Office Furniture Warehouse

Furniture WarehouseOffice furniture warehouse facilities allow businesses to the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of their office furniture and cubicle system purchasing procedures.  Establishments that are undertaking a remodeling project may find that it best serves their needs to be able to visit the people to whom they will have business dealings.  Taking the opportunity to feel items in the furnished showroom allows patrons to experience all that Cubiture has to offer before making a purchase.

Companies that shop with Cubiture can expect even more benefits than typical furniture providers offer.  Our 25,000 square foot warehouse located on West Little York in Houston, Texas is more than a simple office furniture warehouse, it is also a full functioning repair and refurbishing center where  our artisans upgrade used furniture to a nearly brand new appearance.  Our unique cubicle systems, which are not likely to be the cubicles most people picture, also come manufactured or refurbished from Cubiture’s office furniture warehouse.  With over 500 fabric and 500 laminate types to choose from, as well as a vast selection of wood veneers and work surfaces, ensuring that any piece that you order from us is customizable to incorporate seamlessly into your office design.

In addition to providing our clients with superior quality furnishings, we also offer free office space planning layouts with every quote Not only does Cubiture provide clients with office plans, but turnkey office moves, re-models, and installations are available as well to our valuable customers at a nominal fee.  There is no pressure to purchase once you have toured our office furniture warehouse and experienced how attentive our staff is when it comes to your needs.  Through the utilization of all that Cubiture has to offer, we can be your one stop shop solution for all of your office furniture needs.

Small Commercial Office Space Design Ideas


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Designing Small Commercial Office Spaces to Maximize Efficiency

Are you in need of small commercial office space design ideas and feeling defeated because you do not seem to have enough square footage to incorporate all of the elements that you want?  You might find it interesting to know that it is not the size of your space halting the process, it is the design you are using.  A small office can serve as the creative battleground for you and your employees with just a bit of strategic planning.  While it is important to reduce clutter and utilize storage systems designed for small spaces, creating an environment that flows well requires more vision and preparation than a few haphazardly placed cubicles and filing cabinets.

Use a Layout That Amplifies Work Flow
How can the space you have incorporate everyone, so that each employee feels valuable to the company?  Even if you have to work with a space that consists of 500 square feet or smaller, the positioning of each employee is imperative. A well-functioning office does not need to be large; in fact, there are varieties of benefits small corporations poses that larger ones try to copy.  Is the manager in a large office, or sitting amongst everyone else?  One of many spectacular small commercial office space design ideas is to have the person of authority sit directly in the middle of the office workers; enabling the manager to see what everyone is doing, while also giving employees the opportunity to approach them if needed.

Create Elastic, Candid Environments
Small-scale environments tend to increase the exchange of information and create a positive social environment; which supports learning, job satisfaction, and accommodates greater flexibility.  In other words, cubicles – or other similar enclosures – are not always the best solutions when thinking of small commercial office space design ideas.  If you are a company with a small office, privacy will inevitably be a concern.  However, the meaningful question to ask would be what the right balance for your company entails.

Mirror Your Establishment’s Viewpoint
If clients frequently make visits to the office, small commercial office space design ideas can incorporate factors that result in an accurate reflection of your business viewpoints.  Even if your establishment does not see clients in-house, you should determine how your office space represents itself to current and prospective employees.  Color schemes and furniture layouts prove to have a direct correlation between employee mood and performance.

Remaining Within Budget by Selecting Refurbished
There is no reason to buy brand new, especially not since Cubiture offers so many refurbished options.  With refurbished furniture, you get the high fashion look without the price of brand new.  The other benefit of refurbished options is that unlike with ordering new out of a showroom or catalog, customization possibilities are practically limitless.

Medical Office Furniture Storage Solutions by Cubiture


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Medical Office Furniture – Filing and Storage

Take some time to consider what needs to be organized in your company’s office storage units.  Storage requirements typically depend on the industry.  Most organizations share a mutual requirement to stock basic office materials and apparatuses. In addition to hard copy documents, the need to store equipment, and supplies specific to your organization’s process flow might be required.  If you are working in medicine, you will likely need to store lab equipment, medication, and medical equipment.

While most paperwork easily stores away in a filing system, other objects require cabinets or shelving systems in order to remain adequately organized and accessible.  Cubiture offers both high-density filing and shelving systems.  These medical office furniture pieces provide up to three times more storage capacity than standard shelves and vertical file cabinets–while using less than half of the physical area generally required.

