How Space Planners Design Creative Cubicles for Houston Organizations

Creative Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
July 16, 2014

Creative Cubicles- The Affordable Solution for Growing Houston Companies

It is a fact that not all cubicles look like cubicles. Most of us intellectually know this because we know that today's workstations are designed according to specific parameters that shape the work environment itself. However, we sometimes fail to process this intellectual knowledge at a deeper, emotional level because we have been programmed by medial to visualize cubicles as “cubicle farms” that all look the same.

The very fact that someone such as yourself would Google a term like “creative cubicles” indicates a desire to avoid the generic image that most of us hold in mind when we hear the term “cubicle.”

We have to go back to the root word–cubiculum–to understand the real essence of creative cubicles. Cubiculum means “private chamber” or “bedroom” in Latin. Its function as the root word for the modern workstation derives from its intrinsically intimate meaning.

A cubicle should, above all things, be a personal workspace that supports an individual's job description, physique, and emotional well being. At the same time, it also has to be function as a part of an overall office process flow, where other factors such as production time, energy consumption, noise levels, and navigating existing floor space factor significantly into organizational productivity.

Creative cubicles must be designed with both personnel and companies equally in mind in order to produce the exceptional results that up and coming Houston businesses need to succeed.

Cubiture space planners start by looking at the overall floor plan of the office.

• Are there windows where large amounts of natural light enter the room?
• Is there one or more wall that is exceptionally long?
• Are there individual rooms along a long, central corridor?
• Is the office one large, essentially quadrilateral, open space?

Creative cubicles can be designed to follow the flow of the office floor plan so that each square foot of space is utilized for process flow. The vertical cube of the office is also utilized by building systems that take full advantage of natural light in areas where large windows give Houston businesses a chance to cut costs on electrical lighting by letting sunlight illuminate work areas.

Designers also build creative cubicles to support the individual tasks that each employee must complete throughout the day. Comfort is the number one factor in designing a work surface and choosing an office chair. A comfortably seated employee working at a cubicle desk that is fitted to his or her equipment, office supply, and personal responsibilities will find it easier to focus than an individual who is always struggling to recover a sense of fleeting comfort.

Because Cubiture owns its own refurbishing plant, Houston companies can invest in creative cubicles that not only look better and work better than standard workstations, but also cost less. Any system can be designed with a blend of reconditioned and new components that will add a new look to any space at a price far below that of brand new OEM office cubicle systems.

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