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Herman Miller Cubicles For Sale
June 3, 2014
Herman Miller Cubicles For Sale

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Herman Miller cubicles were originally designed by a sculptor and artist by the name of Robert Probst.  Upon assuming the presidency of Herman Miller Research in 1960, Probst set out to determine the exact nature of process flow and task completion.

His investigation led him to conclude that the open-plan office, which had been the workplace norm for decades by that time, was sterile, frustrating to the expression of talent, and counter-intuitive to accomplishment.  He then wrote a book entitled The Office: A Facility Based on Change, where he called for a new workspace environment with new forms more supportive to actual task completion.

Probst went on to design the Action office series– the first generation of Herman Miller Cubicles.  He deliberately branded his invention with the term “action” to emphasize his intention of supporting specific tasks necessary to job completion.  He wanted to develop a supportive environment where different design options, storage solutions, and work surfaces areas could be combined in a variety of ways to create personalized, focused environments for individual employees.  By consolidating the practical requirements of functionality with simple, interchangeable components, Mr. Probst created a workstation whose legacy continues to not only add value to process flow, but also generates a more conscious, efficient use of space.

Herman Miller cubicles were also designed to adapt to changes in the world marketplace.  With versatility in design and ease of installation, these workstations have more than lived up to Probst's intentions.  As white collar jobs have increased over the past 5 decades, and many office suites have become smaller in size, personalized, modular workstations have increased productivity so that smaller companies have been able to excel, profit, and ultimately grow into much larger entities as a result.

One of the beauties of Action Office systems is the backward compatibility they feature.  Did you know that a new panel or cabinet manufactured in 2014 will work just fine with Herman Miller cubicles manufactured over a decade ago?  This makes it possible for companies like Cubiture, who are experts in refurbishing Herman Miller cubicles, literally recreate an old office cubicle into a dependable, attractive, and affordable solution to changes in the workplace environment.

With a rugged steel frame, and with many components made from sustainable and recycled materials, Herman Miller cubicles also fully support the dynamic growth of information technology.  There is sufficient capacity for a variety of cable types and power outlets.  With a little customization as well from Cubiture's fabrication plant, even the most complex of wiring arrays can be installed–and concealed–in a refurbished or new Herman Miller cubicle system.

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