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August 14, 2014

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Cubicle installation does more than create workstations for individual employees.  It creates the essential framework for each department within your organization.  By establishing a proper environment for process flow first, we position organizations to receive a maximum return on the money they invest in commercial office space.  The most important thing to remember about cubicle installation is that it does not begin with actual cubicle assembly–it begins with effective space planning and office layout design drawings.

To effectively plan a cubicle installation, our design team must allocate available space for each vital component of your operation.  There must be space set aside for the technology that runs your business.  There must be reliable communication between departments and between the outside world.  Space must also be devoted to task completion, equipment storage, important documents, and human transit.   Of course, each type of space will require its own unique cubicle installation to support, which is why you see a diversity of cubicle environments in the beginning of our video.

The personal requirements of comfort, focus, task completion, and ergonomic support are also key ingredients that guide the office planning and cubicle installation process from start to finish.  Each workstation must be drawn in sufficient detail to facilitate the creation of productive, customized workspaces.  These drawings are offered at no cost to the client, and they serve a vital function in controlling costs.  They control purchasing costs by showing in detail what components are needed in advance, and they control labor costs by giving the cubicle installation team a detailed map to follow from start to finish.

Houston companies can get more for less by working with Cubiture’s office design and cubicle installation teams.  Not only can they save money on space planning by taking advantage of our free office layout design drawings, but they can save even more money by investing in refurbished cubicle components that look as good–but cost far less–than factory new equivalents.


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