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Modular Cubicle Stations
May 20, 2014

Modular workstations are customized to support employee task completion, communication, and corporate process flow.  Designed with comfort and productivity in mind, they feature a variety of customizations that cause many people not to recognize them as cubicles.  This is because modular workstations are assembled from hundreds of individual components.  Many of these components, in turn, are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, material blends, and styles.  This affords us an enormous range of flexibility in constructing systems for professionals in a variety of Houston industries.

Modular Cubicle Stations

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We literally build a modular workstation specific to the job description of an executive decision maker, engineer, sales professional, or financial services professional.  The broad spectrum of material options allows us to create any work surface required for task completion.  Panels with glass allow us to create an insular environment for focused game changers without completely shutting them off from the outside world.  Modular workstations can even be constructed with cubicle panels that reach all the way to the ceiling—making it possible to build private offices and meeting rooms out of modular components that are far less expensive than brick and mortar construction costs.

One of the most important things to consider when exploring cubicle design options is the importance of employee comfort.  Studies have shown that discomfort has a drastic, negative impact on employee performance.  There are also health issues that can result from uncomfortable seating and awkward work surface heights.  It is important that modular workstations be designed with the individual in mind so that each professional can work in an environment that is supportive of task completion, personal well-being, and professional focus.  This is why Cubiture™ prefaces every sale with extensive, one-one-one, free office space planning services.  Each office design layout drawing represents the whole of corporate process flow, with individual modular workstations representing key points of value production along the chain of process flow.

Because there are so many different materials available to use when building cubicle systems, there are significant cost savings that we can pass on to our clients.  Modular workstations, while highly customized in both aesthetics and functionality, can be built from refurbished components available at a fraction of the cost of new office furniture.  This is particularly beneficial to Houston companies who are currently hiring a few employees at a time to gradually increase their labor force within existing office space.  With the right level of space planning, and a strategic choice in materials and design options, modular workstations can be added to an existing floor plan in a way that increases production without the costly expenditures of moving or remodeling the existing building.

This makes modular workstations one of the most cost effective workspace solutions for companies who are beginning to grow at a controlled rate that maximizes opportunities for future profitability.  Call Cubiture™ now for information about how free office space planning can help you get the most out of your investment in cubicle systems design.


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