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September 30, 2014
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Six Advantages of Work Cubicles

1. Improved Collaboration
It is difficult to collaborate with coworkers when everyone stays in their own office. Work cubicles provide people with more opportunities to ask questions and learn from one another. The incorporation of glass or low panel walls makes communication even more effortless.

2. Fewer Distractions
The absence of panel walls or divided spaces in open floor plans often creates employee distractions that decrease productivity. Work cubicles solve this by providing a moderate level of privacy and personal space without eliminating employee social interaction.

3. Greater Productivity
The intimate environment of work cubicles allows employees to maintain a certain amount of privacy, while still enabling management easy access for viewing exactly what is going on at any moment. Such supervision prevents an employee from slacking off by participating in non-work activities, therefore ensuring constant productivity.

4. Privacy
Even though the divisions are not fully enclosed rooms, employees have a defined sense of personal space with work cubicles. The partial walls provide the perfect amount of privacy needed to concentrate on tasks such as phone calls, filing, and data entry without the concern of others watching over or listening in. With the addition of locks and doors, a work cubicle transforms into a mini office that employees can personalize in a way that facilitates greater productivity.

5. Personalization
When employees have the freedom to bring personal trinkets to work, research shows that employees perform at higher levels than those who do not have the same freedom. These intimate items not only serve to remind employees what they are working for but result in greater focus and productivity. Establishing guidelines regarding decoration and personal effects is of importance to ensure there is a certain amount of professionalism throughout the office space.

6. Cost Effective
Work cubicles are less expensive to install, and unlike individual offices, are easily reconfigured. Refurbished cubicles offer the opportunity for even greater savings. Unlike new models, refurbished cubicles systems allow for complete personalization. This flexibility means that you can design them to fit into any space confident that they will easily integrate with your company’s style.


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