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Contemporary Office Furniture
September 22, 2014

Traditional executive office furniture or contemporary office furniture; what is your preference?  Which design best reflects your company’s style?  Before making your purchase, keep in mind the atmosphere you wish to convey to patrons of your business and to your employees.  Do you see your company as more of a traditionalist, sticking to the tried and true methods?  Alternatively, does your company tend to be more creative and innovative fitting into a more modern style?  Once you have established your preference, the world of office furniture is wide open to creating a new style for your space.

In the past, office spaces used darker wood tones such as walnut and mahogany for creating a classic appearance.  By contrast, brightly painted or light stains can transform the same traditional pieces into contemporary office furniture pieces.  To accompany your new desk, think of replacing your old chair so that is also a reflection of the style you wish to portray.  With contemporary office furniture, seating selections range from mesh-backed chairs with a headrests or a high-back chair with chrome accents.  The fabulous thing about these chairs is you can select colors to coordinate with the rest of your office design.

When selecting contemporary office furniture, you must select pieces with strong, clean lines.  Carved decorations and claw foot feet have no place in a contemporary design.  Design is where the line is drawn when quality office furniture is concerned.  You should never have to sacrifice durability or longevity simply for style.  Be cautious of pricing as well.  With so many options to choose from, you should do your research and shop around making sure to obtain written quotes so that each company can fight for your business, instead of the other way around.

Contemporary office furniture design is not limited to desks and office chairs; this concept ideally incorporates into practically every area of the office.  Credenzas adorned with glass back lit doors, or floating bookshelves are perfect examples of small details one may include into a contemporary office space.  Artwork is also a fun way to bring life and color into a space while still establishing a professional appearance.  Let your creativity run free when making selections for your modern office space.  The possibilities are endless. Contact us today.

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