One of the most important services that Cubiture offers is free, complimentary site planning By taking the basic parameters of your floor plan, and specific measurements of individual work areas, we can develop a medical office furniture design layout drawing that will give you a visual idea of how your office can be set up to optimize workflow and performance.  Mapping out these systems before your purchase ensures that all of your needs are accommodated.  The final layout design drawing will include   what you can store in individual workstations and what you will need to store in separate office storage units.

During your consultation with your space planner, you may want to consider medical office furniture solutions that concentrate specifically on aiding you in efficiently organizing paperwork and supplies.  Cubiture sells many lines of product types and also does custom builds that can meet all of your requirements.  For example, to ensure that all patient information remains safeguarded, all storage and filing systems come with the option of turnkey lock installations.


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The ultimate medical office furniture storage solutions involve not only selecting the appropriate filing furniture, but implementing the greatest office shelving solution in conjunction with a records management resolution that will conform to your association’s needs.  We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of office shelving systems that combine flexibility, style, and weight-bearing capacity.  With so many options available, there is no doubt that Cubiture has the solution you need when looking for medical office furniture to help organize and comply with regulations that govern paperwork and supplies.

What is Sound Masking and Why is It a Must for Telemarketers?

Sound Masking Solutions Sales, Installation & Design Services In Houston, Texas

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If you’ve ever worked in a noisy or crowded space, you may have struggled to accomplish your tasks because of the distraction. In fact, work environment can significantly enhance or detract from an employee’s performance and sense of job satisfaction.

Audible distractions are primary offenders, and this holds particularly true in atypical office setups, such as a call centers or telemarketing workplaces. Sound masking is an innovative solution which reduces workplace distractions while maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity. If you’re telemarketing business is not using sound masking, your bottom line may be suffering.

What is Sound Masking?
Because telemarketing offices typically have many people working side by side in order to optimize office space, challenges frequently arise related to controlling background noise.

Telemarketing companies are increasingly concluding that audible distractions can detrimentally affect employee productivity. A variety of telemarketing industry metrics, including everything from calls made to revenue generated, point in the direction of a valuable conclusion: work environment plays a huge role in employee performance.

And when it comes to the telemarketing workplace, one issue stands above the rest: noise. Sound masking systems offer a cutting edge response by generating low-level background noise that doesn’t annoy or distract workers. This advanced sound reduction method not only lessens distractions and fosters improved concentration, but also increases speech privacy by blurring conversations.

More and more telemarketing offices are realizing the value of sound masking because of its positive impact on open office settings. Many businesses use sound masking products independently while others combine them with other soundproofing methods. Absorptive panels, for example, complement sound masking by limiting reverberations and further reducing background noise.

How Can Sound Masking Help You?
A sophisticated sound masking system can reduce audible distractions, increase speech privacy, and ultimately provide a more productive working environment. While this is a simple concept, it requires a skilled hand: a trained space planning professional can help you identify and meet the particular needs of your office. He/she will take measurements and create a CAD layout in order to recommend the model and unit — intercom or desktop — that will work best in your environment.

Offices utilizing sound masking technology not only reap the more obvious benefits — comfort and privacy — they can also take advantage of a number of other mindful features, such as music page interface, user controls, and independently configurable zones.

While telemarketing is a useful tactic to improve productivity, it also serves another critical role: improving employee morale. Trying to perform your job in a less-than-optimal work environment is frustrating. And frustrated employees are lackluster employees. Just how much so? To the tune of a breathtaking $300 billion in lost productivity in a single year alone. So not only are employees less productive because they are distracted, but they’re also less productive because they are unhappy with their jobs. Sound masking offers managers a valuable solution to this cycle.

Soundproofing solutions are not one size fits all, but are instead determined by the particular needs of each unique office environment. For many contemporary businesses, sound masking offers a terrific way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity while also having a positive impact on company-wide outcomes.

Used Office Furniture and Where to Find the Biggest Savings

fr-478 Office Furniture Used For Sale In Houston, TX

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Whether you’re designing a brand new office or overhauling or expanding a current space, used office furniture offers unbeatable financial advantages — up to 90 percent savings, if you know where to look. But outfitting your office is not a matter of grabbing a paper and checking out the Saturday morning tag sales; your selections should align with your comprehensive business strategies. Read on to learn more about how to find the biggest deals on the best used office furniture.

Where to Buy
If you’re stuck on the idea that used office furniture is primarily fell-off-the truck territory, you may want to think again: many companies offer high quality, slightly used furniture culled from a variety of sources.

