Google’s Amazing Dublin Campus Might Spark Some Office Design Ideas of Your Own!

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September 9, 2014

The technology revolution has changed the way that the modern world looks at office space. The idea of an office cluttered with typewriters, computers and file cabinets has given way to a Spartan office space that consists of a single laptop and a desk. The paper has been replaced by digital files and the space in the office now has to be occupied by something. Instead of going back to filling offices with useless clutter, there are modern ways to address office space issues that we can all learn from.

In Dublin, Ireland, Google has built an office campus that is the prototype for the new office. At Google, everything is done wirelessly over laptops and tablets. That means that the rest of the space can be dedicated to creating designated work areas, funneling noise away from people who don't want to hear it and giving employees places where they can just unwind for 10 minutes. There is a lot we can learn from Google's Dublin campus and those lessons can go a long way towards making your office more productive.

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Try More Common Work Areas
Google offers an interesting mix of cubicles, offices and common work areas. These are areas where groups are not inhibited by walls or barriers of any kind. These flexible work areas are taking the place of those big corner offices and huge executive desks that we are so used to seeing.

The flexible and common work areas help build strong team bonds with departmental employees that will increase productivity and lower turnover. When you are looking at new office furniture for your company, consider ways that you can create common work areas that promote collaboration and make your company more productive.

Go For That Strong First Impression
It is impossible to walk into the new Google campus in Dublin and not say “Wow” out loud. At first, you are not sure if Google's office design is innovative, but you can definitely tell that it is different. As you get a tour of the facility and listen to the reasons behind the choice of office furniture and the layout design, you start to understand that the Dublin campus is innovative and cutting edge.

An office like this makes a strong and lasting impression on visitors. If you want your customers to choose your company because of your ability to innovate solutions, then nothing gives that feeling of innovation like a contemporary work area.

Throughout the Google Dublin campus are kitchens, recreation areas and rooms designated for employee interaction. Google understands the importance of strong social bonds between co-workers and it does everything it can to sustain productivity while encouraging stronger co-worker relationships.

As you try to Google-ize your office, keep in mind the importance of areas that encourage employee interaction. Instead of putting the employee break room in some dark area away from the cubicles, it would be more beneficial to put that break area close to the cubicles and encourage employee interaction.

As a technology innovator, Google is usually ahead of its time. Instead of trying to compete with Google's revolutionary workplace ideas, it sometimes helps to just steal those ideas and use them for your own. Sometimes it is smart to take a few cues from one of the most successful companies in the world. Contact us today.

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