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May 29, 2014

More than anything, almost every Houston company looks to make a statement with its conference room furniture Second only to the reception area, the meeting room makes a definitive statement about the business it supports.  The organization’s level of formality, financial security, process flow, and values are represented in these two areas more than anywhere else in the building.  Consequently, good conference room furniture must generate a definitive aesthetic that visually represents the essence of the establishment.  A certain level of comfort must also be factored into the equation because attendees to long meetings will lose their focus if tables and seating do not offer proper support.  Cost is a third,–but often very minor factor–because even businesses on a budget are willing to invest in the best conference room furniture on the basis of its symbolic, as well as functional, importance.

The table is the most essential—and fundamentally central– element of conference room furniture.  It provides far more than meeting space for attendees.  Few meetings these days involve simple conversation.  Almost everyone now—even in the smallest of companies—brings a notepad or a computing device to the meeting.  In routine team meetings, employees may only need to take simple, manual notes.  Attendees to these meetings will need a workspace equivalent to that of a basic desk.  If, however, attendees are executive decision makers or investors who bring laptops or tablets to the meeting, the table may need to be wired with concealed power outlets in order to support these devices.

Seating is the second most essential element of conference room furniture Most Houston area companies prefer to invest in conference chairs that establish a higher level of style than surrounding work environments.  Again, the priority here is presentation—not just the presentation made during the meeting—but the presentation of the company itself made to guests, shareholders, investors, and clients.  As previously noted, conference seating must certain level of comfort, but nothing close to what many would call “posh.”  A sharp focus is a must for any successful meeting, so it is better for conference room furniture to establish an atmosphere of “comfortable alertness” without overindulging attendees with a feeling of luxury that could undermine the necessary focus on meeting objectives.

By ascertaining the nature and size of the average meeting, Cubiture will help Houston companies obtain the very best conference room furniture most suitable to their particular needs.   Client preferences vary along two basic lines of purpose.  Some companies want only a basic meeting area, free from interruption, and insulated to some extent from surrounding noise.  Other organizations require something far more advanced.  They use their boardroom for collaborative decision making, executive meetings, presentations, and communications with other locations.  These facilities often require advanced wiring, data, and voice cabling solutions that support teleconference, video conferencing, and audio-visual presentations.

Cubiture can readily customize any type of conference room furniture, including accessories for presentations, noise reduction, and video conferencing.  We specialize in advanced millwork that conceals the technical elements of the environment with an embellished décor that reinforces the values, corporate culture, and brand positioning of our clients. Contact Us Today.

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