How To Personalize Refurbished Cubicles

personalized-cubiclesOnce your Cubiture space planner completes your office layout design drawing, focus your attention next on personalizing your new office with refurbished cubicles.  While almost every manufacturers offer new cubicle systems with 2 or 3 dozen options, Cubiture actually offers you more.

With our own fabrication plant, we can repurpose the base and frame of any existing cubicle system with all new materials selected from a vastly larger spectrum of options.  Working with our space planners, you can personalize refurbished cubicles with hundreds of laminate types and fabrics.  Our custom millwork team can also add a natural look to the desk area and cabinets with dozens of choices in fine wood veneer.

Refurbished cubicles can also be customized to the actual physical space into which they are installed.  Panels can connect to either the floor or ceiling, making it possible for modular workstations to aesthetically function as actual elements of interior decor.  Electrical wiring can be concealed within a system with a powered base.  Date and voice cables can also be hidden with the frames of both powered and non-powered systems.   This allows your communications and data networks to be threaded seamlessly and invisibly though the physical infrastructure of your workstation array.

Once the functional components of your workstations have been configured, you can now turn your attention toward personalizing the aesthetic elements of your workstations.  Did you know that refurbished cubicles can be repurposed with wood veneer?  Perhaps your interior design has always relied upon a great deal of wooden furniture to give your space a grounded, natural, and definitively traditional look.  You don’t have to abandon your preferred decor just because you transition from desking systems to cubicles.  Our millwork department can repurpose cubicle desks , overhead storage, pedestal files, and even panels themselves with a complete selection of wood veneer choices.

refurbished-cubiclesYou can also personalize workstations with a full spectrum of colors.  Did you know that Cubiture has over 500 selections in laminate materials, and just as many in colored fabric patterns?  This allows you to personalize the desk area and partitions to establish any decorative scheme you prefer.  Panels can be further customized to generate the ideal blend of privacy and personal freedom.  Acoustic panels can muffle sounds for a quite work environment, while tempered glass inserts or partition toppers can open up the workspace to natural light–giving you a clear view of the surrounding office.

At the same time, individual privacy can also be heightened by installing doors between partition panels.  Many call center managers prefer this configuration because it allows them to work on the front lines with their sales or customer service teams, but it also gives them the ability to fully enclose their workspace for meetings, employee reviews, and human resource decisions.

Finally, don’t forget to talk to your office space planner about cubicle accessories.  Refurbished cubicles are designed to function like independent offices.  However, in order to make your own personal work area truly autonomous, you will probably need more than a desk area, storage cabinets, and pedestal files.  Take a look at all of our mounted accessory options that allow you to store supplies, file documents, and whiteboard ideas within the vertical space of your cubicle interior.

Modular Workstations Create New Environments for Task Completion, Idea Creation, and Profitability


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Modular workstations are the office environments of the future that are here today.  They foster communication, collaboration, and ensure employees meet benchmarks and deadlines. The workforce has changed dramatically, so workstations needed to evolve with these changes. The days of “cube city” are a thing of the past.  Companies that wish to keep pace with today’s changing work environment must consider the many benefits that modular workstations can bring them.

1. Accessible Workstations Encourage The Free Flow of Ideas Employees that are locked behind walls or separated by tall, solid partitions cannot easily collaborate. Many times, brilliant ideas are wasted because people cannot easily share them. Countless hours are wasted on getting everyone to a singular conference room — only to discuss one minor issue that could have been solved more quickly and efficiently if employees could have collaborated comfortably in cubicles designed with an appropriate level of accessibility.

2. Cubicles Also Create Privacy When Necessary Modular workstations are designed like self-contained offices.  They incorporate storage, filing, technology, and plenty of work area for an individual to comfortably perform his or her duties throughout the day.  While most of our cubicles are designed to be accessible to teammates and managers, there is nonetheless a definitive sense of privacy that employees enjoy when they are working alone.  Modular workstations are built with partitions that are carefully designed so that lighting, color, and style create an enclosure that is supportive–but never confining–for the busy professional who has to concentrate to meet deadlines.

