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Casegoods Sales, Installation, Design, Moving & Refurbished Office Furniture
May 22, 2014
Casegoods Sales, Installation, Design, Moving & Refurbished Office Furniture

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The term “casegoods” refers to a broad category of office furniture products.  The name derives from the way these products are manufactured.  Unlike upholstery products, which rely heavily on fabric for their constitution, casegoods are fashioned from hard materials.  Most are made from wood, but there are also many pieces that are made out of glass, metal, or plastic.  Due to their solid constitution, they provide ideal work surfaces and storage areas ideally suited for a wide range of tasks.

Houston companies frequently turn to Cubiture to supply them with high quality casegoods that combine functionality with superior aesthetics.  Popular items include desks, credenzas, conference tables, and storage cabinets.  One of the hallmarks of our organization is the vast selection of choices we offer to clients.  We carry casegoods by some of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, including DMI, National Office Furniture, Global Office Furniture, and Mayline.  We also carry a number of products from local and international manufacturers that specialize in unique ergonomic features, special storage solutions, and communications technology interface.

As the Houston economy has diversified over the years, the need for a wide range of office furniture types as grown proportionally.  Many organizations prefer to stick with traditional casegoods to create a more formal atmosphere within the offices.  Traditional desks, credenzas, and storage areas are very popular with Houston area law firms, medical offices, and financial services companies.  On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, we also sell a large number of contemporary casegoods to oil related companies, logistics companies, and local energy companies.

Still other Houston companies turn to Cubiture when they need custom casegoods that must be special manufactured to support a specific task, or to establish a specific interior design.  Cubiture offers Houston businesses a definitive advantage in this arena because we own our own manufacturing and fabrication plant.  In this facility, we are able to custom casegoods for private offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and storage areas.  Added value comes in the form of custom millwork that adds unique surfaces to cabinets, routed edges to desks and tables, and unique work surface tops to desking systems.

Organizations on tighter budgets can still obtain the best office furniture for their establishments by investing in refurbished, remanufactured, or quality used “as-is” casegoods.  Our fabrication plant also functions as a refurbishing, office furniture repair, and office furniture storage facility.   Used furniture can be completely rebuilt in-house and decorated with custom millwork that establishes brand identity and sets the tone for corporate decor.

This ability to  locate, make, remake, or ornament any type of office furniture makes casegoods by Cubiture simply the best that Houston companies can purchase.

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