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Office Cubicle Design
The average American works 47 hours a week, according to a 
just-released Gallup poll, and nearly 20 percent work more than 60 hours a week. Considering how much time is spent in cubicles, cultivating a comfortable and inspiring space is a beneficial pursuit. Read on to learn some tips for taking your office cubicle from dull to dynamic through some simple decorator’s touches. 

Temperature Control
Working in a space that is boiling hot or freezing cold is not only unpleasant, but also detrimental to productivity. Keep a blanket or throw available for times when the office thermostat is set to low. Pick a chic pattern for added flair. 

A small space heater is also terrific for warming up your cubicle; just look for a model with an automatic shut off feature to minimize the risk of fire. Conversely, if your thermostat is too high, invest in a workstation fan to deliver a cooling breeze.

Write On
It may be a digital world, but there’s nothing worse than being caught without a pen when you really need one. Stock your cubicle with pens and pads for impromptu notes and meetings. Purchase a desktop pencil holder in a bright pop of color to add style and substance.

Go Green
Live plants do everything from purifying the air to promoting mental acuity. Decorate your cubicle with green, and you’ll enjoy a more positive work experience. Just steer clear of cacti and other prickly plants, which are considered bad Feng Shui. Animal lovers who lack a green thumb, meanwhile, may consider a low maintenance fish, such as a goldfish or beta.

Light It Up
Fluorescent lighting is bad for the body and the soul. Opt out of harsh overhead lighting — your maintenance team can removed the lights directly over your cubicle — and bring in your own gentle task lighting. This doesn’t just promote a more pleasant work space, but also heads off the debilitating headaches caused by fluorescent bulbs.

Furniture Matters
Most office workers spend hours at a time sitting in the same office chair, so settling for basic office furniture may not be the most sensible choice. Instead, invest in comfortable and ergonomic options designed to support the demands of contemporary office work. Many companies are happy to cover the cost of ergonomic furniture which can pay for itself in the long run in terms of employee health and retention.

Be Inspired
While wallpapering your cubicle with motivational posters may be extreme, putting up a single favorite quote or beloved photo can add exponential cheer to your cubicle. In order to determine the degree of accessibility within your particular office environment, check out what more seasoned coworkers have on display and stay within similar constraints.

The oft-quoted “Comfort Principle,” advises to, “Spend money where you spend your time.” If the latest statistics have any bearing, this designation may well be a cubicle for the majority of Americans. By adding some fashionable form to the functionality of your workspace, you can actually look forward to your “cubicle sweet cubicle.”

What Constitutes Fine Office Furniture?

Fine office furniture

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When determining if the piece you are looking at is considered fine office furniture, you must ask yourself a few questions.  Once you find the answers to these questions, you will no longer be confused by the vast selections and claims made by today’s office furniture companies.

Truly fine office furniture will exhibit versatility in its functionality in your workspace.  A piece should provide all of the storage and organization that you will need without having to purchase multiple pieces.  For example, a desk that incorporates filing drawers, keyboard and pencil trays, and other details that help to increase productivity would not require additional casegoods to support task completion.

Improving the use of space is another key feature that differentiates mediocre furnishings from truly fine office furniture.  If your current office work area has unaccessible or useable areas, then it is likely that you are using sub-standard furniture.  Always look at each feature of your work station and determine how easily it can be accessed and used to complete tasks.

Fine office furniture always utilizes the highest quality materials.  This includes solid wood structures, metal pulls, and aesthetically pleasing finishes.  Particleboard and plastic are never exposed on a high quality piece of office furniture.  Selecting pressurized, tinted, or beveled edged glass as opposed to Plexiglas or plastic also adds an aura of sophistication to a piece.

Exhibiting privacy features such as sturdy locks on doors and cabinetry is another characteristic you should look for.  The inclusion of privacy dividers and acoustic barriers are just two examples of the excellence that people expect from fine office furniture.

Finally, fine office furniture made today is almost always ergonomically designed. Ergonomically designed pieces ensure comfort even after prolonged use, which is key to keeping employees at their workstations and on task throughout the day.

Always look for these qualities when purchasing fine office furniture.  Ask your office layout and design specialist to research specifications to ensure that the pieces you select will perform as expected and last for many years to come.

Why You Should Let an Expert Help You with Your Office Layout

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Is arranging office spaces to maximize form and function part of the skill set of your business and its employees? Unless you’re in the furniture business, the answer to this question is likely a resounding, “No.” Enlisting the aid of a professional can help you achieve best results while freeing up your professional staff to focus directly on what they do best. Here are just a few ways an expert consultant from Cubiture can help create an optimal work environment through beneficial office furniture solutions.

