5 Reception Desk Styles That Welcome Clients & Maximize Efficiency

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September 30, 2014
Contemporary Receptionist Desks

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Your reception desk, as the first point of contact with clients, is critical to making a favorable first impression, so your reception area should be approachable and welcoming. But while your reception desk must look good, it has to function well and aid your receptionist in terms of productivity. Behind a beautiful customer-facing design must be enough cabinetry, drawers, and shelves to keep the reception desk organized and allow your receptionist easy access to phones, a computer workstation, a diary or registration book, fax machine, and more.

Plan for Functionality
The type of business you have will in part dictate what features the reception desk should have. For example, the reception desk in a busy doctor's office needs plentiful file storage and should be approachable by patients with limited mobility or who may use a wheelchair. Reception areas should also provide comfort for reception staff, so a well-designed, ergonomic chair on wheels is essential. Cable management features are also extremely helpful, because they help achieve a clean look and maximize the receptionist's workspace.

Your company may be subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and if so, it's important that your reception desk meet the law's criteria. You may have to have a desk-height reception area as well as a standing reception counter, and you may have to have room behind the desk to accommodate wheelchair turning diameter (typically 60 inches).

Following are 5 reception desk styles that welcome clients and visitors while helping your receptionist maximize efficiency.

1. Sleek and Modern, With Built-In Lighting
In a modern, minimalist office setting, a sleek reception desk with simple lines and lighting built into the structure harmonizes with the surroundings while providing ample surface area behind the front facade for the receptionist's equipment and papers. This style is best suited to a reception area where there is not a lot of paper to be handled, and where guests are not required to fill out a lot of forms.

2. Traditional Wood Styled Reception Desk
Some offices, such as law offices, choose traditional, substantial wood furnishings, and in these settings, the reception desk should reflect that styling. A reception desk with a client-facing surface rich in wood detailing can nonetheless provide practical surfaces, storage, and cable management on the receptionist side, as well as plenty of storage space for paper files.

3. Modular Reception Desk
Modular reception desks are popular because they offer more flexibility. What starts as a simple one-sided reception desk, can be expanded to become an L-shaped, J-shaped, or U-shaped reception desk as needs dictate. For companies that expect to change locations, or expand their reception area, modular reception desks can be a great choice, because they may not need to be replaced – just expanded – as needs change.

4. The Small “Cockpit” Reception Desk
Sometimes space is limited in a reception area, and a large, imposing reception desk would be impractical and overwhelm the smaller space. Fortunately, there are smaller, “cockpit” type reception desks that skillfully pack features into a tighter space. On the customer-facing side, the desk offers a traditional reception counter, while behind is well-designed storage and cable management features that let receptionists have their tools in easy reach while minimizing clutter.

5. The Multi-Level Reception Desk
Multi-level reception desks are useful in a number of office settings. When a receptionist interacts with both incoming guests and back-office personnel, a traditional front-facing standing counter may greet visitors, while a desk-level portion (perhaps at right angles to the front) can make interacting with other office personnel convenient at the same time. These reception desks are also convenient for guests who use wheelchairs and cannot access a traditional counter-height reception surface.

Selecting the right reception desk not only makes a terrific impression on clients and visitors, but helps your receptionist fulfill his or her duties efficiently and in comfort. Cubiture offers a wide selection of office furniture styles, including reception desks. We're ready to help you evaluate your reception space in terms of dimensions and styles, and work with you to find the best reception desk for your needs and budget. Cubiture also offers beautifully refurbished, used office furniture that can stretch your budget even further. Our experience and expertise in office furniture makes Cubiture your best solution to providing the right reception desk for your needs.

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