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Office Cubicle
June 26, 2014

Cubicles – What To Look For When Buying Office Cubicles from Jay Mock on Vimeo.

Office CubicleHow can you make an office cubicle sound proof?
There is no way to make something “sound proof” in the literal sense.  What we aim to do is to improve sound dampening so that the professional can focus without distraction.  One technique we use is to make cubicle partitions taller.  Taller partitions act like walls by reflecting sound away from the occupant.  Another method we employ is the use of acoustical panels.  These panels are manufactured with foam inside of them.  This increases the total mass of the panel, which in turn dampens sound waves striking its surface.

How can you make an office cubicle more private?
If the workstation is a full-sized office, the most effective way to make it private is to install a door.  Doors can be placed between partitions of any size, but they are most commonly used with floor to ceiling panels.  Such panels are often made of translucent glass or a blend of glass panels and fabric and do not even look like “cubicles” to the untrained eye.

Another way to make a workstation more private is to extend the wing panel.  The most common way we do this is to put glass panels on the tops of wing panels.  This allows natural light to enter the cubicle, making it seem larger and more comfortable to the occupant.  At the same time, it also heightens the panels' physical size, making the interior more insulated from its surroundings.  We can also rearrange seating, so that the professional faces outward rather than sitting with his or her back to the entrance.  This make the workstation feel more like an office and therefore more private to the individual within.

How can you make an office cubicle more comfortable?
Ergonomic seating is the most important factor in comfort.  Choosing the right chair to go with the workstation makes a world of difference for the individual using the cubicle.  Our millwork team also will radius the corners of the cubicle desk.  This eliminates sharp corners that people sometimes bump into, and it also increase physical work surface.  Storage and filing are placed within one arm's length of the worker.

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