When Used Office Furniture is Just as Good (If Not Better) Than New

Used Executive Office Furniture For Sale In Houston

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If you are considering purchasing used office furniture you may be concerned that the products will be of lesser quality than their newer counterparts. The truth is, if you buy your used office furniture through a reputable company, you can end up much better off in a multitude of ways. While saving money is typically the most common reason for buying used or refurbished office furniture, you may be surprised by what else you can get out of going the second-hand route. Before you splash your cash on brand new office furniture, here are a few ways that going used can benefit your company.

Save Money
Obviously, budget is a main consideration when buying used office furniture but this doesn’t mean you won’t get your money’s worth. Most used office furniture has been professionally cleaned, if not completely refurbished, and looks as good as new anyway. Purchasing models such as office cubicles set-up for teams can be incredibly expensive, but buying refurbished models can give you the high quality and versatile furniture you need without destroying your budget. Sometimes it makes sense to spend more to get something better in return, but used office furniture is often great value for the investment.

Open Up New Opportunities
While you can look at used office furniture solely as a way to save money, it is worth looking at what that will really mean to your company. With extra cash to spend on the office, you can add additional space and features that you wouldn’t have been able to afford initially. Perhaps you have been wanting to create an open kitchen where employees can relax and collaborate together or a designated meeting room that would have been unaffordable with new furniture. Don’t look at it as simply saving money, find out what that extra money can offer your company and employees.

Create A Green Office
Did you know that three million tons of used furniture ends up in landfills every year? Yet a majority of used office furniture is in terrific shape either because it was hardly used by previous owners or has been refurbished to like-new condition. Not only do you lose nothing by choosing second-hand furniture for your office, but you also set a great example by recycling rather than buying new. Buying used office furniture can be a great first step towards creating a green office and showing your employees that you care about your company’s footprint. From used furniture, to recycling in the break room, small decisions can make a big impact on the world around us.

Used office furniture is a great way to save money, open up new opportunities for your company, and set a good example of green living for both current and prospective employees. As it can be tailored towards your requirements and aesthetics, the appearance of your office will never be compromised. If you are considering buying used furniture, why not give us a call and we can discuss finding the perfect solution for your needs.

Office Cubicle Steam Cleaning Services

Cubiture offers top-of-the line office furniture services such as office cubicle steam cleaning services performed onsite at your location. We understand that there is something of a stigma attached to used office furniture based on quality of performance and appearance. However, we are here to assure you that used office furniture never has to embarrass or disappoint you ever again. Office cubicle steam cleaning services and office furniture repair can transform any existing work area into an entirely new environment–complete with a whole new look and a functionality that rivals factory OEM new releases.

Office cubicle steam cleaning services are a vital component to the refurbishing process. Cubicle cleaning also helps control costs, because many components that would otherwise be thrown away can be restored to an almost new condition. One of the most visible components of any office cubicle is the fabric on the panels. The color of this fabric plays a significant role in establishing the emotional tone of your office interior. When it becomes dirty, it loses its appeal and generates a negative energy around the workstation that inhibits production. However, with office cubicle steam cleaning services, the color and texture of this fabric can quickly be restored to a bright, energetic appearance that generates an upbeat atmosphere ideal for productive focus.

As you can see in the video, office cubicle steam cleaning services quickly remove the dull, lackluster layer of dust that accumulates in panel fabrics. An immediate difference becomes readily apparent as the steam cleaner removes this film of grime and dust, revealing the original color scheme of the fabric as it moves across the surface of the panel. We can clean your office cubicles in your office, or we can bring the components here to our W. Little York refurbishing center if you don’t have sufficient space in your office for our crew to work. Each panel is carefully inspected before reassembly to ensure you receive the highest quality aesthetic and functionality.

Don’t make do with office furniture systems and cubicles that you can’t afford to replace just yet. Invest in office cubicle steam cleaning services and office furniture repair services that you can afford. Spend a little to get a lot more on what you already have, and get a return on investment by walking back into an office that looks brand new at a fraction of the cost of one that is brand new. Call Cubiture now.

Servicios de instalación Cubículo

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Servicios de instalación Cubículo también pueden involucrar a la reconfiguración de los sistemas de mobiliario de oficina y cubículos existentes:Con frecuencia añadimos sistemas para áreas de trabajo existentes que requieren ampliación y modificación de un área de producción existente. Una vez más, aquí es donde nuestro servicio de diseño de oficina resulta tan eficaz en el desarrollo de soluciones para los clientes. No hay costo para las mediciones, consultoría o dibujos.