When businesses shut down or relocate, they often have to do so quickly. Companies which amass an inventory of previously owned office furniture offer great deals on these gently used cast-offs.

These resellers may also carry refurbished or re-manufactured office furniture which has been restored to original condition — both in terms of structure and appearance.

What to Buy
Used office furniture can help you create the office of your dreams while saving money, but only if you are willing to invest in quality pieces. While buying used will offer tremendous savings, it is important to look for high quality pieces.

Metal and hardwood furniture hold up to wear and tear, and can be beautifully restored to “like new” condition. But don’t underestimate laminate and veneer furniture, which can offer a comparable level of durability. Just make sure the laminate adhesive is largely intact. While it can be re-affixed with glue, it’s easier to do in small sections.

And remember: when buying used furniture for your office, functionality trumps everything else. This includes ergonomic concerns. Supporting the health and comfort of your employees isn’t just a morale issue, but can also offer substantial savings over time in terms of productivity and healthcare costs.

When to Buy
While amazing deals can be found year-round, if you’re looking for the biggest savings on furniture, Consumer Reports suggests that summer months — June and July, specifically — may be the best time to buy.

Rushing to fill a space with extraneous items confers no long-term benefits. Instead, take the time to understand your specific needs and only purchase furniture which offers a solution. After all, you might happen upon the world’s most stunning desk, but it’s ultimately no use to you if it’s too small, big or impractical in some other way.

Whether your goals include fostering employee productivity or trimming costs, knowing where to find the right used office furniture offers significant benefits. Regardless of where you buy your furniture, take the time to know your office size and space constraints. From electrical outlets and phone jacks to natural lighting, there are many factors to take into consideration. If you’re uncertain about optimal space planning, enlist the aid of an expert to help you identify and implement the office furniture layout which best satisfies your particular needs.

3 Features to Consider When Buying Office Cubicles

Office Cubicle Design

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While office cubicles can sometimes suffer from a bad rap, the fact is that the new generation of office cubicles is about more than just boring beige dividers. Not only are these timeless office staples essential to maximizing space, but well-designed cubicles can also improve employee performance and — ultimately — help you achieve your business objectives. Here are three features to look for when selecting office cubicles.

1. Savvy Storage
The right office cubicle isn’t just a set of office walls; it is a resource. One of the largest complaints in many contemporary offices? Lack of storage. Today’s cubicles offer a smart solution to this problem by incorporating sought after storage features.

According to research compiled by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the average organization lose or misplace one out of every 20 documents, and spends approximately 25 hours recreating it. Not only that, but research further indicates that the typical business executive wastes as many as six weeks annually looking for misplaced documents. Cubicles with built-in storage solutions offer a valuable response to this problem. Rather than setting your employees up to waste time hunting down paperwork, set them up for success of offering an immediately accessible filing system.

Other helpful storage feature which can be found in contemporary cubicles? Everything from bookshelves to overhead storage bins, both of which reduce clutter while fostering productivity.

2. Lighting Matters
The absence of good lighting can lead to everything from poor posture to eyestrain and headaches. And while the case has been made for the many benefits of natural lighting, it’s not possible when it comes to the majority of office settings and office-related tasks. By selecting a unit with individually controlled task lighting, you give employees desirable control their immediate environments. The result? Happier, more productive workers.

Not only is task lighting better for individual employees and your overall business strategies, it is also a benefit to the planet. Built in individual task lighting gives off less heat and uses less energy. This means cost savings for your business, along with the better health and performance of your employees.

3. Whiteboard Winning
You may already know the many benefits of whiteboards. From collecting ideas to prioritizing projects, whiteboards are a simple, dynamic organizational tool. While whiteboards tucked away in conference rooms do not benefit the typical employee on a day-to-day basis, innate cubicle whiteboards offer extraordinary accessibility and visibility while protecting secure information.

While cubicles may be omnipresent in the modern workplace, they can offer significant returns when viewed as an opportunity. By outfitting your office space with cubicles engineered for everything from increased productivity to reduced energy usage, you can not only improve job satisfaction for your employees, but you can also make a profound impact on your business goals and the environment.

Study Cubicles Offer Distraction Free Environments


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With distractions at every corner, especially in the office, the need for privacy is more important than ever.  When an employee must concentrate on a task, many offices have collaborative setups as a way to use distractions as a benefit.  However, when it comes to working on a computer, an employee must work on his or her own.  With so much demand on our new generation to learn new technology, a study cubicle may prove to be the perfect work environment for such situations.

