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Conference Room Tables

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Does the size of the room play a role in choosing the size of a conference room table?


While some online sources may say that table size depends mostly on the number of users, our space planners consider the single most determining factor is the size of the room itself. 

We have to think about more than just the size of the table in relation to the size of the room.  We also have to consider how comfortably usable the room is going to be for guests, personnel, and investors who may be invited to a meeting.

People need more than elbow room on either side of their seats.  They also must have plenty of room to move their chairs back, and they must have plenty of walkway space between the chairs and the walls.  Meeting rooms tend to be much longer than they are wide, so people have to walk along the sides of the table to their seat.  Sufficient walkway space.

Normally, the amount of space behind chairs and table ends needs to be twice the amount of space between a desk and an office wall.  Conference room table chairs are routinely pushed back and left that way.  Instead of the standard two feet of space between a desk and a wall, our space planners leave 4 feet between the table edge and the wall.  They must also have enough room on either end of the table to walk around it comfortably to either side.

How much does the number of people in attendance influence the size of a conference room table?
The number of people also helps determine the size of a conference room table.  If a relatively small number of people routinely attend meetings, then the table itself may be visibly, disproportionately smaller than the room.  Companies with large rooms and smaller number of attendees may split the room in two, utilizing one side for meetings, and another side for a function like training or presentations.   

Cubicle Office System

Cubicle Office Systems

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What do you visualize when you hear the term, “cubicle office system?”  Do you think of a basic workstation–on e of many in the room?  Do you think of a telemarketing center, or an enclosed environment where everything is quiet and focused?  Do you visualize very plain partitions, or something made out of glass?

Actually, all of these descriptions can apply to a cubicle office system.  Cubicles are actually modular office environments.  They were originally designed to replace open concept offices that consisted of rows of desk with no privacy dividers of any kind.  The term “Action Office” was coined by Herman Miller to connote the new position that the cubicle was intended to occupy in the modern business world.  It was to be a place ACTION  facilitated by a private space dedicated to focus and task completion.

Well into its fifth decade of use, the cubicle office system of today is more versatile than ever before.  On one end of the spectrum, it is a basic workstation that offers companies on tight budgets the opportunity to staff larger numbers of employees in a relatively small office suite.  Most Houston companies in this category typically opt for refurbished cubicles because they are priced significantly lower than systems made with exclusively new components.  A variety of industries utilize modular workstations for accounting, engineering support, sales, and customer service.

The call center cubicle, also known as the telemarketer’s cubicle, is a specialized form of the modular workstation.  It is perhaps the smallest cubicle office system used anywhere in the business world.  Its compact size is intended to focus the telemarketer on his or her computer screen while an auto-dialer places phone calls to prospective customers.  While admittedly generic, it’s form supports this function superbly, as evidenced by its widespread popularity among survey companies, collection companies, and a variety of soliciting agencies.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the cubicle office system looks more like an office than a cubicle.  Partition walls reach all the way to the ceiling.  Almost all contain glass panels that function as windows.  Some partitions are made completely of translucent glass that protects the privacy of the individual while simultaneously supplementing office lighting with filtered, natural light.

A cubicle office system can also be designed to support creative processes.  Work surface areas can be enlarged to support manual drawing or drafting.  Meeting areas can also be integrated into a series of cubicle workstations so that individual employees can push back their chairs and instantly confer with teammates on project dynamics.


Herman Miller Cubicles – A Mainstay Since 1964 HM106

Herman Miller Cubicles For Sale

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Herman Miller cubicles were originally designed by a sculptor and artist by the name of Robert Probst.  Upon assuming the presidency of Herman Miller Research in 1960, Probst set out to determine the exact nature of process flow and task completion.

His investigation led him to conclude that the open-plan office, which had been the workplace norm for decades by that time, was sterile, frustrating to the expression of talent, and counter-intuitive to accomplishment.  He then wrote a book entitled The Office: A Facility Based on Change, where he called for a new workspace environment with new forms more supportive to actual task completion.

Probst went on to design the Action office series– the first generation of Herman Miller Cubicles.  He deliberately branded his invention with the term “action” to emphasize his intention of supporting specific tasks necessary to job completion.  He wanted to develop a supportive environment where different design options, storage solutions, and work surfaces areas could be combined in a variety of ways to create personalized, focused environments for individual employees.  By consolidating the practical requirements of functionality with simple, interchangeable components, Mr. Probst created a workstation whose legacy continues to not only add value to process flow, but also generates a more conscious, efficient use of space.

