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Meeting Room Tables
July 1, 2014

Meeting Room TablesThe small meeting room table, also known as a collaboration table, can theoretically be located anywhere within your office suite.  Measuring only 42″ in diameter and comfortably seating up to four persons, it can be placed in a lobby, small conference room, telephone room, waiting area, or classroom.  Some organizations colloquially known as “think tanks” may buy several collaboration tables that can accommodate multiple teams of specialists dedicating their combined focused to complex problem solving, proprietary designs, or special research.  For the majority of our clients in Houston, however, the small meeting room table is most often found in a private office where a leader, executive, or specialist has to confer privately behind closed door with a handful of key individuals.

While obviously a favorite among engineers and oil company executives, the application power of the small meeting room table extends far beyond the exclusively commercial marketplace.  Ministers in churches often use these tables for meetings with church leaders and members.  Counselors are another group of service-based professionals who may utilize a collaboration table to deliberately depart from the “patient on the couch” stereotype.   College professors can use collaboration tables for meetings with graduate students and special seminars they host.  We have also seen collaboration tables used in many medical facilities throughout Houston, ranging from doctors' offices to research labs where collaboration is essential to accurate results.

Cubiture offers you four options in small meeting room table design.

1. We can get you a very affordable table from a non-OEM vendor.
2. We can get you an OEM model from a mainline manufacturer such as Mayline, Friant, or NDI.
3. We can customize the edges and bases of any OEM or non-OEM product.
4. We can build you a table “from scratch” using fiber wood overlaid with natural wood veneer or laminate overlay. 

This range of vendor, customization, and material build options allows us to meet the budgets of academic, commercial, and non-profit organizations.  Complimentary office space planning guides both the design and selection process so you end up with exactly what you want at a price you do not mind paying.

Call us now at 713-412-0900 for a free, no-obligation planning session.

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