3. Modular Workspaces Establish the Process Flow of the Office Consider how much more your company can accomplish if modular workstations are arranged according to each department’s task completion cycle.  Not only will this expedite production within departments, but it can also improve interdepartmental communication and cooperation.  When Cubiture space planners configure an office design layout, they begin with the overall vision of company process flow, then design each department’s cubicle layout according to the role it plays in the overall cycle of production.

4. Morale Rises, and Productivity Increases as a Result Numerous studies have shown that employees work harder, smarter, and accomplish more when they are in a comfortable, well-illuminated, and aesthetically pleasant environment.  Modular workstations not only need to support task completion; they need to also establish the aesthetics of the workplace.  When people enter the office each morning, the first thing they see is a conglomerate array of modular workstations waiting to be manned.  If cubicles are dull, worn, or claustrophobically configured, the day begins on a sad, negative note.

Before you invest in expensive new cubicles or build even more expensive private offices, consider how much more you can gain by having Cubiture design an entirely new system consisting of refurbished cubicles that consist of up to 80% new surface.    With hundreds of panel fabrics, dozens of glass choices, and a full spectrum of fine wood veneers, we can build modular workstations for your teams that will ergonomics, style, and decor together at an entirely new level.

Designing a New Cubicle Layout is Like Building an Entirely New Office

Office Space Planning

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Are you tired of an unproductive staff that feels stifled by your existing cubicle layout?  Are you ready for a change in your office environment but are not in a position to move just yet?  Have you ever thought consulting with an office space planner? A new cubicle layout can create give both the privacy needed to be efficient as well as the flexibility to conform to any space you need to fill. Do not worry about the lack of square footage any longer, for cubicles are no longer the generic boxes of the past.  Modern cubicles offer many customizable options to ensure your employees have everything they need with the swirl of a chair.  Before you fill out that order form though, peruse over the five most common issues found when integrating cubicles into an office space.

Integrate Collaborative Space Into Personal Space
We all know that space is a commodity in the office, so making room for everyone is a high priority.  However, when planning your new cubicle layout, do not forget about integrating spaces that will be large enough to hold staff conferences, or areas in which employees can step away from their personal space to collaborate with other employees.  Also, be sure to include spaces to hold that important client meeting or job fair.  Do not let your office turn into a cubicle farm!

Encourage Teamwork
Take a close look at how often each department communicates with all other areas.  Develop a cubicle layout where each department is not only together, but also relatively close to the other departments with whom they interact most often.  Keep in mind that the less time employees spend away from their desks, the more time they spend producing.

Make Teammates Accessible
While cubicle layout is of vital importance, so is individual cubicle design.  Evaluate your employees to be aware of how they communicate with each other.  Functioning in the heart of the digital age, you might notice your employees are utilizing emails, texts, or instant messaging features.  Ask yourself, is this because they are separated too much?  If your staff is more inclined to have face-to-face conversations with each other, this is where customizing your new cubicles is important.  Keep your cubicle walls low enough to enable conversation, but not too low thus depriving privacy.

Consolidate Teams
When working with our space planners on your new cubicle layout, be sure to consolidate your departments together.  Ensuring that all employees of each department are within close proximity of each other is one of the most effective ways to ensure productivity. You certainly do not need Jane from Accounting 6 cubicles away from her teammates.  She would have to waste precious time walking over to her fellow accounting personnel or constantly send emails to keep up to date with the department’s objectives.  Instead, place your teams together to protect the company’s most valuable resource–time.

Separate Break Areas from Production Areas
If you do not already have a designated break area, be sure to include a “work free zone” in your new cubicle layout.  When employees take a lunch or coffee break a significant distance away from their workstations, they feel as if they are actually taking a break.  Generally, employees perform at higher levels throughout the work day when they completely leave their workstations during break time.

Now that you know your needs, it might be a good idea to see if your staff has any special requests for their new workspaces.  With so many options available–including wall mounted filing systems, cabinetry, doorways built into panel systems–modern day cubicles can meet any office’s needs and desires.  Relay these requests to your Cubiture space planner so that your entire team will feel as if they have played a significant role in developing the new cubicle installation.




It is not a cliché, but rather a truism, that happy employees are more productive employees.

