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Cubicles Used Houston
July 16, 2014
Cubicles Used Houston

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Refurbished Cubicles Used by Houston Companies are Carefully Designed and Installed With Comfort, Efficiency, and Profitability in Mind

Do you want more to happen in your office?
Do you want to produce more?
Sell more?
Grow more?

Then you need Cubiture.

Our space planning services are offered complimentary to any organization interested in exploring work space solutions with our company. We believe in educating customers first before we sell them anything. Part of this education involves showing our clients what they can invest in based upon what they tell us about their organization.

The refurbished cubicles used by Houston clients of Cubiture are built with ergonomics, personal comfort, and task support foremost in mind. Of these three factors, our space planner work first on creating a comfortable work environment for the individual. Comfort has a direct economic impact on the productivity of any organization. If you have worked with people for any length of time, you know how much a person will get up from his or her seat if the chair is uncomfortable, or if supplies are out of easy reach.

The best refurbished cubicles used by Houston companies are those that offer superior back support and minimize stress on shoulders and eyes. Persons sitting in these workstations can actually enjoy staying in their seats and getting their jobs done. Supplies and equipment are positioned within arms reach of the individual so he or she does not have to get up from a seated position to access the telephone, printer, or filed documents.

Cubiture also owns its own refurbishing plant, located in Northwest Houston on W. Little York Road. This plant allows us to customize refurbished cubicles used by Houston companies with any number of unique features that specifically support industries such as oil and gas, medical research, financial services, law, and education. Just of few of these customization option include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Acoustic dampening
• Advanced data/voice cabling
• Custom millwork
• Hundreds of laminates
• Hundreds of veneer
• Glass options
• Built in filing and storage

Just remember- customized, refurbished cubicles used by Houston companies make more happen by making space work for individuals and organizations alike.

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