Herman Miller cubicles were also designed to adapt to changes in the world marketplace.  With versatility in design and ease of installation, these workstations have more than lived up to Probst’s intentions.  As white collar jobs have increased over the past 5 decades, and many office suites have become smaller in size, personalized, modular workstations have increased productivity so that smaller companies have been able to excel, profit, and ultimately grow into much larger entities as a result.

One of the beauties of Action Office systems is the backward compatibility they feature.  Did you know that a new panel or cabinet manufactured in 2014 will work just fine with Herman Miller cubicles manufactured over a decade ago?  This makes it possible for companies like Cubiture, who are experts in refurbishing Herman Miller cubicles, literally recreate an old office cubicle into a dependable, attractive, and affordable solution to changes in the workplace environment.

With a rugged steel frame, and with many components made from sustainable and recycled materials, Herman Miller cubicles also fully support the dynamic growth of information technology.  There is sufficient capacity for a variety of cable types and power outlets.  With a little customization as well from Cubiture’s fabrication plant, even the most complex of wiring arrays can be installed–and concealed–in a refurbished or new Herman Miller cubicle system.

Be sure to ask about millwork cabinetry and customized cubicle desk surfaces when you call 713-412-0900 to schedule a complimentary space planning session and free office layout drawing. 


When to Call an Office Furniture Company

Fine office furniture

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The average person incorrectly assumes that you should call an office furniture company only when you open a new business or a new location.

The experienced human resources professional knows otherwise. She or he realizes what office furniture is truly intended to do—support the process flow of the organization. Process flow is dynamic, many things can precipitate a change in your office environment that will require you to make necessary reconfiguration of your work space areas. By working with Cubiture™ anytime you experience a major organizational change will empower you to make the best—and the most affordable—decisions about your existing office furniture.

As hundreds of people from all over the world pour into Houston each day, business changes in pace with the community. With few exceptions, almost every business in Houston will be facing one of the following four scenarios in the next two years.

Changes resulting from new hires require immediate assessment of existing work areas.
Obviously if you hiring a large number of new people, you will need to add office furniture to your existing space. Employees are going to need workstations that are customized to support the specific duties of their new positions. Executives will require meeting areas, private offices, and often built-in desking systems that support a blend of task completion, communication, storage, and decision making.

Call an office furniture company AS SOON as you decide to remodel your building.
Any changes to the physical structure of your building can cost you more than the actual cost of the remodel. One of our clients recently faced a challenging building code requirement that mandated they install a new water line and fire sprinkler system subsequent to their remodel. The cost of this upgrade would have resulted in an additional $250,000.00! However, by building new offices using glass partitions, they were exempted from these code requirements.

How did they manage this? The answer is simple. Partitions are classified as office furniture and therefore do not factor into the value of building itself.

Call an office furniture company when you relocate.
The average man or woman assumes that commercial movers either know how to install office furniture systems or subcontract a company who does.

Why not call an office furniture company who owns its own trucks and has a full installation and moving crew ready to assist you in setting up your new location?

Cubiture™ will not only handle your workstation requirements, but we will also deliver a full turnkey solution that includes office furniture customization, data and voice cabling, and aesthetically concealed power solutions for your new location.

Call an office furniture company when you downsize.
As odd as it may sound to the average person, the experienced professional understands the value of trimming overhead when the workforce has to be trimmed due to mergers, buyouts, or layoffs.

Cubiture™ may actually want to buy some of your old office furniture if it is in good condition. If not, we can help you liquidate it at minimal costs, or we can store it in one of our two warehouses until you need it again.

Never assume that an office furniture company is something you only need to work with once or twice. Be among the wise who know that work space experts are a valuable resource any time you need to make your existing work space work better for you.

Conference Room Furniture

may32-office-furniture.jpgMore than anything, almost every Houston company looks to make a statement with its conference room furniture.  Second only to the reception area, the meeting room makes a definitive statement about the business it supports.  The organization’s level of formality, financial security, process flow, and values are represented in these two areas more than anywhere else in the building.  Consequently, good conference room furniture must generate a definitive aesthetic that visually represents the essence of the establishment.  A certain level of comfort must also be factored into the equation because attendees to long meetings will lose their focus if tables and seating do not offer proper support.  Cost is a third,–but often very minor factor–because even businesses on a budget are willing to invest in the best conference room furniture on the basis of its symbolic, as well as functional, importance.