Office Cubicles

New & Used Office Cubicle For Sale In Houston Texas

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Creating a work environment that fosters collaboration between employees can make all the difference in the day-to-inday productivity of your team. One of the easiest ways to help teamwork organically flow through the workplace is by setting up the office in a carefully planned arrangement that allows your employees to easily interact with one another, while also providing a sense of privacy for individual assignments. Cubicles have long been a trusted resource for employers who need both effective structure as well as value for money. Here are five ways that office cubicles can fuel collaboration in the workplace. 

1. They Create Closer Relationships between Employees
Office cubicles give employees the freedom of an open office, with the privacy of a personal office when they need it. It is easy for colleagues to check in on one another as the set-up creates a 24/7 open-door policy. As everyone is more or less in the same place, personal relationships will organically form. When employees get along, team building and projects are easier than ever.

2. They Promote an Open-Communication Workplace
While personal offices are nice, many people don’t want to interrupt others when their doors are closed. Office cubicles create an open-communication environment where anyone can always drop by with their questions or ideas. It is as simple as popping your head around the corner, no appointment needed, no important questions gone unanswered. 

3. Privacy is Available When Needed
Independent work is almost always necessary during the collaborative process, and cubicles are perfect for the solo time when it is needed. Although colleagues are still available to one another, their personal work space is well-established and can provide the privacy necessary for deadlines and peak periods of work. 

4. Management Can Easily Oversee
Open office spaces and personal offices all have their pros and cons, but both can make the job for management awkward at times. With office cubicles managers can easily keep a watch over the work their employees are doing, without overstepping boundaries or making employees feel smothered. 

Office cubicles make it easy for managers to pop in and check on their staff. 

5. Work is Fun
If offices like Google and Facebook have taught us anything, it’s that having fun at work boosts productivity and fuels collaboration. Office cubicles not only keep your employees connected, but they offer them the opportunity to socialize in a way that will promote the work they do and strengthen the bonds between each other. It may be a great idea to throw in a beanbag corner or Foosball table to allow employees time to decompress and build up those ideas in a fun way that makes them happy to go into work each morning. Research has proven that those who have fun at work stay longer, increase their productivity, and are just overall happier employees. 

If you are looking for office furniture that creates an environment of ideas and productive energy in your workplace, office cubicles may be the answer to your search. Giving employees the freedom to collaborate as well as work independently in their own space will have your office output at an all-time high.

5 Common Office Layout Mistakes

Office Layout & Design Services Houston Texas

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One of the greatest perks of integrating office cubicles into your workplace are their flexible layout options. Cubicles can be chosen and set-out to reflect your own unique work culture, creating the optimal environment for your employees. Unfortunately, many companies fail to consider their employees day-to-day needs when setting up cubicles, resulting in an unhappy workplace and a need to entirely re-do the office layout down the road. These are the five most common office layout mistakes you will want to avoid.

Commercial Office Design & Layout Services Houston Texas

Create common meeting areas where employees can get together and brainstorm.

1. No Common Meeting Areas
How you fill your space is just as important as what you fill it with. While employers are often faced with the decision to fit as many cubicles as possible into the office, they sometimes forget that their employees will need plentiful spaces to meet and collaborate outside of their desks. Be sure to create common meeting areas, as well as areas that can be closed-off for more important meetings.

2. Teams are Split Up
When you begin brainstorming your office layout, don’t forget to consider who will be sitting in those cubicles. Teams who are highly collaborative need to be placed closer together in order to easily bounce ideas off one another or discuss ongoing projects. When you don’t consider the employees who will be using the office cubicles, you can end up creating a workplace layout that doesn’t meet the needs of your staff and inhibits productivity.

Cubicle Layout & Design Services Houston, Texas

While defined departmental spaces are fine, be sure they are still accessible to each other.

3. Walls Obstruct Visibility
When choosing your office cubicles, the height of the walls should be an important factor in your decision. Most employees want walls that create privacy but also make it easy to ask questions and check-in with their colleagues. If they are too high, collaboration becomes more difficult. If they are too low, there is no feeling of privacy. Visibility is an important consideration, taking full advantage of the perks that cubicles bring to the workplace.

4. Departments are Too Spread Out
For some odd reason, one of the biggest layout mistakes is separating departments, making it cumbersome for employees to interact with those not in their immediate work area. It is usually necessary for employees in IT to collaborate with those in Marketing or Management to stay in touch with Human Resources. When you plan your layout, be sure that respective departments are still accessible to the others even if you decide to create a defined separation.

