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September 4, 2014

Office Cubicle Design
The average American works 47 hours a week, according to a 
just-released Gallup poll, and nearly 20 percent work more than 60 hours a week. Considering how much time is spent in cubicles, cultivating a comfortable and inspiring space is a beneficial pursuit. Read on to learn some tips for taking your office cubicle from dull to dynamic through some simple decorator's touches. 

Temperature Control
Working in a space that is boiling hot or freezing cold is not only unpleasant, but also detrimental to productivity. Keep a blanket or throw available for times when the office thermostat is set to low. Pick a chic pattern for added flair. 

A small space heater is also terrific for warming up your cubicle; just look for a model with an automatic shut off feature to minimize the risk of fire. Conversely, if your thermostat is too high, invest in a workstation fan to deliver a cooling breeze.

Write On
It may be a digital world, but there's nothing worse than being caught without a pen when you really need one. Stock your cubicle with pens and pads for impromptu notes and meetings. Purchase a desktop pencil holder in a bright pop of color to add style and substance.

Go Green
Live plants do everything from purifying the air to promoting mental acuity. Decorate your cubicle with green, and you'll enjoy a more positive work experience. Just steer clear of cacti and other prickly plants, which are considered bad Feng Shui. Animal lovers who lack a green thumb, meanwhile, may consider a low maintenance fish, such as a goldfish or beta.

Light It Up
Fluorescent lighting is bad for the body and the soul. Opt out of harsh overhead lighting — your maintenance team can removed the lights directly over your cubicle — and bring in your own gentle task lighting. This doesn't just promote a more pleasant work space, but also heads off the debilitating headaches caused by fluorescent bulbs.

Furniture Matters
Most office workers spend hours at a time sitting in the same office chair, so settling for basic office furniture may not be the most sensible choice. Instead, invest in comfortable and ergonomic options designed to support the demands of contemporary office work. Many companies are happy to cover the cost of ergonomic furniture which can pay for itself in the long run in terms of employee health and retention.

Be Inspired
While wallpapering your cubicle with motivational posters may be extreme, putting up a single favorite quote or beloved photo can add exponential cheer to your cubicle. In order to determine the degree of accessibility within your particular office environment, check out what more seasoned coworkers have on display and stay within similar constraints.

The oft-quoted “Comfort Principle,” advises to, “Spend money where you spend your time.” If the latest statistics have any bearing, this designation may well be a cubicle for the majority of Americans. By adding some fashionable form to the functionality of your workspace, you can actually look forward to your “cubicle sweet cubicle.” Contact us today.

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