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Cubicle Office
May 23, 2014
Cubicle Office

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What is a cubicle office?
A cubicle office is a private office that is built either partially or completely using special modular partitions. These partitions are almost always significantly taller–and more decorative–than standard cubicle dividers. Many, in fact, reach all the way to the ceiling.

How much does it cost to build a cubicle office compared to an office with sheet rock walls?
On the front end, customized panels typically cost more than building sheetrock walls for new office space. However, the long term returns on sheetrock construction are typically less than the returns that result from modular panels.

With modular panel purchases, full tax write-offs are immediate. With sheetrock build-outs, tax write-offs are incremental according to the remaining years on the lease.

This means that in terms of asset recovery, a cubicle office is a much better investment.

What are some other benefits of cubicle offices?
Because it is constructed from panels, and not walls built into the surrounding building, a cubicle office offers you mobility. If you ever more into a new building, we can disassemble it at your old location and reassemble it at your new location.

A cubicle office is also far more customized than standard sheetrock build-outs. As your organization grows and changes, you will no doubt want to reconfigure your existing workspace from time to time. A modular office is much easier to reconfigure.

What types of panels are used to build cubicle offices?
Panels often feature decorative surfaces and glass. Glass is very important, because it filters natural light into the interior space. It also creates either full visibility or partial visibility (depending on whether the glass is transparent or translucent frosted.)

Cubicle office walls can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. They can be laminate, white boards, metal, fabric, glass, or even plexiglass.

Cubiture offers Houston companies the added value of in-house manufacturing. Our fabrication facility can custom build any cubicle office wall specific to your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Do cubicle offices have cubicle work surfaces or office furniture?
Typically we custom build a desking and storage system that wraps around two of the walls in the office. These systems are called “built-ins” because they maximize the periphery of the office vertical cube. It gets the full amount of surface area and utilizes the vertical cube within the office as additional storage.

Who would need a cubicle office?
Any professional who requires privacy for task completion.

How large can a cubicle office be?
As large as you want it to be.

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