The table is the most essential—and fundamentally central– element of conference room furniture.  It provides far more than meeting space for attendees.  Few meetings these days involve simple conversation.  Almost everyone now—even in the smallest of companies—brings a notepad or a computing device to the meeting.  In routine team meetings, employees may only need to take simple, manual notes.  Attendees to these meetings will need a workspace equivalent to that of a basic desk.  If, however, attendees are executive decision makers or investors who bring laptops or tablets to the meeting, the table may need to be wired with concealed power outlets in order to support these devices.

Seating is the second most essential element of conference room furniture.  Most Houston area companies prefer to invest in conference chairs that establish a higher level of style than surrounding work environments.  Again, the priority here is presentation—not just the presentation made during the meeting—but the presentation of the company itself made to guests, shareholders, investors, and clients.  As previously noted, conference seating must certain level of comfort, but nothing close to what many would call “posh.”  A sharp focus is a must for any successful meeting, so it is better for conference room furniture to establish an atmosphere of “comfortable alertness” without overindulging attendees with a feeling of luxury that could undermine the necessary focus on meeting objectives.

By ascertaining the nature and size of the average meeting, Cubiture will help Houston companies obtain the very best conference room furniture most suitable to their particular needs.   Client preferences vary along two basic lines of purpose.  Some companies want only a basic meeting area, free from interruption, and insulated to some extent from surrounding noise.  Other organizations require something far more advanced.  They use their boardroom for collaborative decision making, executive meetings, presentations, and communications with other locations.  These facilities often require advanced wiring, data, and voice cabling solutions that support teleconference, video conferencing, and audio-visual presentations.

Cubiture can readily customize any type of conference room furniture, including accessories for presentations, noise reduction, and video conferencing.  We specialize in advanced millwork that conceals the technical elements of the environment with an embellished décor that reinforces the values, corporate culture, and brand positioning of our clients.

Office Furniture Desks

Office Furniture Desk

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Put comfort first.
Nothing will hamper production more quickly than an uncomfortable work area.  Office furniture desks should feature task areas with appropriate depth for access to tools and for task completion.  A cramped desk area results in clutter, distraction, and discomfort that add up to a lack of productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

This is why ergonomic office furniture desks have become so popular in recent years.  Ergonomic desking systems are designed to support proper upper body alignment.  Work areas and seating support proper positioning of the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and elbows in a manner that minimizes muscle cramping and joint problems that can result from awkward seating arrangements.

The shape of a desk plays a determining role in comfort. The degree of curvature that a desking system requires depends primarily on the nature and items positioned on the desk.  Curved edges are intended to make computer and communications equipment more accessible by letting the employee move his or her seat closer to the equipment.

Many job descriptions require an equal amount of computer work and document processing.  Individuals who are developing plans and drawings, or working with legal sized copy, will require more surface area than office furniture desks designed primarily for computer and phone work.

Itemize task and equipment requirements.
Most office furniture desks are designed with computers and telephones in mind.  Other devices, however, such as printers, fax machines, and portable computing devices, may also need to be positioned on an executive’s desk.

The proximity of each of these devices to the employee should be based on how often he or she uses a particular piece of equipment for task completion.  Grommets must be drilled into the desk so that power and data lines can be run to optimally positioned communications and I.T. devices. Wires must then be concealed as much as possible to create an aesthetically balanced work area.

Assess personal storage requirements.
Many jobs require professionals to keep hard copies of all documentation.  Important emails, invoices, and contracts are common examples.  It is not always possible to exclusively dedicate an entire room in a smaller office to storage and filing.

This is why the most popular office furniture desks include both filing and storage areas.  Professionals can organize their own paperwork and supplies within easy reach of their own personal production area.

Consult with an office space planner about customized OEM office furniture desks.  Consider the benefits of a built-in desking system.
Cubiture™ provides free space planning services to Houston area companies looking to upgrade their office furniture systems.  No purchase is required for this service.

Your office space planner can show you hundreds of office furniture desks from leading OEM manufacturers that can be customized to fit your specific work requirements. Customizations are made in a manner that preserves the appearance of the system while simultaneously upgrading its functionality.

Or, you can have our fabrication plant simply build custom desking systems into your existing offices.  Built-in office furniture desks combine the advantages of maximized work space, built-in storage, and ergonomic task areas.  A built-in desking system can wrap around 2–or even 3 walls of an office–exponentially multiplying task and storage areas in the process.

Because Cubiture™ owns its own fabrication facility, Houston companies can have their own desking systems custom built at significantly lower costs than mainline OEMs.   Call Cubiture™ now at 713-412-0900 to inquire about customized office furniture desks and built-in desking systems designed with your company in mind.

