3 Tips To Designing An Office Space

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October 15, 2014
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There's more to designing an office space than ordering a few desks and chairs. An office where employees want to work is well designed and takes everyone's role into consideration.

Jessica Stillman for Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs says office design can make or break employee retention. From cubicle space to chair comfort, there's a lot to consider and several people to learn from.

1. Reception Workers Understand the Front End
When it comes to first impressions, nobody knows your office and its clients better than the receptionist. He or she sees people move in and out the front of the office all day every day, and can be a wealth of information about traffic flow, seating, and client needs that might not be met by the current design.

If the existing design is lacking, the receptionist likely hears about it. From uncomfortable seats and too much (or too little) natural light to not enough storage for umbrellas or coats, these workers see a side of clients that you might not.

2. Creative Teams Sometimes Have Unusual Needs
If your office has a creative team, their needs may be largely different from those who work in areas such as accounting. Where some workers need at least some isolation for focus, creative people often need a more open-concept office.

Lighting and work station needs may also be different inside the creative niche of the office. Talking with this group gives you insight into what they consider a comfortable and convenient office where collaboration is encouraged.

3. Office Managers See All Sides
Of everyone in the office, the manager knows the grand picture better than anyone else. For example, the creative team might want a specific type of lighting. But the manager knows if it would complement the office as a whole or if it would interfere with the work space of others.

The manager can help make the needs of everyone fit within the office theme. Just because the billing department wants ceiling-to-floor walls doesn't mean that's feasible for the company or attractive when added to the overall design.

When creating an office where employees love to come to work, one of the best sources for ideas is the employees themselves. But Stillman says you should expect some conflicting ideas. When that happens, you'll need a higher level of decision making to hone in on what will make the cut and what won't. That's when you'll need the guidance of a professional.

Cubiture's complimentary space planning is an invaluable resource. We can help design an office space for any business, large or small. And with our extensive line of new, used, and custom office furniture, you're sure to get your money's worth and then some.

Whether your company needs a complete redesign, or just a few tweaks here and there to make certain areas function and look better, our professionals have the tools and experience to create exactly the right space at a cost that fits your budget.


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