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May 16, 2014
Receptionist Desks -Custom Millwork

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Receptionist Desks Should Appear Accessible to Visitors
Just has storage areas and communications must always be accessible to administrators, administrators must be accessible to callers and visitors. Reception desks represent the front line of customer service. It is important to choose a desk system whose design allows for an appropriate level of personal interaction with staff.

Your industry type will typically determine how much interaction your customers will need with administrative staff. If you have mostly inbound calls and relatively few walk-ins, you will need to look at reception desks geared more toward supporting communications technology. If you are running a showroom such as ours, you want something that supports face-to-face interaction with customers from a comfortable, professional position.

Receptionist Desks Should Display an Appropriate Level of Decor
Receptionist desks have an uncanny ability to establish interior decor. Stylizing receptionist desks with millwork is an ideal way to establish decorative motifs than can be extended throughout your office. Cubiture ™ offers you the added benefit of an in-house work crew who can customize any receptionist work station to whatever level of decor your brand positioning requires.

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