Cubicle Office

Cubicle Office

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What is a cubicle office?
A cubicle office is a private office that is built either partially or completely using special modular partitions. These partitions are almost always significantly taller–and more decorative–than standard cubicle dividers. Many, in fact, reach all the way to the ceiling.

How much does it cost to build a cubicle office compared to an office with sheet rock walls?
On the front end, customized panels typically cost more than building sheetrock walls for new office space. However, the long term returns on sheetrock construction are typically less than the returns that result from modular panels.

With modular panel purchases, full tax write-offs are immediate. With sheetrock build-outs, tax write-offs are incremental according to the remaining years on the lease.

This means that in terms of asset recovery, a cubicle office is a much better investment.

What are some other benefits of cubicle offices?
Because it is constructed from panels, and not walls built into the surrounding building, a cubicle office offers you mobility. If you ever more into a new building, we can disassemble it at your old location and reassemble it at your new location.

A cubicle office is also far more customized than standard sheetrock build-outs. As your organization grows and changes, you will no doubt want to reconfigure your existing workspace from time to time. A modular office is much easier to reconfigure.

What types of panels are used to build cubicle offices?
Panels often feature decorative surfaces and glass. Glass is very important, because it filters natural light into the interior space. It also creates either full visibility or partial visibility (depending on whether the glass is transparent or translucent frosted.)

Cubicle office walls can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. They can be laminate, white boards, metal, fabric, glass, or even plexiglass.

Cubiture offers Houston companies the added value of in-house manufacturing. Our fabrication facility can custom build any cubicle office wall specific to your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Do cubicle offices have cubicle work surfaces or office furniture?
Typically we custom build a desking and storage system that wraps around two of the walls in the office. These systems are called “built-ins” because they maximize the periphery of the office vertical cube. It gets the full amount of surface area and utilizes the vertical cube within the office as additional storage.

Who would need a cubicle office?
Any professional who requires privacy for task completion.

How large can a cubicle office be?
As large as you want it to be.

Casegoods by Cubiture – Simply the Best

Casegoods Sales, Installation, Design, Moving & Refurbished Office Furniture

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The term “casegoods” refers to a broad category of office furniture products.  The name derives from the way these products are manufactured.  Unlike upholstery products, which rely heavily on fabric for their constitution, casegoods are fashioned from hard materials.  Most are made from wood, but there are also many pieces that are made out of glass, metal, or plastic.  Due to their solid constitution, they provide ideal work surfaces and storage areas ideally suited for a wide range of tasks.

Houston companies frequently turn to Cubiture to supply them with high quality casegoods that combine functionality with superior aesthetics.  Popular items include desks, credenzas, conference tables, and storage cabinets.  One of the hallmarks of our organization is the vast selection of choices we offer to clients.  We carry casegoods by some of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, including DMI, National Office Furniture, Global Office Furniture, and Mayline.  We also carry a number of products from local and international manufacturers that specialize in unique ergonomic features, special storage solutions, and communications technology interface.

As the Houston economy has diversified over the years, the need for a wide range of office furniture types as grown proportionally.  Many organizations prefer to stick with traditional casegoods to create a more formal atmosphere within the offices.  Traditional desks, credenzas, and storage areas are very popular with Houston area law firms, medical offices, and financial services companies.  On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, we also sell a large number of contemporary casegoods to oil related companies, logistics companies, and local energy companies.

Still other Houston companies turn to Cubiture when they need custom casegoods that must be special manufactured to support a specific task, or to establish a specific interior design.  Cubiture offers Houston businesses a definitive advantage in this arena because we own our own manufacturing and fabrication plant.  In this facility, we are able to custom casegoods for private offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and storage areas.  Added value comes in the form of custom millwork that adds unique surfaces to cabinets, routed edges to desks and tables, and unique work surface tops to desking systems.

Organizations on tighter budgets can still obtain the best office furniture for their establishments by investing in refurbished, remanufactured, or quality used “as-is” casegoods.  Our fabrication plant also functions as a refurbishing, office furniture repair, and office furniture storage facility.   Used furniture can be completely rebuilt in-house and decorated with custom millwork that establishes brand identity and sets the tone for corporate decor.

This ability to  locate, make, remake, or ornament any type of office furniture makes casegoods by Cubiture simply the best that Houston companies can purchase.