Comfort is Key
Uncomfortable workers are less productive and fulfilled; in fact, many workers report that work environment surpasses all other favors — including compensation, promotions and recognition — in terms of job satisfaction. A professional can assess the needs of your staff in order to create work stations which maximize comfort and mobility.

An expert can also make suggestions for ergonomic improvements. This has the potential to save your company in both insurance premiums and worker’s compensation costs while improving morale and performance.

Promote Productivity
Do your employees need space for privacy, or is their work of a more collaborative nature? A Cubiture professional can advise you regarding placement of individuals and teams — both in terms of how employees work with each other and with the equipment they use most. 

Smooth and logical workflow is also essential to an effective workplace — particularly when it comes to utilizing storage space. Your staff will work better and spend less time and effort carrying out their responsibilities if the workplace is organized in a sensible manner. 

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Meeting Your Needs
Setting up an effective office space isn’t just about putting furniture in the most immediately convenient space. Rather, effective office planning is the result of balancing your current space and business model in a way that will help your company reach its goals. A professional will work with you to understand your needs, and help design an office to reflect these objectives. 

Furthermore, a mindful expert from Cubiture won’t just evaluate your current needs, but will also consider the evolving needs of your office over time. He/she can help design a office layout which leaves room for expansion.

Market Expertise
Today’s designs and products offer new solutions for the 21st century workplace. A professional is aware of the comprehensive range of options, and can advise you regarding the best choices. A professional also has access to the widest range of products at the best prices.

If you find yourself focusing more time and efforts on organizing your office space and less time on reaching your business goals, this may not be the best use of your resources. Bringing in an expert from Cubiture can help you play to your strengths. While it’s possible to plan, design and manage your own office space, the truth is that a professional space consultant offers a valuable viewpoint, along with access to insightful ideas and cutting edge products. This not only supports employee morale, productivity and efficiency, but also the overall functionality of your business.

Custom Office Furniture Sets the Stage for Your Reception Area

Custom Office Furniture For Sale, Designed, Installed With FREE Space Planning CAD Drawings

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The biggest mistake businesses make when selecting custom office furniture is not spending time, energy, and thought on their reception area. Yet this area is one of the most important parts of your office space because it sends a message directly to your client base.  Both the appearance and the utility of the receptionist area communicate how you feel about your own business.

If there is only one area in your location that you can afford to furnish with custom office furniture, it needs to be your reception area.  This  is the first place customers see when they encounter your business. It does more than set the tone for interior design–it communicates exactly how much you care about your customers.

An unkempt or unsightly reception area covered with papers and magazines will cause customers to see you as disorganized. Old, outdated furniture that is decades old can make visitors feel like they are in a time warp.  This doesn’t exactly build confidence in your ability to meet pressing needs in the here and now!

Furnishing your reception area with custom office furniture enables you to make a specific impression on visiting clients.  Your customers will have a clear understanding of how you do business when they see your reception area.

  • Do your customers immediately feel important?
  • Are they greeted quickly? 
  • Are there creature comforts like a water machine or coffee bar? 
  • Do you have reception area furniture that leaves a lasting impression of professionalism?

These things considered, please understand that custom office furniture for your reception area doesn’t have to be exorbitantly complicated.  A simple desking system can be built with fine wood veneers or highly decorative laminates.  Unique colors and special millwork can generate forms that express the unique style of your business.  A few simple, comfortable guest chairs may be all you need to make your clients feel comfortable while they wait.

Finally, remember that the whole purpose of custom office furniture is to help you work with–not against–surrounding office space.  Regardless of the physical size of your waiting area, Customization allows you to create furnishings that speak volumes to your clients before you ever meet them face to face.  Take the time to develop every detail as a message that will make not only a first impression on clients, but also a lasting impression as well.

Office Furniture Layout and Design Services

Office Furniture Layout & Design Services Houston Texas

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When purchasing your new office furniture, it is a good idea to utilize a professional office furniture layout and design service.  When you contact  Cubiture, we offer this service free of charge.  Even if you ultimately decide not to buy from us, our space planning experts are committed to assisting you select the very best office furniture for your organizational requirements.  We believe in educating our customers first and foremost so they can make the best choices for themselves at a price point they can afford.

Our office furniture layout and design team will partner with you to determine the best solutions for your workflow requirements and business development goals.  Over a series of one-on-one consultations, we will discuss your currently available space, your budget, your personal tastes regarding the pieces you would like, and the importance of ergonomics.  With this information, we will produce a personalized office furniture layout drawing that details the best possible choices for your particular requirements..

