New Office Furniture is a Must for Your Executive Conference Room 

New Office Furniture
September 9, 2014

Why New Office Furniture?

There's nothing more distracting for an executive than cheap or worn-out office furniture in the conference room. If your senior managers are distracted by dings in the furniture, they're worried about their corporate image not focused on their presentations to big clients.

There are some places you can skimp on the furniture budget. Staff conference rooms, for example, can be set up with refurbished or used furniture because they  are heavily used by internal staff alone.  They are not necessarily used for status or presentation to visiting clients, vendors, or strategic partners.

An executive conference room is a completely different setup. It is unique in its ability to brand an organization.  Think of all the game changers who will visit this conference room. What will be their first impression of your business? Is it a worn down image you want to portray?

Even if you have done an excellent job of preserving your conference room furniture, take a close look at it again. It may appear pristine in certain respects.  But has your furniture kept up with the times as your business has adapted to an evolving marketplace? Do you look like you belong in another era?  Does your conference room scream 1990?

Nothing shows that your company stays on the cutting edge of business like a conference room fully furnished with new office furniture that is technology friendly and ergonomically supportive. Your conference room should reflect the dynamic, forward motion of your modern business. It also says you can communicate business ideas in the current business climate.

Multimedia and Internet presentations are standard in today's meetings. Gone are the days when you can rely on a nice square standard office table to have conversations. Decisions are now made with technology. A rectangular or boat-shaped conference table, fully wired for audio-visual communications, is the best way to demonstrate your ability to stay ahead in the Information Age.

You need to make an impact on customers and other visitors to keep business moving. Your office furniture is the nonverbal communication of your organization, and your conference room is the heart and soul of its presentation power.  Elegant and classic woods define the executive conference room now with an aesthetic that shouts refined and sophisticated. They say “Decisions Made Here”–and they say it best with new office furniture that represent the best possible corporate image you can project. Contact us today.

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