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Modular Office Cubicle Sales, Installation, Design & Moving Services
April 28, 2014
Modular Office Cubicle Sales, Installation, Design & Moving Services

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Many organizations who contact Cubiture are actively comparing the value of cubicles to traditional Desking Options.. Having discovered that open concept offices rarely work in the real world as well as they do in the realm of ideas, they immediately begin to explore office space plans that offer a more private environment for sales professionals and customer service representatives. Open-concept offices are great for building that feeling of teamwork that popular myth loves to promote. That is, they are great until 3 or 4 people attempt to make business phone calls all at once, and everyone's conversation begins to bleed into the next in the background.

The stress levels that noise pollution and inevitable eavesdropping create in even the best and brightest of their employees have led many Houston area companies to quickly abandon the open office bandwagon the minute they realize that productivity and profitability have been directly impacted by the perceived lack of privacy that begins to agitate team members minds. While most organization realize that cubicles offer the most cost effective alternative to open-concept design, many companies hesitate to fully invest in cubicle design right away. Due to the many stereotypes of cubicle space popularized in movies and television, executives may assume that traditional offices with traditional doors–while more expensive–offer the best bang for their remodeling buck.

We never argue with customers about what they have already decided on investing in. We simply labor to educate personnel and operations managers in the enormous possibilities that customized cubicles can offer them. For example, the workstation depicted above is actually more of a hybrid system than a typical “cubicle” system. If you look closely, you will see a traditional U-shaped desk with built-in storage compartments housed within stylish cubicle panels that aesthetically blend with the wooden office furniture contained therein.

The open entrance allows the professional to be approachable by collaborators and management, but it also shields the individual from background noise and the nagging sense of being overheard by everyone else in the room. This has proven to be one of the most effective cubicles developed for Houston account executives who work in various industries supportive of the oil and gas industry. These sales professionals spend a great deal of time speaking with their clients over the phone and require a high level of privacy that maintains a margin of accessibility without distraction.

Cubicles like the ones shown here can be customized with panels that Level to the floor OR to the top of the desk. This versatility allows us to blend cubicle partitions with “good old fashioned desks” and compact office storage and filing systems—all at the fingertips of top revenue producers in your organization.

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