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Wood office furniture is available in a wide range of materials and styles to suit many different tastes as well as budgets.  Wooden desks, tables, and shelving units designed for commercial spaces typically appear in modern as well as traditional looks.  Cubiture offers a vast selection of stains that can transform a piece into any style that you seek.  Modern pieces tend to bear clean lines lacking in ornate detailing.  Not like traditional office desks that are rectangular, modern versions show up in round, oval or even asymmetrical designs.

Cherry wood furniture typically exists in either light or dark finishes with traditional wood office furniture, emphasizing carved details and inlays in a dark cherry finish, while modern pieces boast lighter tones of the same wood featuring very plain surfaces.  Oak, another common hardwood used in furniture, proves strong and durable with a medium to light natural tone.  Often sought after for its flexibility, oak wood can take on many different hues of staining which allows pieces to work well with many types of decor.  Pine wood office furniture possibly the least expensive of hardwoods, but is not always as elegant looking as pieces made from other materials.  Its rustic look can, however incorporate well in more casual office spaces.  Due to the soft nature of pinewood, pieces tend to dent and scratch quite easily, but this can add to its pastoral appearance.  To bring out the bucolic, knotty qualities typical of pine, a light stain or linseed oil seals the wood for everyday use.

You may prefer that your wood office furniture be custom-made, rather than select something from our fully stocked showroom.  We can do that too!  Cubiture’s highly qualified artisans and mill workers work diligently with designers to create shelving, desks, or other pieces which conform to the exact wants and needs of the customer.  Not only can we build anything that you can imagine, but with our onsite wood shop, we also have the ability to repair pieces in a much timelier manner than manufacturers.

The Best Office Chairs for Back Support

Best Office Chairs

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If you’ve ever experienced lower back pain or a back injury, you already know how the slightest moves feel connected to the lumbar area of the spine. One reach or twist in the wrong direction can spark a dull ache or a sharp jab, neither of which are pleasant. What you might not know is that injury doesn’t just happen with a fall or impact; poor back support can injure the spine and back muscles, too.

The lumbar area begins at approximately at the waist. It’s where the spine curves in toward the navel. Muscles surrounding the lumbar area help support the curve, and keep the spine in the correct position. After sitting long for long periods, muscles can grow a bit tired. The natural compensation is to hunch over, and that’s when trouble can begin.

The best office chairs offer consistent lumbar support to help prevent this from happening. And they have other adjustments to help keep the whole spine, arms, and legs in the proper position.

Complete Lumbar Support
The best office chairs curve out where the spine curves in. They essentially follow the shape of the spine, giving support to the entire curve of the lumbar area. Some are padded, and others are made from breathable, flexible mesh.

Lumbar support should be firm, but it should also allow for some flex and position adjustments. Not every spine is the same, and sitting in the same position all day, even with support, can cause fatigue.

Many office chairs backs adjust by turning a knob under the seat. Turn the knob one direction, and the chair back moves more freely; turn it the opposite direction for more tension.

Adjustable Arms and Seat
Another important component to back support, believe it or not, is the ability to adjust the seat and arm rest height to a 90-degree angle customized for the user. These adjustment levers may be found on the left or right side of the seat.

If the seat is too low, knees bend more than they should, which alters the curve of the spine. Too high, and it has the opposite effect combined with pressure on the back of the knees, which reduces circulation. With feet flat on the floor and legs bent at a 90-degree angle, pressure is reduced and posture improves.

Arm position should also be at 90 degrees. When arm rests are out of alignment, the user has to reach too far, or the sitting position becomes more of a slouch. With forearms at a 90-degree angle and parallel to the work desk, there is less stress on the back, arms, and neck.

The best office chair is one that has plenty of support, and allows for adjustments that encourage proper posture. Because everyone is different, what’s right for one person might be different from what’s right someone else.

With the spine aligned, the user has a lower risk of fatigue and stress injury. That helps encourage a more comfortable and productive workday, and supports overall spine health for years to come.

Cubiture has a wide range of new and used office chairs that can help make every work day safer and more comfortable. We can help you choose the best chairs for your office and everyone who works in it.

3 Tips To Designing An Office Space

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There’s more to designing an office space than ordering a few desks and chairs. An office where employees want to work is well designed and takes everyone’s role into consideration.

Jessica Stillman for Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs says office design can make or break employee retention. From cubicle space to chair comfort, there’s a lot to consider and several people to learn from.

