FR234-Refurbished Used Cubicle Office Systems for Team Environments

Used Cubicle Office. These versatile, modular workspaces offer an alternative to walled offices that is not only more economical, but also more flexible.
July 1, 2014
These versatile, modular workspaces offer an alternative to walled offices that is not only more economical, but also more flexible.

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This particular used cubicle office is known as a “teaming cubicle”  It is distinguished by panels that vary in height so that private space can be conjoined to collaborative space.  A used cubicle office system like this never feels confining to the individual.  At the same time, special features such as acoustical panels can provide sufficient sound dampening so employees can carry on individual tasks with minimal distractions.  Individual phone calls can also be conducted in this environment without surrounding team members overhearing each other's conversations.

The teaming cubicle concept has become very popular among a number of Houston industries.  Cubiture clients who have purchased a used cubicle office based upon this design include accounting companies, design firms, drafters, and oil and gas design companies.  While some of these organizations may want completely new systems for their office, a good 60 percent prefer refurbished used cubicle office systems–and they base this preference on more than simple price.

A used cubicle office like this, purchased as-is from a used cubicle vendor, can have over 40 colors per the original specifications of the manufacturer.  However, with Cubiture's refurbishing division, you can actually get MORE options than what the original system was built with.  Cubiture's complimentary space planning service will see to it that your refurbished used cubicle office offers an appropriate aesthetic compliment to the interior moldings, door frames, and color schemes of your existing office layout and office furniture systems.

We offer you over 500 color choices in fabrics, and over 500 laminate surfaces to choose from!

We can customize any work surface top or storage cabinet with custom millwork and can add finer touches with a broad spectrum of paint colors.  We customize glass with special treatments, such as frosting, and we custom size individual work areas and panels to the parameters of your process flow requirements.

Finally, we ensure the value of any used cubicle office system that we refurbish with a custom cleaning and maintenance agreement written specific to the needs of your business.

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