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Office Furniture Houston
May 21, 2014

1. We provide all types of office furniture and office cubicle systems.
Houston companies can choose desks, casegoods, office chairs, and conference room furniture from over 200 manufacturers.  In addition to leading name manufacturers, Houston companies can also purchase non-OEM office furniture at significantly discounted prices.  Additional savings can be obtained by investing in refurbished, used “as-is” furniture, and customized cubicle systems designed to replicate the function of desking systems and traditional casegoods–at a fraction of the cost.

One recent example of this comes to mind.  A caller inquired about a desking system with a recommended MSRP of $12,000.  Jerry, the owner of our company, recommended a cubicle system identical to the manufacturer’s original.  The total cost of the alternative was HALF THAT OF THE ORIGINAL SYSTEM.

Savings like this are commonly passed on to customers who turn to Cubiture for office furniture solutions.

2. We have our own fabrication plant located here in Houston, TX.
Unlike many of our competitors, we handle fabrication in-house with full-time employees headquartered in our W. Little York fabrication plant.  This location houses a woodshop crew and an office installation crew.  Working in tandem, these two divisions routinely fabricate a number of unique systems for Houston companies.  Examples include, but are not limited to,

  • Refurbished used furniture
  • Certified Herman Miller refurbished cubicles and refurbished clone systems
  • Customized cubicle systems designed for specific Houston industries
  • Customized hybrid systems (desking systems with cubicle partitions)
  • Full repair services for all types of office furniture

3. We provide full turnkey office installation services.
Cubiture provides full office moving services that include that include electrical, voice/data cabling, and even painting.

If you are moving, why not call Cubiture to handle not only your office furniture, but your communications and electrical systems as well?

4. We provide extended maintenance agreements and in-house furniture repair.
Nothing is worse than having something break right after the warranty expires.  Imagine not only the cost, but the added hassle of having to repair an important piece of office furniture that becomes unexpectedly damaged.

This doesn’t happen to Houston companies who come to Cubiture for extended maintenance and repair services.  Extended maintenance agreements cover the cost of office furniture repairs resulting from normal wear and tear.

5. We publish free space planning drawings and render affordable reconfiguration services.
Before you buy anything, you should invest time–not money–in having free office layout design drawings produced.  Looking at a visual reference piece may lead you to discover that you may not need to buy as much as you think.  Planning ahead will show you what office furniture to purchase–and what to reconfigure–at a point of budget tolerance that sets your workspace up for maximum productivity–and maximum ROI.

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