1. Reception Workers Understand the Front End
When it comes to first impressions, nobody knows your office and its clients better than the receptionist. He or she sees people move in and out the front of the office all day every day, and can be a wealth of information about traffic flow, seating, and client needs that might not be met by the current design.

If the existing design is lacking, the receptionist likely hears about it. From uncomfortable seats and too much (or too little) natural light to not enough storage for umbrellas or coats, these workers see a side of clients that you might not.

2. Creative Teams Sometimes Have Unusual Needs
If your office has a creative team, their needs may be largely different from those who work in areas such as accounting. Where some workers need at least some isolation for focus, creative people often need a more open-concept office.

Lighting and work station needs may also be different inside the creative niche of the office. Talking with this group gives you insight into what they consider a comfortable and convenient office where collaboration is encouraged.

3. Office Managers See All Sides
Of everyone in the office, the manager knows the grand picture better than anyone else. For example, the creative team might want a specific type of lighting. But the manager knows if it would complement the office as a whole or if it would interfere with the work space of others.

The manager can help make the needs of everyone fit within the office theme. Just because the billing department wants ceiling-to-floor walls doesn’t mean that’s feasible for the company or attractive when added to the overall design.

When creating an office where employees love to come to work, one of the best sources for ideas is the employees themselves. But Stillman says you should expect some conflicting ideas. When that happens, you’ll need a higher level of decision making to hone in on what will make the cut and what won’t. That’s when you’ll need the guidance of a professional.

Cubiture’s complimentary space planning is an invaluable resource. We can help design an office space for any business, large or small. And with our extensive line of new, used, and custom office furniture, you’re sure to get your money’s worth and then some.

Whether your company needs a complete redesign, or just a few tweaks here and there to make certain areas function and look better, our professionals have the tools and experience to create exactly the right space at a cost that fits your budget.


What Makes A Great Call Center Cubicles

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Call Center Cubicles
The efficiency and effectiveness of your call center can make or break your business. While your products, services and employees are an integral part of your success, failure to acknowledge the importance of your workspace can have negative repercussions for your bottom line. Read on to learn a few key components of the most productive call center cubicles.

While privacy is important in any office setting, it is crucial to a productive call center environment. Ideal call center cubicles have high middle panels so workers have a protected space. Not only does this drown out noise and visual distractions, but it also allows more room to hang a few personal items, such as family photos, which can positively influence employee morale. Side panels, meanwhile, are typically set low so supervisors can observe workers and respond when necessary.

Of course, high walls can only go so far when it comes to minimizing noise in telemarketing setting. Sound masking offers an innovative solution which promotes a distraction-free cubicle. Your employees will be less frustrated, and you’ll see returns in terms of both productivity and retention.

The best call centers make the most out of the available space. If your goal is to maximize capacity, call center cubicles must be small and adaptable. Often, they are grouped together with multiple shared panel walls. Configurable cubicles also allow for future growth. Choose call station cubicles which are flexible, adaptable and can easily be reconfigured when your call center evolves.

Just because they are small doesn’t mean call center cubicles are simple. In fact, the smaller the cubicle the more mindful the design must be in order to achieve satisfactory performance. Look for call center cubicles with built-in file storage, tackboards, wiring capacity, whiteboards, and other tools and equipment which increase functionality without taking up huge amounts of space.

But don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. Many call centers operate around the clock. As this schedule can be physically and mentally demanding on employees, investing in details designed to promote a more pleasant cubicle environment — from task lighting to an ergonomic chair — go a long way.

Another practical feature of call center cubicles? The price. Determining a budget and staying within it can help keep your company stable and strong. However, willingness to invest in your company — and in your employees — is also important. While being economical is wise, scrimping on inferior furniture will just lead to frustrating repairs and replacements in the long run.

If the call center is the heart of your organization, cubicle are essential components of this command post. Set your employees up for optimal success by selecting cubicles designed to meet — and exceed — their needs. Then, prepare to watch your business grow. If you aren’t sure which cubicles will meet your needs or whether your office space is optimally configured, enlist the aid of a trained Cubiture.com expert.

Is Used Office Furniture Comfortable?

 Used Office Furniture For Sale Houston

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When given the choice between new and used office furniture, most people would naturally prefer new. Used is often the cost-saving choice, and it feels like a compromise. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Used furniture is just as good as new, and in some ways it’s even better. Here are 4 benefits you might not realize:

Broken in Leather isn’t as Slippery
Have you ever sat on a new leather chair and almost found yourself on the floor? Leather office chairs that have been around the block once or twice can be softer, more supple, and they don’t have the slippery finish that a new chair has.