In addition to creating a new aesthetic, your office furniture layout and design configuration will generate a new flow of energy within the work place.  The way in which you organize your office is a major factor in productivity.  When thoughtfully arranged, your new office furniture can increase employee productivity by leaps and bounds Not only does the arrangement of the furniture improve process flow, but the features of carefully selected pieces also play a contributing role in improved employee comfort, focus, and job performance.

To select the right office furniture for your needs, your office furniture layout and design specialist will inquire about your team’s production requirements.  Choices and arrangements of office furniture pieces will be made so that we may facilitate uninhibited workflow.  We particularly want to ensure that each employee is comfortable.  Comfortable employees focus better and remain on task for longer periods of time.   You will save money by helping employees remain at their stations so you do not have to suffer production losses that result from excessive breaks.

Appropriately scheduled and managed breaks, however, are a necessity for employee morale.  No one expects an employee to labor ceaselessly without a reasonable amount of downtime.  Scheduled breaks, however, produce better results when they are taken away from the work area.  This is why we recommend incorporating a break area into your office furniture layout and design.  This could be a simple kitchen area for coffee and snacks, or it can be a fully furnished lunchroom that offers employees a pleasant alternative to dining out during the lunch hour

With all of this in mind, why not take advantage of Cubiture’s complimentary services of our office furniture layout and design team?  These helpful, skilled professionals will use their expertise to save you time and money with the best office furniture configuration your budget can absorb.

What Is The Best Office Furniture Store Online?

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Finding the right furniture for your office can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you restrict your search to the local retail market. Savvy online shoppers gain access to an entirely new world of options. Read on to learn seven simple tips for outfitting your office with stylish and substantive online office furniture.

1. Know Your Needs
Instead of blindly clicking through thousands of options, take time in advance to consider your specific needs. From office desks, tables and chairs to storage items, such as filing systems and bookshelves, your selections should be guided by your office space.

Another factor in selecting your office furniture? The needs of your employees. Happy employees are more productive employees so consider ergonomic options which promote a safe and healthy workplace.

Of course, knowing your budget is an equally important part of the equation. Office furniture pricing can vary significantly so determine your budget before splurging on an item that make break the bank.

2. Consider Used
If the furniture you have in mind is not in your price range, think outside the delivery box. As businesses frequently downsize and/or replace office furniture to meet changing needs, smart business owners and office managers can capitalize on savings by buying secondhand — particularly when you consider that used office furniture typically delivers comparable quality at a drastically reduced price point. 

3. Patience Matters
Budget-minded shoppers won’t settle for the first deal they see. Practicing restraint can help you find the most affordable office furniture for your particular needs. Online shopping allows an unparalleled opportunity to comparison shop — both in terms of furniture styles and prices.

4. Think Space Solutions
The right furniture doesn’t just fill a space: it offers a solution. Whether you’re searching for a way to add privacy to an open concept space or striving to enhance worker productivity, options abound for furniture that won’t just look great, but will also enhance your comprehensive business operations.

5. Consider Your Consumers
Don’t forget about the importance of pleasant reception space! When online shopping, it’s easy to think only of the obvious essentials — desks, cubicles, conference tables, etc. 
But fostering an inviting and comfortably lobby or entry space is also essential: after all, a visitor’s first experience with your business happens in the lobby or entryway, so making mindful furniture choices is essential to a positive first impression. 

6. Do Your Research
While online shopping seems so easy, it can also come with some risk. The old saying, “You pay for what you get,” absolutely holds true when it comes to buying office furniture online. While there are plenty of amazing deals to be found on the internet, there are also some duds. Be sure to deal only with trustworthy, online companies. Should you have questions either before, during or after online furniture shopping, access to a trained professional can help you make the best choice.

7. Know the Terms
Sure that desk looks perfect and the price is amazing, but do you know and understand all of the hidden expenses? Some companies include professional delivery and installation while others leave a box at your front door. Without understanding the services that accompany your furniture purchase, you’re comparing apples to oranges when comparison shopping.

Choosing the right office furniture online can help promote optimal organizational flow for your business. By following these tips, you can gain the best returns on investment while creating an office space that most accurately meets the needs of your business and its employees.

How Do I Know How Much Used Office Furniture is Worth?

Office Furniture Used For Sale In Houston Texas

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Office Furniture Used

Many office managers and small business owners turn toward used office furniture when establishing or upgrading their work-spaces. While used furniture offers a winning combination of quality, performance, and resource conservation at a deeply discounted price, determining its resale worth can be challenging to furniture industry outsiders. Buyers and sellers alike should consider these factors when identifying the value of a piece of used office furniture.