Five Reasons Why Houston Companies Buy Office Furniture From Cubiture

Office Furniture Houston

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1. We provide all types of office furniture and office cubicle systems.
Houston companies can choose desks, casegoods, office chairs, and conference room furniture from over 200 manufacturers.  In addition to leading name manufacturers, Houston companies can also purchase non-OEM office furniture at significantly discounted prices.  Additional savings can be obtained by investing in refurbished, used “as-is” furniture, and customized cubicle systems designed to replicate the function of desking systems and traditional casegoods–at a fraction of the cost.

One recent example of this comes to mind.  A caller inquired about a desking system with a recommended MSRP of $12,000.  Jerry, the owner of our company, recommended a cubicle system identical to the manufacturer’s original.  The total cost of the alternative was HALF THAT OF THE ORIGINAL SYSTEM.

Savings like this are commonly passed on to customers who turn to Cubiture for office furniture solutions.

2. We have our own fabrication plant located here in Houston, TX.
Unlike many of our competitors, we handle fabrication in-house with full-time employees headquartered in our W. Little York fabrication plant.  This location houses a woodshop crew and an office installation crew.  Working in tandem, these two divisions routinely fabricate a number of unique systems for Houston companies.  Examples include, but are not limited to,

  • Refurbished used furniture
  • Certified Herman Miller refurbished cubicles and refurbished clone systems
  • Customized cubicle systems designed for specific Houston industries
  • Customized hybrid systems (desking systems with cubicle partitions)
  • Full repair services for all types of office furniture

3. We provide full turnkey office installation services.
Cubiture provides full office moving services that include that include electrical, voice/data cabling, and even painting.

If you are moving, why not call Cubiture to handle not only your office furniture, but your communications and electrical systems as well?

4. We provide extended maintenance agreements and in-house furniture repair.
Nothing is worse than having something break right after the warranty expires.  Imagine not only the cost, but the added hassle of having to repair an important piece of office furniture that becomes unexpectedly damaged.

This doesn’t happen to Houston companies who come to Cubiture for extended maintenance and repair services.  Extended maintenance agreements cover the cost of office furniture repairs resulting from normal wear and tear.

5. We publish free space planning drawings and render affordable reconfiguration services.
Before you buy anything, you should invest time–not money–in having free office layout design drawings produced.  Looking at a visual reference piece may lead you to discover that you may not need to buy as much as you think.  Planning ahead will show you what office furniture to purchase–and what to reconfigure–at a point of budget tolerance that sets your workspace up for maximum productivity–and maximum ROI.

Modular Workstations

Modular workstations are customized to support employee task completion, communication, and corporate process flow.  Designed with comfort and productivity in mind, they feature a variety of customizations that cause many people not to recognize them as cubicles.  This is because modular workstations are assembled from hundreds of individual components.  Many of these components, in turn, are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, material blends, and styles.  This affords us an enormous range of flexibility in constructing systems for professionals in a variety of Houston industries.

Modular Cubicle Stations

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We literally build a modular workstation specific to the job description of an executive decision maker, engineer, sales professional, or financial services professional.  The broad spectrum of material options allows us to create any work surface required for task completion.  Panels with glass allow us to create an insular environment for focused game changers without completely shutting them off from the outside world.  Modular workstations can even be constructed with cubicle panels that reach all the way to the ceiling—making it possible to build private offices and meeting rooms out of modular components that are far less expensive than brick and mortar construction costs.

One of the most important things to consider when exploring cubicle design options is the importance of employee comfort.  Studies have shown that discomfort has a drastic, negative impact on employee performance.  There are also health issues that can result from uncomfortable seating and awkward work surface heights.  It is important that modular workstations be designed with the individual in mind so that each professional can work in an environment that is supportive of task completion, personal well-being, and professional focus.  This is why Cubiture™ prefaces every sale with extensive, one-one-one, free office space planning services.  Each office design layout drawing represents the whole of corporate process flow, with individual modular workstations representing key points of value production along the chain of process flow.

Because there are so many different materials available to use when building cubicle systems, there are significant cost savings that we can pass on to our clients.  Modular workstations, while highly customized in both aesthetics and functionality, can be built from refurbished components available at a fraction of the cost of new office furniture.  This is particularly beneficial to Houston companies who are currently hiring a few employees at a time to gradually increase their labor force within existing office space.  With the right level of space planning, and a strategic choice in materials and design options, modular workstations can be added to an existing floor plan in a way that increases production without the costly expenditures of moving or remodeling the existing building.

This makes modular workstations one of the most cost effective workspace solutions for companies who are beginning to grow at a controlled rate that maximizes opportunities for future profitability.  Call Cubiture™ now for information about how free office space planning can help you get the most out of your investment in cubicle systems design.