New leather seating often has a factory-applied wax coating. This helps preserve the dye color and finish of the hide, but it can also make sitting a real challenge. The waxes used to finish new leather wear off after a while. What’s revealed is a chair that’s broken in, but in all the best ways.

Used Desks Have All the Kinks Worked Out
Setting up a new desk can be frustrating. Drawers might not have sliders that move easily, and it may have sharp edges here and there. A desk that’s had a previous owner is ready for you to use.

New desks might have sticky drawers, and electrical wire and cable grommets that are hard to open, close, or rotate. When everything is new, you’re the one who has to work out the kinks. With a used desk, someone else has done the work for you.

Chemical or Dye Smells are Long Gone
People who are sensitive to chemicals and dyes often have a difficult time around furniture that’s fresh from the manufacturer. Nearly all furniture has some odor, and it can continue releasing it into the office air for weeks and even months.

Used desks, tables, and chairs have already mellowed by the time they make it to your office. In most cases, all of the dye, plastic, and adhesive odors have long since dissipated. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, that’s a real plus.

Used Padded Chairs are Softer
A brand new chair, even one that’s got plenty of cushion, can feel stiff for quite a while. Fabrics can, too. It can take months or longer before the new wears off and the broken-in softness starts to emerge.

Uncomfortable seating makes for a long day at the office. If you have a bad back, sitting for long periods of time on a hard chair is a recipe for discomfort. A used chair has already been through its trial run. The padding is more flexible, and the fabric has a little more “give.”

Used office furniture does save money, but that’s not the only reason to think about it. By buying used, you can afford higher quality, and in many cases, get pieces that will last longer and serve you better than new furniture at the same price.

Think about buying used when you’re ready for an office upgrade. You’ll get your money’s worth. Chances are, you’ll get more comfort, too.

Cubiture has an extensive line of used office furniture that can help you get more mileage from your budget. We also have complimentary space planning by professionals who can help you decide what’s best for your office.

Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture

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Think offices have to be a sea of gray or steely blue, ordinary task seating, and nothing stylish about them at all? Think again. Cubiture represents a wide range of some of the best names in office furniture, from the traditional to the not-so-traditional. If your office is in the market for a few new touches or a whole new design, we can help.

Modern office furniture really can be stylish, no matter which style your business needs. From the look of rich woods to bright, colorful laminates, there’s something for every business and every style. Here are a few of the many possibilities:

Traditional for a Modern Office
Traditional doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. Some offices need the polished look of dark woods and leather seating, but with the added benefit of modern conveniences such as discreet ways to hide the cables necessary to operate the technology in a modern office.

Traditional furnishings are suitable for an executive space, even if the rest of the office is contemporary or trendy. And if you want to add a contemporary touch, you can always opt for a special element such as frosted glass storage doors.

Contemporary Office Designs
Modern office furniture tends to be more streamlined, sleek, and elegant. And Cubiture has plenty for you to choose from. Maybe you like the appearance of glass accents with easy-care black laminate, or perhaps you prefer a brighter white-on-white look with a touch of wood on the desktop.

Think simple, clean, and uncluttered. With no fancy adornments, contemporary is a good fit for a wide range of businesses. From classic cubicles to modern-looking work stations, contemporary office furniture works with almost anything, in offices large and small.

Trendy and Custom Furniture Options
Work doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does your office style. Trendy office furniture lets you incorporate some life and personality into your work space. Creative teams excel in an environment that’s got a little fun, so what about colorful, cafe-height seating and collaborative work tables instead of desks?

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we also offer custom millwork services. As long as you can imagine it, we can create it. Do you have your heart set on electric blue work stations with asymmetrical lines? Or does your business have a signature element that you’d like to include? We can do that. And by adding your ideas to existing designs, you can save money.

Modern Office furniture has come a long way from an oversize desk in the executive office and typing tables in the secretarial pool. Now you can have the style you want without sacrificing the functionality that you and your team need.

Cubiture offers new designs from major brands such as Bella, Mayline, Hampton, Global Total Office, and many others. And with our design team, you can customize your office almost any way you like to enhance your brand.

See what’s new in office style with Cubiture.com


Tall Drafting Chairs

tall-drafting-chairsUndoubtedly, you will have a vast array of people working with you, all of whom will have varying degrees of body types and work habits.  There are so many differences in fact; that even corporations have realized that there is an influx in the desire for a different type of office set up.  An office design that is not found just anywhere, a space that has desks or workstations that are taller, therefore requiring an altered choice of seating.  This is where drafting chairs or drafting stools become the ideal choice.  With their ability to extend higher than a typical office chair, thanks to their long cylinders, employees can now easily reach the higher workstations that they could not with standard adjustable seating.

