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September 2, 2014
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Want More Than This? Then You Better Call Cubiture 713-412-0900 for Complimentary Space Planning

Why pay for interior design services when you can get free office space planning from Cubiture?  Our design team can develop an entirely new office layout that will consolidate your existing office space and invigorate your organizational process flow.  You will need to start with the big picture, however, and work your way back to the details in order to get the most from your investment in refurbished cubicles.  All too often, companies such as yours rely on online purchasing alone to replace outdated workstations.  This results in buying the equivalent of as-is used cubicles out of a warehouse that offer little, if any, options for customization.  Cubiture's design and cubicle fabrication teams offer you a better alternative.

First, start with the number of departments that exist within your organization's infrastructure. A good example could be the relationship between a sales team and a data entry team that expedites product packaging and shipping.  Does your order processing department immediately process transactions after a sale is complete?  Do they use hard-copies or soft-copies of these transactions as source material for data entry?  If they use hard-copies, you will need to configure your refurbished cubicles to support  efficient document flow between these two departments.  You will also need to design refurbished cubicles with additional filing and storage compartments that can efficiently organize these hard copies before and after processing.

If, on the other hand, if they rely upon emails and/or instant messaging to complete orders, you will need to equip your order processing team with superior information technology.  Refurbished cubicles here will likely need powered panels and cable concealment capability in order to efficiently configure workstations for expeditious voice and data communications.  You also might need to insulate your data crunchers from surrounding background noise with acoustical panels that dampen sound.  In order to prevent neck, shoulder, and eyestrain, you will need to furnish your refurbished cubicles with ergonomic office chairs and plenty of light.  You might want to consider something like glass toppers or glass inserts that will function as windows in cubicle panels.  This will help your data entry team perform better in an environment that is task oriented and focused, but never confining or claustrophobic.

Refurbished cubicles can even be fitted with or without doors ( Cubicle shown in  picture above is without doors.  Doors can be installed & configured to swing inward or outward, and they can be fitted to offer partial or complete privacy based upon the requirements of the particular job they are designed to support.

With so many options to choose from, why not save money and the environment by installing refurbished cubicles a new office layout?  Are you still not sure what direction to take?  Have no concern, for we can provide you with a consultant to go over your needs and wants in order to ensure you are getting the best solution for your circumstance free of charge.  Let our team of qualified professionals guide you through the endless world of refurbished cubicle systems possibilities.

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