Herman Miller Cubicle Installation Instruction Video

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Cubicle installation does more than create workstations for individual employees.  It creates the essential framework for each department within your organization.  By establishing a proper environment for process flow first, we position organizations to receive a maximum return on the money they invest in commercial office space.  The most important thing to remember about cubicle installation is that it does not begin with actual cubicle assembly–it begins with effective space planning and office layout design drawings.

To effectively plan a cubicle installation, our design team must allocate available space for each vital component of your operation.  There must be space set aside for the technology that runs your business.  There must be reliable communication between departments and between the outside world.  Space must also be devoted to task completion, equipment storage, important documents, and human transit.   Of course, each type of space will require its own unique cubicle installation to support, which is why you see a diversity of cubicle environments in the beginning of our video.

The personal requirements of comfort, focus, task completion, and ergonomic support are also key ingredients that guide the office planning and cubicle installation process from start to finish.  Each workstation must be drawn in sufficient detail to facilitate the creation of productive, customized workspaces.  These drawings are offered at no cost to the client, and they serve a vital function in controlling costs.  They control purchasing costs by showing in detail what components are needed in advance, and they control labor costs by giving the cubicle installation team a detailed map to follow from start to finish.

Houston companies can get more for less by working with Cubiture’s office design and cubicle installation teams.  Not only can they save money on space planning by taking advantage of our free office layout design drawings, but they can save even more money by investing in refurbished cubicle components that look as good–but cost far less–than factory new equivalents.


How We Build Affordable Refurbished Cubicles for Houston Organizations FR239

Refurbished Cubicles Houston

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Over the years, we have constructed thousands of refurbished cubicles for Houston organizations like the ones depicted here. Each refurbished cubicle system features its own unique configuration of work surfaces, storage compartments, filing systems, and panels.  This diversity of options is the result of three essential points of focus: conscience space planning, workflow analysis, and individual task requirements.

Space planning is the key to keeping refurbished cubicles for Houston companies within budget tolerance.  Our space planning design team first measures the office areas within a facility to see just how much square footage is available.  They then analyze the process flow of the organization itself in order to determine just how many cubicle systems will need to be constructed to support each phase of the process.  Space is divided into departmental zones, and cubicle systems are conceived to create the actual work spaces of each division.  The size and features of each individual workstation are based upon the task requirements of the employee for whom it is built.  The design team then develops a complete office design layout drawing that details each workstation in relationship to corresponding workstations and surrounding systems.

Once the customer agrees to the layout and the associated cost, the necessary components for building these systems are ordered and reconditioned.  Cubiture builds  ergonomic, affordable, and customized refurbished cubicles for Houston companies of all sizes.   We are able to produce exceptional workstations in less time, for less money, thanks to our 25,000 square foot fabrication facility.  This top of the line production house includes both a cubicle assembly division and a custom millwork work shop.  With over 500 types of laminate to work with, hundreds of colors of fabric, and a complete selection of fine wood veneers, we can create any workspace that you need and keep the cost well within parameters of budget tolerance.

Refurbished Cubicles Used by Houston Companies Make More Happen For Less – WV101

Cubicles Used Houston

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Refurbished Cubicles Used by Houston Companies are Carefully Designed and Installed With Comfort, Efficiency, and Profitability in Mind

Do you want more to happen in your office?
Do you want to produce more?
Sell more?
Grow more?

Then you need Cubiture.

Our space planning services are offered complimentary to any organization interested in exploring work space solutions with our company. We believe in educating customers first before we sell them anything. Part of this education involves showing our clients what they can invest in based upon what they tell us about their organization.

The refurbished cubicles used by Houston clients of Cubiture are built with ergonomics, personal comfort, and task support foremost in mind. Of these three factors, our space planner work first on creating a comfortable work environment for the individual. Comfort has a direct economic impact on the productivity of any organization. If you have worked with people for any length of time, you know how much a person will get up from his or her seat if the chair is uncomfortable, or if supplies are out of easy reach.