Tall drafting chairs prove to be greatly appreciated commodities among professionals who work long hours at elevated desks and tables.  Drafting stools were pretty much the only choice in elevated seating before drafting chairs arrived on the scene.  When comparing drafting stools to drafting chairs, one could assimilate the comparison to that of bar stools and lounge chairs.  The growing popularity of tall drafting chairs has led to an increased popularity of chairs that allow for sitting and standing with ease at a given time.  With such an easy transition from a standing position for at least part of the workday, drafting chairs can help alleviate the back pains caused by sitting for extended periods.  Ergonomists recommend that people who sit for long periods take hourly mini breaks to stretch, and drafting chairs make performing this task throughout the day less cumbersome than in shorter office seating products.

The flexibility offered with tall drafting chairs is beyond comparison.  Drafting chairs come with a standard 4” thick molded contoured seat.  These superior chairs come with features that include pneumatic seat height and back adjustments, a chrome foot ring to rest your feet on top of, and curved lumbar back support adorned with breathable mesh fabric.  For additional comfort, each drafting chair is equipped with both vertical and horizontally adjustable padded armrests.  Such adjustability proves particularly beneficial when multiple people will be using the same chair, as each person will be able to adjust the chair to meet their specific needs.

4 Ways the Wrong Office Furniture Will Wreck Your Meeting

Conference Room Office Furniture For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Your office furniture has a big job to do. It has to look good, hold up to wear and tear, and reflect something positive about your company. Comfortable, attractive furniture in work spaces is important, but so are the choices you make for the conference room tables.

The wrong furniture can derail an important meeting in a few ways. Maybe it’s physically distracting, or it might just be unattractive. If it’s been a while since you really thought about the look and feel of your conference room, one of these problems might lurk right under your nose:

1. Unstable Office Furniture is Distracting
Chances are you’ve had the bad luck of choosing a wobbly, squeaky, or otherwise unstable chair in a conference room. If you’re paying attention to how much or how often the chair moves or whether you’ll be responsible for a noise, you can’t pay attention to the meeting.

Any unstable conference room furniture, whether the conference room table or the office chairs surrounding it, can be a distraction. With every wobble or squeak, attention is taken away from the speaker and given to the furniture. Solid, well-built conference room furniture does its job quietly and doesn’t upstage the meeting.

2. Poorly Sized Tables Make Conversation a Challenge
Some conference room furniture seems enormous when compared to the number of attendees and the size of the room. Other furniture might be too small. Poorly sized conference room furniture makes participating more difficult than it needs to be.

A table that’s too large means everyone might need to speak louder than they’d like to. Too small, and they might feel crowded. A table that’s the right size is one that has proportions in synch with the room, gives plenty of personal space for each attendee, and has at least 36 inches of walking space around the perimeter. If your office hosts large and small meetings, a convertible conference room tables that let you add to or take away from gives you customization options.

3. Uncomfortable Seating Interferes with Concentration
At least as bad as a wobbly, squeaky chair is one that’s uncomfortable. The most attractive chair isn’t a good choice if attendees squirm and shift to re-position themselves through most of the meeting. Being uncomfortable is one of the worst distractions.

Comfortable seating is critical to productive meetings. When attendees can stay seated through the whole meeting without wondering how soon it will be over, everyone can stay on track. A comfortable chair doesn’t have to be the most expensive, either. It only has to be built the right way.

4. Outdated or Unattractive Furnishings Give a Bad Impression
Perhaps your conference room table is just the right size and the seating is perfectly comfortable. But if it’s worn, outdated, or just plain ugly, that sends a negative message about your company.

There’s more to business than looks, but appearances are important. If your conference room furniture hasn’t been stylish in a very long time, it’s smart to think about replacing or refurbishing it. The last thing you want is a potential client who gets a bad impression about your company based on tables and chairs.

Conference rooms are where some of the most important work takes place. Sometimes they’re used for training. Other times, important clients, or would-be clients, are guests. Whenever focus is critical, the office furniture can make or break the experience.

Cubiture can help you design an efficient conference room, and fill it with some of the latest, most well-made office furniture on the market. See what our space-planning professionals can do for you.

