Preparing for Your Office Move? Don’t Forget These 7 Essentials

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September 29, 2014

Relocating your business can be an exciting undertaking, but it is fraught with stress, even if everything goes according to plan. Unless your new space is very close to where you are now, adjusting to the new commute and the slightly altered routines will take some time once the move is completed.

Moving a business involves the investment of significant money and time, and it's easy to overlook some things. To make sure your office relocation goes as planned, don't forget to take care of these 7 essentials beforehand.

1. Measure the New Space Thoroughly
You may have blueprints, but you should still measure the new space. The width of doorways and hallways is critical, as are locations of electrical outlets, window heights, and dimensions of common rooms like break rooms and conference rooms. Measuring first can prevent unpleasant surprises when the move actually happens.

2. Measure All Furniture That Is to Be Moved
If you can't measure every piece of office furniture, at least measure the largest pieces to make sure they will fit through doors and hallways. Knowing the dimensions of desks, filing cabinets, chairs, tables, and other furniture helps everyone plan better and allows you to develop a plan to deal with oversized pieces before moving day.

3. Obtain a Floor Plan of the New Office Space
Everyone wants to know where they're going to end up after the move, and having a copy of the floor plan labeled with a provisional plan of where everyone is going to go is helpful. These plans do tend to be altered, sometimes at the last minute, so make it clear to everyone that the layout is what's expected, and not chiseled in stone.

4. Clearly Label Wiring That Will Be Moved
Regardless of how much wireless technology your company uses, many wires and cables will have to be transferred to the new space. Develop a simple labeling system, such as labeling phone cables, digital cables, and analog lines with different colored tape, and the name of the person to whom it is assigned.

5. Determine Where Shared Equipment Will Go
Carefully planning where the copier, fax machine, label-makers, laminators, and other shared office machinery will be located can help ensure that traffic flow and convenience are maximized in the new space. Don't just put a piece of equipment where there happens to be space for it. Rather, choose locations based on who uses it most, and where it can serve the most people most conveniently.

6. Use the Opportunity to Really “Clean House”
Moving is a huge undertaking, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to simplify. Not only can you finally rid yourself of paper files you no longer have to keep, you can pare down your collection of office furniture you don't need. It's also a terrific opportunity to define what new items you'll need. Perhaps rather than parking the fax machine on top of a low filing cabinet, you can acquire a practical table for it at the new location.

7. Little Things That Are Easy to Forget
It's easy to overlook little things during an office move, including things that aren't packed into boxes. Some of the details that are easily overlooked during an office move include:

• Changing the address on office stationery
• Changing email signatures to reflect the new location
• Providing change of address information to the postal service
• Ensuring signage is moved, or that new signage is made

If your move includes changes to phone numbers, it's critical that all partners, vendors, clients, and key customers are notified.

Moving offices is an opportunity for a new start, with better facilities and a new attitude. If your office move requires the purchase of office furniture, Cubiture can help. We'll help you measure and plan, and determine exactly which pieces you'll need in your new location and how to acquire them without blowing your budget. Cubiture offers an exciting, extensive collection of new and refurbished cubicles & office furniture, and has 30 years of experience providing offices with the furniture that keeps them efficient and thriving. Contact us today.

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