What Constitutes Fine Office Furniture?

Fine office furniture
September 4, 2014

When determining if the piece you are looking at is considered fine office furniture, you must ask yourself a few questions.  Once you find the answers to these questions, you will no longer be confused by the vast selections and claims made by today’s office furniture companies.

Truly fine office furniture will exhibit versatility in its functionality in your workspace A piece should provide all of the storage and organization that you will need without having to purchase multiple pieces.  For example, a desk that incorporates filing drawers, keyboard and pencil trays, and other details that help to increase productivity would not require additional casegoods to support task completion.

Improving the use of space is another key feature that differentiates mediocre furnishings from truly fine office furniture If your current office work area has unaccessible or useable areas, then it is likely that you are using sub-standard furniture.  Always look at each feature of your work station and determine how easily it can be accessed and used to complete tasks.

Fine office furniture always utilizes the highest quality materials.  This includes solid wood structures, metal pulls, and aesthetically pleasing finishes.  Particleboard and plastic are never exposed on a high quality piece of office furniture.  Selecting pressurized, tinted, or beveled edged glass as opposed to Plexiglas or plastic also adds an aura of sophistication to a piece.

Exhibiting privacy features such as sturdy locks on doors and cabinetry is another characteristic you should look for.  The inclusion of privacy dividers and acoustic barriers are just two examples of the excellence that people expect from fine office furniture.

Finally, fine office furniture made today is almost always ergonomically designed. Ergonomically designed pieces ensure comfort even after prolonged use, which is key to keeping employees at their workstations and on task throughout the day.

Always look for these qualities when purchasing fine office furniture.  Ask your office layout and design specialist to research specifications to ensure that the pieces you select will perform as expected and last for many years to come. Contact us today.

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