While defined departmental spaces are fine, be sure they are still accessible to each other.

5. No Open Space and Private Space Balance
If you want happy employees that stay productive, you need to be sure you create a place where they can have privacy as well as chill out when necessary. More and more research has shown that facilitating collaboration opportunity is the most important thing you can do as an employer. While office cubicles can provide privacy when necessary, creating an area such as an open kitchen or game room that allows employees to meet and relax in an informal way can seriously boost productivity in the workplace.

Before you set-up your workplace in an envisioned layout, consider asking employees for their wants and needs. After all, they are the ones who will be churning out the ideas, and integrating a few of their suggestions may be the difference between a successful design or another major office layout mistake.

When Used Office Furniture is Just as Good (If Not Better) Than New

Used Executive Office Furniture For Sale In Houston

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If you are considering purchasing used office furniture you may be concerned that the products will be of lesser quality than their newer counterparts. The truth is, if you buy your used office furniture through a reputable company, you can end up much better off in a multitude of ways. While saving money is typically the most common reason for buying used or refurbished office furniture, you may be surprised by what else you can get out of going the second-hand route. Before you splash your cash on brand new office furniture, here are a few ways that going used can benefit your company.

Save Money
Obviously, budget is a main consideration when buying used office furniture but this doesn’t mean you won’t get your money’s worth. Most used office furniture has been professionally cleaned, if not completely refurbished, and looks as good as new anyway. Purchasing models such as office cubicles set-up for teams can be incredibly expensive, but buying refurbished models can give you the high quality and versatile furniture you need without destroying your budget. Sometimes it makes sense to spend more to get something better in return, but used office furniture is often great value for the investment.

Open Up New Opportunities
While you can look at used office furniture solely as a way to save money, it is worth looking at what that will really mean to your company. With extra cash to spend on the office, you can add additional space and features that you wouldn’t have been able to afford initially. Perhaps you have been wanting to create an open kitchen where employees can relax and collaborate together or a designated meeting room that would have been unaffordable with new furniture. Don’t look at it as simply saving money, find out what that extra money can offer your company and employees.

Create A Green Office
Did you know that three million tons of used furniture ends up in landfills every year? Yet a majority of used office furniture is in terrific shape either because it was hardly used by previous owners or has been refurbished to like-new condition. Not only do you lose nothing by choosing second-hand furniture for your office, but you also set a great example by recycling rather than buying new. Buying used office furniture can be a great first step towards creating a green office and showing your employees that you care about your company’s footprint. From used furniture, to recycling in the break room, small decisions can make a big impact on the world around us.

Used office furniture is a great way to save money, open up new opportunities for your company, and set a good example of green living for both current and prospective employees. As it can be tailored towards your requirements and aesthetics, the appearance of your office will never be compromised. If you are considering buying used furniture, why not give us a call and we can discuss finding the perfect solution for your needs.

Office Cubicle Steam Cleaning Services

Cubiture offers top-of-the line office furniture services such as office cubicle steam cleaning services performed onsite at your location. We understand that there is something of a stigma attached to used office furniture based on quality of performance and appearance. However, we are here to assure you that used office furniture never has to embarrass or disappoint you ever again. Office cubicle steam cleaning services and office furniture repair can transform any existing work area into an entirely new environment–complete with a whole new look and a functionality that rivals factory OEM new releases.

Office cubicle steam cleaning services are a vital component to the refurbishing process. Cubicle cleaning also helps control costs, because many components that would otherwise be thrown away can be restored to an almost new condition. One of the most visible components of any office cubicle is the fabric on the panels. The color of this fabric plays a significant role in establishing the emotional tone of your office interior. When it becomes dirty, it loses its appeal and generates a negative energy around the workstation that inhibits production. However, with office cubicle steam cleaning services, the color and texture of this fabric can quickly be restored to a bright, energetic appearance that generates an upbeat atmosphere ideal for productive focus.