Fair Market Value
Perhaps the most significant factor in evaluating the worth of a used piece of office furniture is its fair market value. A standard appraisal industry term, this relates to the price a buyer and seller would agree upon on the open market.

This number is influenced by fluid factors, such as the current selling market and market conditions. The intended market is particularly relevant when assigning a value to used furniture: for example, a piece may bring in an entirely different price in an antique shop as opposed to at a flea market.

Consider Condition
While a piece of high quality furniture can endure for hundreds of years if properly handled, daily office use can lead to signs of wear and tear, such as stains and worn out cushions.

Adverse conditions can yield even more significant damage. For example, furniture that has not been subject to extreme heat, moisture and other misuse maintains its value far better than furniture exposed to these detrimental conditions. A piece with many flaws or significant damage may decline in value by as much as 50 percent.

Keep in mind that a piece’s worth is determined by its current condition, not its condition after repairs or refinishing.

Do Your Research
While a general rule of thumb says to price furniture at half of the original purchase price, comparable sales offer unique insights into the current market. Research recent sales — not unsold items — to determine the value of a piece. Be sure to consider variations in condition and availability, along with any other factors which distinguish your item or prospective purchase from the comparable s. Look for at least three comparable items which have sold in a similar market in order to reach the closest approximate valuation.

An appraiser can also offer essential assistance in determining the value of a piece, particularly in cases where the item’s provenance may affect its worth. While this will cost a fee, it will afford you beneficial piece of mind. Receipts and documentation reinforce a piece’s value when there is a question of historical significance.

While in the most basic sense, a piece of used office furniture is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it, attention to the considerations listed here can help buyers and sellers reach a fair and mutually agreeable price.

10 Reasons to Choose the Right Reception Desk

Reception Desks For Sale

Life is all about first impressions and your company’s office is no exception. When customers enter the office, the reception desk is the first thing they see. Their initial impression may be entirely based on a piece of furniture, so you want to get it right. Deciding whether you want to go modern or traditional is just as important as what functionality the desk will have.

Modern Reception Desk For Sale

The design of your reception desk is a customer’s first impression when they walk into your office.

Purchasing a reception desk may not seem like a major decision, but you need to ensure that it represents your company’s image while also providing the receptionist with a work-space that makes productivity and organization as easy as possible. Here are 10 reasons why you need to choose the right reception desk and make a first impression that will win over customers from the start.

1.  Aesthetics and Design
 While a reception desk needs to be functional, a customer won’t care about how many filing drawers are hidden behind their view. Determine what type of design is most suitable for your company, whether that is modern and sleek or traditional and classic. The desk will likely be a central focus in the reception room, so do consider the wall and carpeting colors, customer seating, and any other furniture that will be in the space.

Reception Area Desk For Sale

Be sure you incorporate space for technology and paperwork to keep your  reception area tidy and organized.

2. Functionality First Looking good is the first step towards a positive first impression, but functionality plays a major role in this as well. The desk you choose needs to keep the office from becoming disheveled or appearing messy. There should be plentiful drawers and cabinets for paperwork, electronics, and office supplies so that the space can be easily kept tidy and professional.

3. The Receptionist Don’t forget to consider the person who will be manning the desk before making a decision. Your employee (or employees) will need to be in that space for eight hours a day so you need to ensure that the desk provides enough room for them to do their work without feeling too enclosed.


The receptionist desk needs to provide the comfort and functionality for a productive work environment.

4. Disabled Access
You are legally required to have a reception desk that meets the criteria set forth by The Disability Discrimination Act. It needs to be low enough for wheelchair users, with plentiful room for getting around behind it.

5. Organizational Solutions Depending on the role of your reception desk, you may need to fit certain additions or accessories into the design. If you run a busy doctor’s office you will need plentiful space for patient files but if you have little face-to-face contact with customers you may be better focused on room for computers and phones for in-bound calls.

6. Brand Positioning In every decision you make, you need to consider your brand. Do you need a reception desk in a particular color? Do you want your logo front and center? Your furniture is essential in the decor you choose for your brand.

7. All-Day Comfort For the staff who will be behind the reception desk for hours a day, a good ergonomic office chair is crucial. It should have wheels to make it easy to move from one side of the desk to the other and provide back and neck support for those long hours sitting.

8. Incorporate Technology Your reception desk will likely need an assortment of technologies to keep things running, but you don’t want wires running everywhere making it look sloppy and unprofessional. Cable ports are an easy way to hide the wires from the computers, printer, and telephone.

9. Staff Size Do you have more than one receptionist? If you have a team of people working in the reception area, be sure that the reception desk is large enough to accommodate all staff.

