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Best Refuribished Cubicles For Sale Houston
September 2, 2014

best-refuribished-cubiclesRefurbished cubicles that are professionally repurposed can actually be better than new.  Repurposed cubicles consist of frames and bases that have been previously used.  Work surfaces, panels, and accessories, however, are constructed from all new materials.  These surface materials come from a vast inventory of laminate types, fine wood veneers, glass inserts, glass tops, and special fabrics.  With so many options to consider, it is important to understand the role that each of these components plays in building a functional workstation with viable decorative appeal.

Because of this, it is not a good idea to buy refurbished cubicles online without having a face-to-face meeting with an office space planning specialist.  As we have already stated, repurposed cubicles are not just used cubicles put up for resale.  In fact, they are the exact opposite from an as-is purchase option.  An as-is used cubicle is sold exactly as it is.  There is no room to customize its design beyond what is already there.  New cubicles have a range of customization options–generally a dozen or two like the system shown here–that allow you to select different sizes and colors for panels, work surface materials and colors, and built-in storage systems.

However, not even new cubicles give you the range of choices that Cubiture refurbished cubicles deliver.  Our fabrication plant gives you hundreds–not dozens–of materials to select for cubicle desk, panel, and storage system construction.  The only limitation on customization is the size of the original frame.  Frames are purchased used and reinforced, then customized to meet the needs of specific industries–and more importantly–specific businesses within those industries.  In fact, some Houston companies with very large budgets prefer refurbished cubicles nonetheless simply because our repurposing process affords them far more choices than new products obtained directly from the manufacturer.

If you want cubicle systems that maximize your organization's efficiency, support individual employee task completion, and keep employees better focused on their jobs with advanced ergonomic designs, then you need refurbished cubicles designed by Cubiture.  Our space planning services are complimentary and rendered with no obligation–and they produce an outcome better than new, and far better for your budget in the long run.  Call Cubiture now to get started.

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