When to Call An Office Furniture Company

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May 30, 2014

The average person incorrectly assumes that you should call an office furniture company only when you open a new business or a new location.

The experienced human resources professional knows otherwise. She or he realizes what office furniture is truly intended to do—support the process flow of the organization. Process flow is dynamic, many things can precipitate a change in your office environment that will require you to make necessary reconfiguration of your work space areas. By working with Cubiture™ anytime you experience a major organizational change will empower you to make the best—and the most affordable—decisions about your existing office furniture.

As hundreds of people from all over the world pour into Houston each day, business changes in pace with the community. With few exceptions, almost every business in Houston will be facing one of the following four scenarios in the next two years.

Changes resulting from new hires require immediate assessment of existing work areas.
Obviously if you hiring a large number of new people, you will need to add office furniture to your existing space. Employees are going to need workstations that are customized to support the specific duties of their new positions. Executives will require meeting areas, private offices, and often built-in desking systems that support a blend of task completion, communication, storage, and decision making.

Call an office furniture company AS SOON as you decide to remodel your building.
Any changes to the physical structure of your building can cost you more than the actual cost of the remodel. One of our clients recently faced a challenging building code requirement that mandated they install a new water line and fire sprinkler system subsequent to their remodel. The cost of this upgrade would have resulted in an additional $250,000.00! However, by building new offices using glass partitions, they were exempted from these code requirements.

How did they manage this? The answer is simple. Partitions are classified as office furniture and therefore do not factor into the value of building itself.

Call an office furniture company when you relocate.
The average man or woman assumes that commercial movers either know how to install office furniture systems or subcontract a company who does.

Why not call an office furniture company who owns its own trucks and has a full installation and moving crew ready to assist you in setting up your new location?

Cubiture™ will not only handle your workstation requirements, but we will also deliver a full turnkey solution that includes office furniture customization, data and voice cabling, and aesthetically concealed power solutions for your new location.

Call an office furniture company when you downsize.
As odd as it may sound to the average person, the experienced professional understands the value of trimming overhead when the workforce has to be trimmed due to mergers, buyouts, or layoffs.

Cubiture™ may actually want to buy some of your old office furniture if it is in good condition. If not, we can help you liquidate it at minimal costs, or we can store it in one of our two warehouses until you need it again.

Never assume that an office furniture company is something you only need to work with once or twice. Be among the wise who know that work space experts are a valuable resource any time you need to make your existing work space work better for you. Contact us today.

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