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August 29, 2014

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Modular workstations are the office environments of the future that are here today.  They foster communication, collaboration, and ensure employees meet benchmarks and deadlines. The workforce has changed dramatically, so workstations needed to evolve with these changes. The days of “cube city” are a thing of the past.  Companies that wish to keep pace with today’s changing work environment must consider the many benefits that modular workstations can bring them.

1. Accessible Workstations Encourage The Free Flow of Ideas Employees that are locked behind walls or separated by tall, solid partitions cannot easily collaborate. Many times, brilliant ideas are wasted because people cannot easily share them. Countless hours are wasted on getting everyone to a singular conference room — only to discuss one minor issue that could have been solved more quickly and efficiently if employees could have collaborated comfortably in cubicles designed with an appropriate level of accessibility.

2. Cubicles Also Create Privacy When Necessary Modular workstations are designed like self-contained offices.  They incorporate storage, filing, technology, and plenty of work area for an individual to comfortably perform his or her duties throughout the day.  While most of our cubicles are designed to be accessible to teammates and managers, there is nonetheless a definitive sense of privacy that employees enjoy when they are working alone.  Modular workstations are built with partitions that are carefully designed so that lighting, color, and style create an enclosure that is supportive–but never confining–for the busy professional who has to concentrate to meet deadlines.

3. Modular Workspaces Establish the Process Flow of the Office Consider how much more your company can accomplish if modular workstations are arranged according to each department's task completion cycle.  Not only will this expedite production within departments, but it can also improve interdepartmental communication and cooperation.  When Cubiture space planners configure an office design layout, they begin with the overall vision of company process flow, then design each department's cubicle layout according to the role it plays in the overall cycle of production.

4. Morale Rises, and Productivity Increases as a Result Numerous studies have shown that employees work harder, smarter, and accomplish more when they are in a comfortable, well-illuminated, and aesthetically pleasant environment.  Modular workstations not only need to support task completion; they need to also establish the aesthetics of the workplace.  When people enter the office each morning, the first thing they see is a conglomerate array of modular workstations waiting to be manned.  If cubicles are dull, worn, or claustrophobically configured, the day begins on a sad, negative note.

Before you invest in expensive new cubicles or build even more expensive private offices, consider how much more you can gain by having Cubiture design an entirely new system consisting of refurbished cubicles that consist of up to 80% new surface.    With hundreds of panel fabrics, dozens of glass choices, and a full spectrum of fine wood veneers, we can build modular workstations for your teams that will ergonomics, style, and decor together at an entirely new level.

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