When staff members work from cubicles, comfort levels are paramount, enabling them to focus on their project.  Part of ensuring your worker’s comfort requires making a study cubicle adjustable to suit the variety of heights present in your employees.  Cubiture creates such adjustable cubicles, and they can design them as hybrid-standing systems, which result in substantial ergonomic benefits.  The side panels are generally higher on study cubicles than those found on standard cubicles, providing users with more privacy to avoid any temptation of distraction by nearby coworkers.

If the idea of bringing in new furniture is not appealing to you, tabletop varieties of study cubicles are an option.  These two-way tables provide users with added dividers, which allow personnel to concentrate on their own projects, yet easily removable for times when they are working on joint projects.  This is a budget friendly and effective way to consolidate the collaborative table and study cubicle concepts.  Another similar option would to have study cubicles that join in a series, much as you would see in the public library.

Study cubicles provide ideal environments for conferencing as well as total privacy when used in the office.  Such flexibility is ideal for the constantly changing needs found in many corporate settings.  So, no matter what your needs are when it comes to study cubicles in your work space, Cubiture can help you in achieving the perfect design to fit your budget.

Small Cubicles can Make a Big Difference


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With the popularity of the open office scheme recently on the up rise, the fact remains that such ideas simply do not reflect positively upon actual workflow. Personnel still require workstations designed to support team initiatives while maintaining a certain sense of privacy and distance between coworkers.

Workers have displayed a great need for their in-cube privacy, even when that cube is shrinking from 8’×10’ down to 5’×5’ in some spaces.  The implementation of small cubicles creates more space that companies have chosen to allocate to group collaboration.  However, there is more to cubicles than how big they are– there is a completely new logic to where you sit and to who is near you.

When working in small cubicles, neighbors can have a tremendous influence on each other’s productivity and morale.  Behaviors in the office can be contagious.  For example, if an employee is being very productive and staying on task, chances are those around them will experience the same thing.  In contrast, if the same team members are slacking off, disregarding deadlines and assigned tasks, that negative morale can spread like wildfire.


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Small cubicles allow for personalized workspaces while providing a budget friendly, flexible approach to office design and layout, without disregarding the needs of your employees in regards to their workspaces.  Panels with glass windows create a sense of openness while minimizing the disturbance of background noise.  Adding these glass panels will give the feeling of openness to your small cubicles, and, with the reduction of background noise, employees will find it much easier to make phone calls than in an open office layout.

Because their modular design allows organizations to reconfigure workspaces quickly and easily, small cubicles exhibit more than just work space qualities.  Layouts determined by hierarchical roles have proven quite efficient in many companies.  Such configurations allow for companies that do not have a budget for a monetary raise, to show workers appreciation by rewarding them with the coveted window seat.  Such utilization of the cubicles themselves for increases in performance proves to be a very effective incentive.

3 Ways Office Space Planning Can Make Your Install Easier

Office Space Design & Layout Services In Houston, Texas

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What’s better than an office space designer at your fingertips? How about a professional design team that’s absolutely free? That’s what you’ll have when you trust your office space to Cubiture.

Space planning isn’t a luxury that only the elite can afford; it’s an important part of creating an office that’s as functional as it is attractive. And with Cubiture, there’s no reason to skip this service. It’s a smart choice, and it could ultimately save you money and time.

Here are three ways space planning can help you, and reasons why you should take advantage of it:

1. Office Space Planning Lets You Try Different Option
With Cubiture’s space planning, you can “try on” different office furniture and design options to learn whether they work or not, and whether you like the layout or want something different. Maybe the desk you like doesn’t work well with the storage components you need. Or maybe you’d prefer a different chair.

Our sales team has the experience to give you professional advice, which eliminates the frustration and inevitable miscalculations of DIY office planning. It’s much easier to make changes in the design stage than after the products have been delivered and installed. Space planning is what makes that possible.

2. Office Space Designers Can Address Issues and Incorporate Tailored Solutions
Every space has special issues that need attention. In one office, it might be noise reduction. In another, perhaps some workers need more privacy while others need an open space that will let them work collaboratively. Maybe your office is a blank canvas and you just need some inspiration and direction to get it right the first time.

Cubiture’s team of professionals listens to you and offers solutions that fit. Instead of duplicating a generic office template, we take your needs and create a customized plan that makes the most of the space you’ve got.