The best refurbished cubicles used by Houston companies are those that offer superior back support and minimize stress on shoulders and eyes. Persons sitting in these workstations can actually enjoy staying in their seats and getting their jobs done. Supplies and equipment are positioned within arms reach of the individual so he or she does not have to get up from a seated position to access the telephone, printer, or filed documents.

Cubiture also owns its own refurbishing plant, located in Northwest Houston on W. Little York Road. This plant allows us to customize refurbished cubicles used by Houston companies with any number of unique features that specifically support industries such as oil and gas, medical research, financial services, law, and education. Just of few of these customization option include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Acoustic dampening
• Advanced data/voice cabling
• Custom millwork
• Hundreds of laminates
• Hundreds of veneer
• Glass options
• Built in filing and storage

Just remember- customized, refurbished cubicles used by Houston companies make more happen by making space work for individuals and organizations alike.

How Space Planners Design Creative Cubicles for Houston Organizations FR242

FR242 Creative CubiclesCreative Cubicles- The Affordable Solution for Growing Houston Companies

It is a fact that not all cubicles look like cubicles. Most of us intellectually know this because we know that today’s workstations are designed according to specific parameters that shape the work environment itself. However, we sometimes fail to process this intellectual knowledge at a deeper, emotional level because we have been programmed by medial to visualize cubicles as “cubicle farms” that all look the same. The very fact that someone such as yourself would Google a term like “creative cubicles” indicates a desire to avoid the generic image that most of us hold in mind when we hear the term “cubicle.”

We have to go back to the root word–cubiculum–to understand the real essence of creative cubicles. Cubiculum means “private chamber” or “bedroom” in Latin. Its function as the root word for the modern workstation derives from its intrinsically intimate meaning.

A cubicle should, above all things, be a personal workspace that supports an individual’s job description, physique, and emotional well being. At the same time, it also has to be function as a part of an overall office process flow, where other factors such as production time, energy consumption, noise levels, and navigating existing floor space factor significantly into organizational productivity.

Creative cubicles must be designed with both personnel and companies equally in mind in order to produce the exceptional results that up and coming Houston businesses need to succeed.

Cubiture space planners start by looking at the overall floor plan of the office.

• Are there windows where large amounts of natural light enter the room?
• Is there one or more wall that is exceptionally long?
• Are there individual rooms along a long, central corridor?
• Is the office one large, essentially quadrilateral, open space?

Creative cubicles can be designed to follow the flow of the office floor plan so that each square foot of space is utilized for process flow. The vertical cube of the office is also utilized by building systems that take full advantage of natural light in areas where large windows give Houston businesses a chance to cut costs on electrical lighting by letting sunlight illuminate work areas.

Designers also build creative cubicles to support the individual tasks that each employee must complete throughout the day. Comfort is the number one factor in designing a work surface and choosing an office chair. A comfortably seated employee working at a cubicle desk that is fitted to his or her equipment, office supply, and personal responsibilities will find it easier to focus than an individual who is always struggling to recover a sense of fleeting comfort.

Because Cubiture owns its own refurbishing plant, Houston companies can invest in creative cubicles that not only look better and work better than standard workstations, but also cost less. Any system can be designed with a blend of reconditioned and new components that will add a new look to any space at a price far below that of brand new OEM office cubicle systems.

How A Small Meeting Room Table Can Make a Big Difference ML103

Meeting Room TablesThe small meeting room table, also known as a collaboration table, can theoretically be located anywhere within your office suite.  Measuring only 42″ in diameter and comfortably seating up to four persons, it can be placed in a lobby, small conference room, telephone room, waiting area, or classroom.  Some organizations colloquially known as “think tanks” may buy several collaboration tables that can accommodate multiple teams of specialists dedicating their combined focused to complex problem solving, proprietary designs, or special research.  For the majority of our clients in Houston, however, the small meeting room table is most often found in a private office where a leader, executive, or specialist has to confer privately behind closed door with a handful of key individuals.

While obviously a favorite among engineers and oil company executives, the application power of the small meeting room table extends far beyond the exclusively commercial marketplace.  Ministers in churches often use these tables for meetings with church leaders and members.  Counselors are another group of service-based professionals who may utilize a collaboration table to deliberately depart from the “patient on the couch” stereotype.   College professors can use collaboration tables for meetings with graduate students and special seminars they host.  We have also seen collaboration tables used in many medical facilities throughout Houston, ranging from doctors’ offices to research labs where collaboration is essential to accurate results.

