enough, but it’s best if you can take a longer view. Are you planning to hire more people over the next six to 12 months? If so, planning for the furniture you’ll need in the future is wise. For one thing, you can design the layout of cubicles and common spaces so that the new workers will be more easily accommodated. For another, when you purchase all the furniture at once, you may become eligible for volume discounts. By considering the future as well as immediate needs for office furniture Houston businesses can save money and prevent some of the upheaval that comes along with expansion.


Choosing the right office furniture is an investment in your company’s employees and its future, and can make a positive difference in your employees’ day-to-day work lives. By investing in the best office furniture Houston businesses show that they respect their employees and want to provide the most productive workspace.

At Cubiture, we offer a broad range of choices in office furniture for Houston businesses, including new and used office furniture. We’re ready to help you evaluate your furniture needs, your office dimensions and workspace design, and your budget to find the best solution for your particular business. With versatility, experience, expertise, and enthusiasm for furnishing Houston businesses, Cubiture is your solution to providing your valued workforce with the best possible working environment.


What to Look for in Ergonomic Chairs


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Ergonomic chairs offer many benefits. They increase comfort, encourage better posture, and improve the overall health of employees.  Studies show that healthy employees come to work with a more positive attitude and perform better for longer periods of time.  Well-designed office chairs that are comfortable to sit in will keep employees focused and on task for longer periods of time.

Cubiture has specific ergonomic chairs for a variety of job descriptions.  Our inventory includes executive office chairs, drafting chairs, training room chairs, guest chairs, and a variety of task chairs.  Of particular note are the task chairs. They are typically used at cubicles and workspaces of employees who are “in the trenches” and doing the most labor-intensive white-collar work.

Our task chairs offer what regular task chairs don’t. First, we pay particular attention to the lower back which is often ignored in the typical task chair since it’s the seat of the lumbar spine. These chairs conform to your back, protecting first your lower and mid back, then your shoulders and arms.

Cubiture’s ergonomic chairs also have thicker foam seats and softer mesh knit chair backs.  They are much more comfortable to sit in and even more comfortable to lean back in while  working at a computer or doing clerical work. Armrests adjust both vertically and horizontally, so you can position yourself close to your computer for maximum comfort while typing.

An attractive–yet poorly designed–office chair that ends up zapping your productivity is no bargain.  Well-designed ergonomic office chairs mean the difference between an eight-hour day of comfort or staff consistently complaining of aches and pains.

In addition to being built with advanced ergonomic features, Cubiture’s office chairs combine style with comfort that blends well with any office design. Think of your ergonomic chairs as an investment. You are investing in healthier backs which equal increased productivity and a better bottom line for your business.

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As more people move into the Houston area, more businesses sprout up to service that growing population. In order to make sure that your business is ready to cash in on the city’s growth, you need to attend to all of your business details.

Houston is a Texas jewel. The office furniture Houston customers expect to see in your office are professional, durable and comfortable. When you want to make a good first impression, then you need to be sure to outfit your office with the very best furniture. Before you start shopping for office furniture, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Keep The Important Elements In Mind Houston is seen as progressive marketplace that is serviced by progressive companies. The office furniture Houston companies utilize is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and durable. But the one thing that you also have to keep in mind is the future of your company and the health of your employees. For your employees who spend hours a day sitting at their desks working, you will need to provide the proper environment to keep them productive and happy. Houston’s competitive business market means that employees have options and you want your company to be one of the desirable options. You accomplish this by offering the very best ergonomic office furniture for your employees and comfortable conference furniture for your visitors.

The Deals Are Everywhere A good deal is one where you find the product you need at a price well below retail. For example, a good deal on the latest Cubiture office furniture would allow you to enjoy this durable furniture at a significant price savings. The big question facing business owners is deciding between buying new or used office furniture. When you are trying to compete in a market like Houston, these kinds of decisions become extremely important. The dynamic nature of the Houston business environment makes buying used furniture a great idea. There is plenty of selection and you can find what you need at a savings that are well below retail. The best deals in the office furniture Houston companies need is found with the retailers who understand the benefits of new and used furniture and offer options for both.

Weigh your Houston office furniture buying options carefully.

How Can Cubiture Help? At Cubiture, we offer the choices that Houston businesses need between used and new office furniture. We can show you what we have in stock that can meet all of your needs while keeping your company budget intact. We can also pinpoint your needs and then go out and find what you need in new or used furniture. Our versatility and experience makes us the ideal source for all of your Houston office furniture needs.

As the Houston area continues to expand, the competition in the Houston business community will become fierce. The best way to keep your company competitive is to make sure that you pay attention to the details, while keeping your bottom line intact. At Cubiture, we will make sure that you get the office furniture you need and save plenty of money to keep your company profitable.

Office Design That Boosts Motivation and Production


Studies show that the average American spends an absorbent amount of time at the workplace.  These studies prove that work encompasses over 50% of an adult’s waking hours, in which the majority of time gets squandered away behind a desk.  When your employees spend that much time at their desks, productivity can suffer.  You need to create an inspiring and comfortable space to keep employees engaged and focused.  Office spaces can go from dull to dynamic with a face-lift and a few simple changes.


