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Refurbished Cubicles Houston
August 8, 2014
Refurbished Cubicles Houston

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Over the years, we have constructed thousands of refurbished cubicles for Houston organizations like the ones depicted here. Each refurbished cubicle system features its own unique configuration of work surfaces, storage compartments, filing systems, and panels.  This diversity of options is the result of three essential points of focus: conscience space planning, workflow analysis, and individual task requirements.

Space planning is the key to keeping refurbished cubicles for Houston companies within budget tolerance.  Our space planning design team first measures the office areas within a facility to see just how much square footage is available.  They then analyze the process flow of the organization itself in order to determine just how many cubicle systems will need to be constructed to support each phase of the process.  Space is divided into departmental zones, and cubicle systems are conceived to create the actual work spaces of each division.  The size and features of each individual workstation are based upon the task requirements of the employee for whom it is built.  The design team then develops a complete office design layout drawing that details each workstation in relationship to corresponding workstations and surrounding systems.

Once the customer agrees to the layout and the associated cost, the necessary components for building these systems are ordered and reconditioned.  Cubiture builds  ergonomic, affordable, and customized refurbished cubicles for Houston companies of all sizes.   We are able to produce exceptional workstations in less time, for less money, thanks to our 25,000 square foot fabrication facility.  This top of the line production house includes both a cubicle assembly division and a custom millwork work shop.  With over 500 types of laminate to work with, hundreds of colors of fabric, and a complete selection of fine wood veneers, we can create any workspace that you need and keep the cost well within parameters of budget tolerance.

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