Two Functional Requirements that Every Reception Desk Should Have NDI-58974

Reception Desks Sales
May 2, 2014

Reception Desks SalesPlenty of Work Surface
Reception desks should offer administrative staff plenty of work surface to efficiently multitask.  Administrators and office managers multitask throughout the day and require multiple designated work areas to perform effectively.  Staff who spend most of their day answering the phones must also be able to transcribe written notes of conversations and relay messages to the appropriate parties.  Work areas around the phone and computer must be free of clutter so vital information will not be lost in the shuffle.

Keeping administrative staff comfortable throughout the day is paramount.  Physical discomfort is very difficult for people to hide, and receptionist who is visibly uncomfortable will not be able to effectively interact with visitors to the office.  Ask our team about ergonomic solutions that are featured in many of the newer lines of reception desks.

Multiple Forms of Organization
Administrative staff must stay organized in order to produce.  They must be able to rapidly store and retrieve supplies and documents without while remaining focused on customer service.  This is why reception desks typically have built in storage cabinets for filing, supplies, and secure personal storage.  Administrative staff must be able to quickly access these areas without breaking conversations with visitors and callers.  Nothing is worse than having to put a customer on hold–or ask a walk-in to stand there and wait–while you scramble furiously to retrieve paperwork from a cramped and cluttered storage area whose space limitations makes it impossible to keep anything organized.

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