3 Ways Office Space Planning Can Make Your Install Easier

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September 30, 2014

What’s better than an office space designer at your fingertips? How about a professional design team that’s absolutely free? That’s what you’ll have when you trust your office space to Cubiture.

Space planning isn’t a luxury that only the elite can afford; it’s an important part of creating an office that’s as functional as it is attractive. And with Cubiture, there’s no reason to skip this service. It’s a smart choice, and it could ultimately save you money and time.

Here are three ways space planning can help you, and reasons why you should take advantage of it:

1. Office Space Planning Lets You Try Different Option
With Cubiture’s space planning, you can “try on” different office furniture and design options to learn whether they work or not, and whether you like the layout or want something different. Maybe the desk you like doesn’t work well with the storage components you need. Or maybe you’d prefer a different chair.

Our sales team has the experience to give you professional advice, which eliminates the frustration and inevitable miscalculations of DIY office planning. It’s much easier to make changes in the design stage than after the products have been delivered and installed. Space planning is what makes that possible.

2. Office Space Designers Can Address Issues and Incorporate Tailored Solutions
Every space has special issues that need attention. In one office, it might be noise reduction. In another, perhaps some workers need more privacy while others need an open space that will let them work collaboratively. Maybe your office is a blank canvas and you just need some inspiration and direction to get it right the first time.

Cubiture’s team of professionals listens to you and offers solutions that fit. Instead of duplicating a generic office template, we take your needs and create a customized plan that makes the most of the space you’ve got.

3. Planning Saves Money, Time, and Hassles
Errors can be costly. This is especially true when it comes to buying office furniture and cubicle systems. The last thing you want is to invest in something that’s all wrong for the way your business works and find yourself stuck with it.

With Cubiture, you can view your plan and understand the office flow before you make a purchase. This might allow you substitute components, add storage, move a work area, or consider any number of changes before you make a final decision on what you really want and need. In the long run, this can save your budget and a lot of headaches.

Cubiture’s space planning services aren’t just for ordinary cubicles and simple work stations. We can help you design other spaces, such as comfortable conference rooms and welcoming reception areas. We can even completely redesign your office for a whole new look.

There’s no reason to leave your office design to chance; not when our designers offer complimentary space planning. We help remove all of the guesswork, so you’ll see exactly how every component will fit instead of only imagining it. With Cubiture, you get professional advice and a custom plan that is just right for the way you do business.  Contact us today.

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