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Dynamic Lighting
There is nothing more uninspiring then fluorescent lights.  Update your lighting with inset spotlights in the ceilings.  There are varieties of task lighting options available to suit any atmosphere you wish to create.  Integrate mood lighting into your cabinetry behind frosted glass door panels for a unique look. Temporarily anchor a lamp to the top of any of the panels enabling employees to take advantage of task lighting wherever they need it.  Selections of lamps that are wall mountable that save desk space, or that clip to the side of the desk providing flexibility are also an option.  No matter what your needs, there are solutions to bring you spectacular lighting designs.

Quality office supplies
From pull out keyboards to built-in filing systems, there are enormous amounts of customizable quality office pieces available.  Office supplies are no longer just post it notes and computers. In today’s office spaces, you will find a variety of electronic devices that require docking stations to keep the small office spaces organized.  Do not forget about the basics, however.  No office will be able to function without the basic office supplies such as telephones, printers, copiers, fax machines, and computers.  So, when you purchase these items ensure that they are of the highest possible standards available, as they virtually are constantly in use.  Of course there is still the need for your pens, pencils, paper and post its, all of which can be customized with your company’s logo for a nominal fee for a very professional overall look.


Order Affordable
Ergonomic Chairs


Take a Seat
Quality and comfort no longer need sacrificing in office chairs due to pricing.  Finally, designs in ergonomic chairs are very affordable and stylish, matching any office design.  Chairs come available in virtually any upholstery you desire from moisture wicking and natural leather to polyester.  Several comfort selections offered in each chair ensure that essentially any user can find comfort.  Nearly every part of today’s office chairs adjusts to fit, from back heights and lumbar placements, as well as the height of the seat from the base.  Armrests easily bolt on or off to accommodate any user as well.  There is no excuse to have poor quality office seating.

Picture It
It may seem trite, but small pictures of family around the desk give comfort and temporary distraction throughout the day.  Such tokens may also remind them of the reasons they are sitting at that desk in the first place, encouraging them to work harder.  Be mindful of parameters around personal decorating.  Remember, this is where people spend most of their day.  However, set up guidelines and restrictions to maintain the appearance you prefer to have throughout your office space.

A few simple changes can make a world of difference to your employees without having to distract from your office design.  You might be surprised at how these changes can affect productivity and motivation throughout the office when implemented correctly.  Study your workers and ask them questions to determine what they need or want to help them perform their duties more effectively in regards to time management and cost overhead, the two most important factors in any corporation.

Your Startup Demands a Quality Office Seating Chair with Style


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When you have a start-up you don’t have a lot of cash. You have to make every dollar stretch and make wise conscious decisions about every penny. Let’s face it; you need a quality office seating chair  to inspire good work and good decision-making. As a start-up, you can skimp on a lot of things but don’t let office chairs be one of them.

You will spend long hours sitting and working.  It’s a labor of love but it doesn’t have to be labor that is filled with pain…It must be a comfortable experience.

How do you balance your need for thrift and at the same time meet your goals to have a comfortable workspace where ideas flow? You buy quality that meets the basic needs of good office seating chair.

Here are some other considerations when choosing office furniture for a start-up:

  1. What’s your budget for furniture? If you’ve got to do it month by month you might have to buy two chairs a month for the first three months.
  2. Identify the must-have pieces. An office seating chair meets a definite need. A fish tank, although lovely and inspiring, is not a must have.
  3. Will people need dedicated desks? Will they be able to use a community workspace like a table?
  4. Can any of your resources partially telecommute? This not only saves office space but it might be tax-deductible.
  5. How long will you stay in your current location? Are there any narrow Corridors or halls that would make removing the furniture difficult? You must consider this if you might move.
  6. How many people will be working with you? Will they need a dedicated desk or a communal workspace?
  7. How long are you planning to stay in your current office? (Small hallways and doors can hinder the move of large furniture. Easily movable furniture is great for evolving offices).

There are lots of considerations with a start-up. Take the guesswork out and make quality chairs an absolute priority. One decision made!

What constitutes quality? An office seating chair that really considers your comfort. Our line by Viper Office chairs will not sacrifice either comfort or style.

The VOC- 510 has a number of standard features that will welcome your long hours.

Our comfort seat with 4 inch thick foam will be a comfortable home for many hours. Energize your office with a stylish color mesh back. It not only has flair but will protect your shirts from the stressful perspiration of getting a project off the ground. Sitting back, collecting your thoughts and starting in on the task again will also be easier. Infinite position tilt back lock protects you from taking a spill. The same protection won’t be offered by old recycled furniture from Dad’s 1970s style office.

Progressive design, affordable price and commitment to comfort make the VOC-510 a perfect choice in office seating chair  for your start-up. The curved lumbar support will protect your lower back from long days.