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Personalized Cubicles
August 31, 2014

personalized-cubiclesOnce your Cubiture space planner completes your office layout design drawing, focus your attention next on personalizing your new office with refurbished cubicles.  While almost every manufacturers offer new cubicle systems with 2 or 3 dozen options, Cubiture actually offers you more.

With our own fabrication plant, we can repurpose the base and frame of any existing cubicle system with all new materials selected from a vastly larger spectrum of options.  Working with our space planners, you can personalize refurbished cubicles with hundreds of laminate types and fabrics.  Our custom millwork team can also add a natural look to the desk area and cabinets with dozens of choices in fine wood veneer.

Refurbished cubicles can also be customized to the actual physical space into which they are installed.  Panels can connect to either the floor or ceiling, making it possible for modular workstations to aesthetically function as actual elements of interior decor.  Electrical wiring can be concealed within a system with a powered base.  Date and voice cables can also be hidden with the frames of both powered and non-powered systems.   This allows your communications and data networks to be threaded seamlessly and invisibly though the physical infrastructure of your workstation array.

Once the functional components of your workstations have been configured, you can now turn your attention toward personalizing the aesthetic elements of your workstations.  Did you know that refurbished cubicles can be repurposed with wood veneer?  Perhaps your interior design has always relied upon a great deal of wooden furniture to give your space a grounded, natural, and definitively traditional look.  You don't have to abandon your preferred decor just because you transition from desking systems to cubicles.  Our millwork department can repurpose cubicle desks , overhead storage, pedestal files, and even panels themselves with a complete selection of wood veneer choices.

refurbished-cubiclesYou can also personalize workstations with a full spectrum of colors.  Did you know that Cubiture has over 500 selections in laminate materials, and just as many in colored fabric patterns?  This allows you to personalize the desk area and partitions to establish any decorative scheme you prefer.  Panels can be further customized to generate the ideal blend of privacy and personal freedom.  Acoustic panels can muffle sounds for a quite work environment, while tempered glass inserts or partition toppers can open up the workspace to natural light–giving you a clear view of the surrounding office.

At the same time, individual privacy can also be heightened by installing doors between partition panels.  Many call center managers prefer this configuration because it allows them to work on the front lines with their sales or customer service teams, but it also gives them the ability to fully enclose their workspace for meetings, employee reviews, and human resource decisions.

Finally, don't forget to talk to your office space planner about cubicle accessories.  Refurbished cubicles are designed to function like independent offices.  However, in order to make your own personal work area truly autonomous, you will probably need more than a desk area, storage cabinets, and pedestal files.  Take a look at all of our mounted accessory options that allow you to store supplies, file documents, and whiteboard ideas within the vertical space of your cubicle interior.

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