3. Planning Saves Money, Time, and Hassles
Errors can be costly. This is especially true when it comes to buying office furniture and cubicle systems. The last thing you want is to invest in something that’s all wrong for the way your business works and find yourself stuck with it.

With Cubiture, you can view your plan and understand the office flow before you make a purchase. This might allow you substitute components, add storage, move a work area, or consider any number of changes before you make a final decision on what you really want and need. In the long run, this can save your budget and a lot of headaches.

Cubiture’s space planning services aren’t just for ordinary cubicles and simple work stations. We can help you design other spaces, such as comfortable conference rooms and welcoming reception areas. We can even completely redesign your office for a whole new look.

There’s no reason to leave your office design to chance; not when our designers offer complimentary space planning. We help remove all of the guesswork, so you’ll see exactly how every component will fit instead of only imagining it. With Cubiture, you get professional advice and a custom plan that is just right for the way you do business.

5 Reception Desk Styles That Welcome Clients & Maximize Efficiency

Contemporary Receptionist Desks

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Your reception desk, as the first point of contact with clients, is critical to making a favorable first impression, so your reception area should be approachable and welcoming. But while your reception desk must look good, it has to function well and aid your receptionist in terms of productivity. Behind a beautiful customer-facing design must be enough cabinetry, drawers, and shelves to keep the reception desk organized and allow your receptionist easy access to phones, a computer workstation, a diary or registration book, fax machine, and more.

Plan for Functionality
The type of business you have will in part dictate what features the reception desk should have. For example, the reception desk in a busy doctor’s office needs plentiful file storage and should be approachable by patients with limited mobility or who may use a wheelchair. Reception areas should also provide comfort for reception staff, so a well-designed, ergonomic chair on wheels is essential. Cable management features are also extremely helpful, because they help achieve a clean look and maximize the receptionist’s workspace.

Your company may be subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and if so, it’s important that your reception desk meet the law’s criteria. You may have to have a desk-height reception area as well as a standing reception counter, and you may have to have room behind the desk to accommodate wheelchair turning diameter (typically 60 inches).

Following are 5 reception desk styles that welcome clients and visitors while helping your receptionist maximize efficiency.

1. Sleek and Modern, With Built-In Lighting
In a modern, minimalist office setting, a sleek reception desk with simple lines and lighting built into the structure harmonizes with the surroundings while providing ample surface area behind the front facade for the receptionist’s equipment and papers. This style is best suited to a reception area where there is not a lot of paper to be handled, and where guests are not required to fill out a lot of forms.

2. Traditional Wood Styled Reception Desk
Some offices, such as law offices, choose traditional, substantial wood furnishings, and in these settings, the reception desk should reflect that styling. A reception desk with a client-facing surface rich in wood detailing can nonetheless provide practical surfaces, storage, and cable management on the receptionist side, as well as plenty of storage space for paper files.

3. Modular Reception Desk
Modular reception desks are popular because they offer more flexibility. What starts as a simple one-sided reception desk, can be expanded to become an L-shaped, J-shaped, or U-shaped reception desk as needs dictate. For companies that expect to change locations, or expand their reception area, modular reception desks can be a great choice, because they may not need to be replaced – just expanded – as needs change.

4. The Small “Cockpit” Reception Desk
Sometimes space is limited in a reception area, and a large, imposing reception desk would be impractical and overwhelm the smaller space. Fortunately, there are smaller, “cockpit” type reception desks that skillfully pack features into a tighter space. On the customer-facing side, the desk offers a traditional reception counter, while behind is well-designed storage and cable management features that let receptionists have their tools in easy reach while minimizing clutter.

5. The Multi-Level Reception Desk
Multi-level reception desks are useful in a number of office settings. When a receptionist interacts with both incoming guests and back-office personnel, a traditional front-facing standing counter may greet visitors, while a desk-level portion (perhaps at right angles to the front) can make interacting with other office personnel convenient at the same time. These reception desks are also convenient for guests who use wheelchairs and cannot access a traditional counter-height reception surface.

Selecting the right reception desk not only makes a terrific impression on clients and visitors, but helps your receptionist fulfill his or her duties efficiently and in comfort. Cubiture offers a wide selection of office furniture styles, including reception desks. We’re ready to help you evaluate your reception space in terms of dimensions and styles, and work with you to find the best reception desk for your needs and budget. Cubiture also offers beautifully refurbished, used office furniture that can stretch your budget even further. Our experience and expertise in office furniture makes Cubiture your best solution to providing the right reception desk for your needs.