Used Cubicles for New Businesses

Used Cubicles For Sale In Up-Town Houston, Texas
September 21, 2014

ml-used-cubiclesJump Start Your Start Up With Used Cubicles

Opening up a new business requires extensive planning. There’s funding, budgeting and all the details that go into marketing your product or service. Don’t forget that you also need a well-organized office with well-thought-out seating arrangements. Folding tables and folding chairs won’t do.

You will create a much more polished, professional image if you invest in quality, affordable workstations. Used cubicles installed by Cubiture are a great option to support your office space, generate productivity, save money, and support productive performance. Your Cubiture space planner will work with you at no charge to determine the following parameters of your office layout design:

1. Configuration
Is your office small? Would a cluster of cubicles suffice, or will there be separate private offices that need desks and credenzas? How many employees do you anticipate adding to your company in the next 12 months? What are your plans for growth over the next 3 years?

2. As-Is or Refurbished Cubicles
Used cubicles are cheaper if you buy them as-is. However, most of our clients don’t mind paying a little more to recondition the work surfaces and panels with new laminates and to replace panel fabrics with new materials.

3. Functionality
Your cubicles should support task completion and provide employees with ergonomic seating appropriate to the kind of business you have. Do you have a small call center? Accounting firm? Architecture firm? Each of these businesses requires different kinds of seating.

4. Features
Workstations will include the storage space, task lighting, specialty cabinets and filing systems necessary to a particular employees’ job responsibilities.

It can be very stressful building a new business. It takes immense effort and time.Let Cubiture reduce your stress with used cubicles that respect your business model and protect your budget. You will save money and have a beautiful office space. What could be better?

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