Custom Office Furniture Sets the Stage for Your Reception Area – FR-450

Custom Office Furniture Designed, Installed With FREE Space Planning CAD Drawings
September 4, 2014

The biggest mistake businesses make when selecting custom office furniture is not spending time, energy, and thought on their reception area. Yet this area is one of the most important parts of your office space because it sends a message directly to your client base.  Both the appearance and the utility of the receptionist area communicate how you feel about your own business.

If there is only one area in your location that you can afford to furnish with custom office furniture, it needs to be your reception area.  This  is the first place customers see when they encounter your business. It does more than set the tone for interior design–it communicates exactly how much you care about your customers.

An unkempt or unsightly reception area covered with papers and magazines will cause customers to see you as disorganized. Old, outdated furniture that is decades old can make visitors feel like they are in a time warp.  This doesn't exactly build confidence in your ability to meet pressing needs in the here and now!

Furnishing your reception area with custom office furniture enables you to make a specific impression on visiting clients.  Your customers will have a clear understanding of how you do business when they see your reception area.

  • Do your customers immediately feel important?
  • Are they greeted quickly? 
  • Are there creature comforts like a water machine or coffee bar? 
  • Do you have reception area furniture that leaves a lasting impression of professionalism?

These things considered, please understand that custom office furniture for your reception area doesn't have to be exorbitantly complicated.  A simple desking system can be built with fine wood veneers or highly decorative laminates.  Unique colors and special millwork can generate forms that express the unique style of your business.  A few simple, comfortable guest chairs may be all you need to make your clients feel comfortable while they wait.

Finally, remember that the whole purpose of custom office furniture is to help you work with–not against–surrounding office space.  Regardless of the physical size of your waiting area, Customization allows you to create furnishings that speak volumes to your clients before you ever meet them face to face.  Take the time to develop every detail as a message that will make not only a first impression on clients, but also a lasting impression as well. Contact us today.

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