10. Space Limitations If your reception area is small, you won’t want to purchase a large reception desk that overtakes the space. Consider the size of the room before you purchase. Consider ordering a custom receptionist desk that can fit into the room seamlessly and look great.

Why the Best Refurbished Cubicles are Better Than New

best-refuribished-cubiclesRefurbished cubicles that are professionally repurposed can actually be better than new.  Repurposed cubicles consist of frames and bases that have been previously used.  Work surfaces, panels, and accessories, however, are constructed from all new materials.  These surface materials come from a vast inventory of laminate types, fine wood veneers, glass inserts, glass tops, and special fabrics.  With so many options to consider, it is important to understand the role that each of these components plays in building a functional workstation with viable decorative appeal.

Because of this, it is not a good idea to buy refurbished cubicles online without having a face-to-face meeting with an office space planning specialist.  As we have already stated, repurposed cubicles are not just used cubicles put up for resale.  In fact, they are the exact opposite from an as-is purchase option.  An as-is used cubicle is sold exactly as it is.  There is no room to customize its design beyond what is already there.  New cubicles have a range of customization options–generally a dozen or two like the system shown here–that allow you to select different sizes and colors for panels, work surface materials and colors, and built-in storage systems.

However, not even new cubicles give you the range of choices that Cubiture refurbished cubicles deliver.  Our fabrication plant gives you hundreds–not dozens–of materials to select for cubicle desk, panel, and storage system construction.  The only limitation on customization is the size of the original frame.  Frames are purchased used and reinforced, then customized to meet the needs of specific industries–and more importantly–specific businesses within those industries.  In fact, some Houston companies with very large budgets prefer refurbished cubicles nonetheless simply because our repurposing process affords them far more choices than new products obtained directly from the manufacturer.

If you want cubicle systems that maximize your organization’s efficiency, support individual employee task completion, and keep employees better focused on their jobs with advanced ergonomic designs, then you need refurbished cubicles designed by Cubiture.  Our space planning services are complimentary and rendered with no obligation–and they produce an outcome better than new, and far better for your budget in the long run.  Call Cubiture now to get started.

Configure Refurbished Cubicles with Complimentary Space Planning

refurbished cubicles professional space planning services

Want More Than This? Then You Better Call Cubiture 713-412-0900 for Complimentary Space Planning

Why pay for interior design services when you can get free office space planning from Cubiture?  Our design team can develop an entirely new office layout that will consolidate your existing office space and invigorate your organizational process flow.  You will need to start with the big picture, however, and work your way back to the details in order to get the most from your investment in refurbished cubicles.  All too often, companies such as yours rely on online purchasing alone to replace outdated workstations.  This results in buying the equivalent of as-is used cubicles out of a warehouse that offer little, if any, options for customization.  Cubiture’s design and cubicle fabrication teams offer you a better alternative.

First, start with the number of departments that exist within your organization’s infrastructure. A good example could be the relationship between a sales team and a data entry team that expedites product packaging and shipping.  Does your order processing department immediately process transactions after a sale is complete?  Do they use hard-copies or soft-copies of these transactions as source material for data entry?  If they use hard-copies, you will need to configure your refurbished cubicles to support  efficient document flow between these two departments.  You will also need to design refurbished cubicles with additional filing and storage compartments that can efficiently organize these hard copies before and after processing.

If, on the other hand, if they rely upon emails and/or instant messaging to complete orders, you will need to equip your order processing team with superior information technology.  Refurbished cubicles here will likely need powered panels and cable concealment capability in order to efficiently configure workstations for expeditious voice and data communications.  You also might need to insulate your data crunchers from surrounding background noise with acoustical panels that dampen sound.  In order to prevent neck, shoulder, and eyestrain, you will need to furnish your refurbished cubicles with ergonomic office chairs and plenty of light.  You might want to consider something like glass toppers or glass inserts that will function as windows in cubicle panels.  This will help your data entry team perform better in an environment that is task oriented and focused, but never confining or claustrophobic.

Refurbished cubicles can even be fitted with or without doors ( Cubicle shown in  picture above is without doors.  Doors can be installed & configured to swing inward or outward, and they can be fitted to offer partial or complete privacy based upon the requirements of the particular job they are designed to support.

With so many options to choose from, why not save money and the environment by installing refurbished cubicles a new office layout?  Are you still not sure what direction to take?  Have no concern, for we can provide you with a consultant to go over your needs and wants in order to ensure you are getting the best solution for your circumstance free of charge.  Let our team of qualified professionals guide you through the endless world of refurbished cubicle systems possibilities.