Home Office Furniture by Cubiture FR-490

IN-Home-Office-FurnitureHome Office Furniture

A great percentage of the population has succumbed to the trend of telecommuting from their homes.  One thing many of these people will require that they might have overlooked is home office furniture.  Home office furniture is an investment that can last a lifetime.  Inexpensive furnishings may save  a bit of money initially, however they rarely offer sustainability over the long-term.  That is why you owe it to yourself to consider Cubiture for your home office furniture needs.  We sell quality furnishings that will offer you decades of pride and dependable functionality.  Here are some guidelines for creating a comfortable, attractive, and productive home based office.

Decide where you will perform the bulk of your duties.  If possible, make sure the space you choose is quiet and free from everyday distractions during your operational hours.  One of the most common problems home based workers encounter when setting up their office is space limitations.  With a bit of creative planning however, virtually any area can easily transform into a useable workstation.  Ideal home offices utilize such spaces as lofts, sealed off verandahs, and unused storage rooms.  Cellars also make for useful offices.  However you may find the need to incorporate a dehumidifier to avoid moisture linked damage to your home office furniture.

How much paperwork do you actually have?  Do you utilize a printer, scanner, or fax machine?  Will you be holding client meetings in your space?  Does your work require the use of specialized equipment that needs dedicated storage systems?  You should ask these few questions of yourself when selecting the furnishings for your space.  Some units can serve multiple purposes as counters, bookcases, or peripheral device stands.  For instance, administrator desks merge a work surface with abundant storage for office provisions, records, a computer and a printer, while easily suitable for corner of a room placement.

Tower desks operate in quite the same manner, as do slope top desks and standing workstations.  Keep in mind the image you want others to have of your company, and try to reflect that through your space.  If you will not have clients visiting your office, however, simply choose home office furniture that best promote productivity and creativity within yourself. If you need assistance in making the most of your limited work space, Cubiture offers free design layouts customized to each client.

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Office Space

Small Office Space Design

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Small offices don’t have to be short on style or function. Some of the best designs happen in bite-size pieces. Knowing how to use space to your advantage can help save money and encourage creativity without compromising.

If your office seems square-footage challenged, here are 4 ways to help you make the most of what you’ve got:

Determine How Many Desks You Really Need

Do all of your workers really need a dedicated desk that’s his or hers alone? The days of a separate office for every worker evolved into a more open plan, and that’s evolving yet again. With portable laptops, work can go anywhere. This is as true inside an office as it is for telecommuters who might only make an office appearance occasionally.

Notice how many desks are always used (or rarely used), and also think about where workers tend to gather for collaboration. You may find that you need much fewer desks than you imagined.

With fewer desks comes the need for alternate work spaces. Some workers will need solitude from time to time, and collaborative work also needs a place to thrive. With a few sofas or groups of chairs scattered through the office, you can accommodate everyone’s needs.

Don’t Worry So Much About Space
The old estimate required approximately 250 square feet of space per worker. These days, a better estimate is about 150 square feet, according to Entrepreneur magazine. The reasons are smaller computers, and much less hard-copy storage needs. Almost everything is digital, so filing cabinets and binders are much less prevalent.

Another concern about tight working quarters is the lack of privacy or freedom to speak freely. But an interesting thing happens when you group workers together instead of spacing them far apart. Conversation creates a hum through the office, and that provides a natural audial screen.

Make Windows Count for Everyone
Forget about strictly partitioned walls, and open up the office to natural light. Small spaces seem more confining when each work station has a tall divider. The only people lucky enough enjoy a window are those along the exterior wall.

When you open up the office with lower cubicles or open-workstations, everyone benefits from natural light. And if you really do need partitions, think about glass. Workers get the privacy they need, but still share the benefits of sunlight. Natural light is also shown to reduce eye fatigue, as compared to artificial light.

Keep the Work Space Flexible
Planning for “what if” can mean you’ll spend more and use more space than you need to. Choosing furniture that’s portable lets you change your floor plan, or at least part of it, any time you like.

As an example, you probably don’t need a conference room every day, and maybe not even every week. If you’re short on room, furniture with wheels lets you move tables together and bring in chairs to create temporary meeting spaces, and then reclaim the area for other work once the meeting is over.

Space isn’t as important as how you use it. A small office can be more efficient, and more fun to work in, than a large one if it’s planned the right way. We can help you design the best use for the square footage you have, and offer furniture solutions that make it fit together perfectly.

Let Cubiture’s team of planning professionals turn your cramped quarters into a modern, efficient office.