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September 14, 2014


Studies show that the average American spends an absorbent amount of time at the workplace These studies prove that work encompasses over 50% of an adult’s waking hours, in which the majority of time gets squandered away behind a desk.  When your employees spend that much time at their desks, productivity can suffer.  You need to create an inspiring and comfortable space to keep employees engaged and focused.  Office spaces can go from dull to dynamic with a face-lift and a few simple changes.


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Dynamic Lighting
There is nothing more uninspiring then fluorescent lights.  Update your lighting with inset spotlights in the ceilings.  There are varieties of task lighting options available to suit any atmosphere you wish to create.  Integrate mood lighting into your cabinetry behind frosted glass door panels for a unique look. Temporarily anchor a lamp to the top of any of the panels enabling employees to take advantage of task lighting wherever they need it.  Selections of lamps that are wall mountable that save desk space, or that clip to the side of the desk providing flexibility are also an option.  No matter what your needs, there are solutions to bring you spectacular lighting designs.

Quality office supplies
From pull out keyboards to built-in filing systems, there are enormous amounts of customizable quality office pieces available.  Office supplies are no longer just post it notes and computers. In today’s office spaces, you will find a variety of electronic devices that require docking stations to keep the small office spaces organized.  Do not forget about the basics, however.  No office will be able to function without the basic office supplies such as telephones, printers, copiers, fax machines, and computers.  So, when you purchase these items ensure that they are of the highest possible standards available, as they virtually are constantly in use.  Of course there is still the need for your pens, pencils, paper and post its, all of which can be customized with your company’s logo for a nominal fee for a very professional overall look.


Order Affordable
Ergonomic Chairs


Take a Seat
Quality and comfort no longer need sacrificing in office chairs due to pricing.  Finally, designs in ergonomic chairs are very affordable and stylish, matching any office designChairs come available in virtually any upholstery you desire from moisture wicking and natural leather to polyester.  Several comfort selections offered in each chair ensure that essentially any user can find comfort.  Nearly every part of today’s office chairs adjusts to fit, from back heights and lumbar placements, as well as the height of the seat from the base.  Armrests easily bolt on or off to accommodate any user as well.  There is no excuse to have poor quality office seating.

Picture It
It may seem trite, but small pictures of family around the desk give comfort and temporary distraction throughout the day.  Such tokens may also remind them of the reasons they are sitting at that desk in the first place, encouraging them to work harder.  Be mindful of parameters around personal decorating.  Remember, this is where people spend most of their day.  However, set up guidelines and restrictions to maintain the appearance you prefer to have throughout your office space.

A few simple changes can make a world of difference to your employees without having to distract from your office design.  You might be surprised at how these changes can affect productivity and motivation throughout the office when implemented correctly.  Study your workers and ask them questions to determine what they need or want to help them perform their duties more effectively in regards to time management and cost overhead, the two most important factors in any corporation. Contact us today.

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