As you can see in the video, office cubicle steam cleaning services quickly remove the dull, lackluster layer of dust that accumulates in panel fabrics. An immediate difference becomes readily apparent as the steam cleaner removes this film of grime and dust, revealing the original color scheme of the fabric as it moves across the surface of the panel. We can clean your office cubicles in your office, or we can bring the components here to our W. Little York refurbishing center if you don’t have sufficient space in your office for our crew to work. Each panel is carefully inspected before reassembly to ensure you receive the highest quality aesthetic and functionality.

Don’t make do with office furniture systems and cubicles that you can’t afford to replace just yet. Invest in office cubicle steam cleaning services and office furniture repair services that you can afford. Spend a little to get a lot more on what you already have, and get a return on investment by walking back into an office that looks brand new at a fraction of the cost of one that is brand new. Call Cubiture now.

Servicios de instalación Cubículo

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Servicios de instalación Cubículo también pueden involucrar a la reconfiguración de los sistemas de mobiliario de oficina y cubículos existentes:Con frecuencia añadimos sistemas para áreas de trabajo existentes que requieren ampliación y modificación de un área de producción existente. Una vez más, aquí es donde nuestro servicio de diseño de oficina resulta tan eficaz en el desarrollo de soluciones para los clientes. No hay costo para las mediciones, consultoría o dibujos.

Herman Miller Cubicle Installation Instruction Video

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Cubicle installation does more than create workstations for individual employees.  It creates the essential framework for each department within your organization.  By establishing a proper environment for process flow first, we position organizations to receive a maximum return on the money they invest in commercial office space.  The most important thing to remember about cubicle installation is that it does not begin with actual cubicle assembly–it begins with effective space planning and office layout design drawings.

To effectively plan a cubicle installation, our design team must allocate available space for each vital component of your operation.  There must be space set aside for the technology that runs your business.  There must be reliable communication between departments and between the outside world.  Space must also be devoted to task completion, equipment storage, important documents, and human transit.   Of course, each type of space will require its own unique cubicle installation to support, which is why you see a diversity of cubicle environments in the beginning of our video.

The personal requirements of comfort, focus, task completion, and ergonomic support are also key ingredients that guide the office planning and cubicle installation process from start to finish.  Each workstation must be drawn in sufficient detail to facilitate the creation of productive, customized workspaces.  These drawings are offered at no cost to the client, and they serve a vital function in controlling costs.  They control purchasing costs by showing in detail what components are needed in advance, and they control labor costs by giving the cubicle installation team a detailed map to follow from start to finish.

Houston companies can get more for less by working with Cubiture’s office design and cubicle installation teams.  Not only can they save money on space planning by taking advantage of our free office layout design drawings, but they can save even more money by investing in refurbished cubicle components that look as good–but cost far less–than factory new equivalents.


How We Build Affordable Refurbished Cubicles for Houston Organizations FR239

Refurbished Cubicles Houston

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Over the years, we have constructed thousands of refurbished cubicles for Houston organizations like the ones depicted here. Each refurbished cubicle system features its own unique configuration of work surfaces, storage compartments, filing systems, and panels.  This diversity of options is the result of three essential points of focus: conscience space planning, workflow analysis, and individual task requirements.

Space planning is the key to keeping refurbished cubicles for Houston companies within budget tolerance.  Our space planning design team first measures the office areas within a facility to see just how much square footage is available.  They then analyze the process flow of the organization itself in order to determine just how many cubicle systems will need to be constructed to support each phase of the process.  Space is divided into departmental zones, and cubicle systems are conceived to create the actual work spaces of each division.  The size and features of each individual workstation are based upon the task requirements of the employee for whom it is built.  The design team then develops a complete office design layout drawing that details each workstation in relationship to corresponding workstations and surrounding systems.

Once the customer agrees to the layout and the associated cost, the necessary components for building these systems are ordered and reconditioned.  Cubiture builds  ergonomic, affordable, and customized refurbished cubicles for Houston companies of all sizes.   We are able to produce exceptional workstations in less time, for less money, thanks to our 25,000 square foot fabrication facility.  This top of the line production house includes both a cubicle assembly division and a custom millwork work shop.  With over 500 types of laminate to work with, hundreds of colors of fabric, and a complete selection of fine wood veneers, we can create any workspace that you need and keep the cost well within parameters of budget tolerance.