Cubiture offers you four options in small meeting room table design.

1. We can get you a very affordable table from a non-OEM vendor.
2. We can get you an OEM model from a mainline manufacturer such as Mayline, Friant, or NDI.
3. We can customize the edges and bases of any OEM or non-OEM product.
4. We can build you a table “from scratch” using fiber wood overlaid with natural wood veneer or laminate overlay. 

This range of vendor, customization, and material build options allows us to meet the budgets of academic, commercial, and non-profit organizations.  Complimentary office space planning guides both the design and selection process so you end up with exactly what you want at a price you do not mind paying.

Call us now at 713-412-0900 for a free, no-obligation planning session.

FR234-Refurbished Used Cubicle Office Systems for Team Environments

These versatile, modular workspaces offer an alternative to walled offices that is not only more economical, but also more flexible.

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This particular used cubicle office is known as a “teaming cubicle”  It is distinguished by panels that vary in height so that private space can be conjoined to collaborative space.  A used cubicle office system like this never feels confining to the individual.  At the same time, special features such as acoustical panels can provide sufficient sound dampening so employees can carry on individual tasks with minimal distractions.  Individual phone calls can also be conducted in this environment without surrounding team members overhearing each other’s conversations.

The teaming cubicle concept has become very popular among a number of Houston industries.  Cubiture clients who have purchased a used cubicle office based upon this design include accounting companies, design firms, drafters, and oil and gas design companies.  While some of these organizations may want completely new systems for their office, a good 60 percent prefer refurbished used cubicle office systems–and they base this preference on more than simple price.

A used cubicle office like this, purchased as-is from a used cubicle vendor, can have over 40 colors per the original specifications of the manufacturer.  However, with Cubiture’s refurbishing division, you can actually get MORE options than what the original system was built with.  Cubiture’s complimentary space planning service will see to it that your refurbished used cubicle office offers an appropriate aesthetic compliment to the interior moldings, door frames, and color schemes of your existing office layout and office furniture systems.

We offer you over 500 color choices in fabrics, and over 500 laminate surfaces to choose from!

We can customize any work surface top or storage cabinet with custom millwork and can add finer touches with a broad spectrum of paint colors.  We customize glass with special treatments, such as frosting, and we custom size individual work areas and panels to the parameters of your process flow requirements.

Finally, we ensure the value of any used cubicle office system that we refurbish with a custom cleaning and maintenance agreement written specific to the needs of your business.

Call 713-412-0900 to schedule a meeting with a Cubiture space planner and used cubicle office refurbishing specialist. 


Office Cubicles – Quiet, Privacy, and Comfort FR201

Cubicles – What To Look For When Buying Office Cubicles from Jay Mock on Vimeo.

Office CubicleHow can you make an office cubicle sound proof?
There is no way to make something “sound proof” in the literal sense.  What we aim to do is to improve sound dampening so that the professional can focus without distraction.  One technique we use is to make cubicle partitions taller.  Taller partitions act like walls by reflecting sound away from the occupant.  Another method we employ is the use of acoustical panels.  These panels are manufactured with foam inside of them.  This increases the total mass of the panel, which in turn dampens sound waves striking its surface.

How can you make an office cubicle more private?
If the workstation is a full-sized office, the most effective way to make it private is to install a door.  Doors can be placed between partitions of any size, but they are most commonly used with floor to ceiling panels.  Such panels are often made of translucent glass or a blend of glass panels and fabric and do not even look like “cubicles” to the untrained eye.

Another way to make a workstation more private is to extend the wing panel.  The most common way we do this is to put glass panels on the tops of wing panels.  This allows natural light to enter the cubicle, making it seem larger and more comfortable to the occupant.  At the same time, it also heightens the panels’ physical size, making the interior more insulated from its surroundings.  We can also rearrange seating, so that the professional faces outward rather than sitting with his or her back to the entrance.  This make the workstation feel more like an office and therefore more private to the individual within.

How can you make an office cubicle more comfortable?
Ergonomic seating is the most important factor in comfort.  Choosing the right chair to go with the workstation makes a world of difference for the individual using the cubicle.  Our millwork team also will radius the corners of the cubicle desk.  This eliminates sharp corners that people sometimes bump into, and it also increase physical work surface.  Storage and filing are placed within one arm’s length of the worker.