3 Features to Consider When Buying Office Cubicles

Office Cubicle Design
October 2, 2014
Office Cubicle Design

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While office cubicles can sometimes suffer from a bad rap, the fact is that the new generation of office cubicles is about more than just boring beige dividers. Not only are these timeless office staples essential to maximizing space, but well-designed cubicles can also improve employee performance and — ultimately — help you achieve your business objectives. Here are three features to look for when selecting office cubicles.

1. Savvy Storage
The right office cubicle isn't just a set of office walls; it is a resource. One of the largest complaints in many contemporary offices? Lack of storage. Today's cubicles offer a smart solution to this problem by incorporating sought after storage features.

According to research compiled by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the average organization lose or misplace one out of every 20 documents, and spends approximately 25 hours recreating it. Not only that, but research further indicates that the typical business executive wastes as many as six weeks annually looking for misplaced documents. Cubicles with built-in storage solutions offer a valuable response to this problem. Rather than setting your employees up to waste time hunting down paperwork, set them up for success of offering an immediately accessible filing system.

Other helpful storage feature which can be found in contemporary cubicles? Everything from bookshelves to overhead storage bins, both of which reduce clutter while fostering productivity.

2. Lighting Matters
The absence of good lighting can lead to everything from poor posture to eyestrain and headaches. And while the case has been made for the many benefits of natural lighting, it's not possible when it comes to the majority of office settings and office-related tasks. By selecting a unit with individually controlled task lighting, you give employees desirable control their immediate environments. The result? Happier, more productive workers.

Not only is task lighting better for individual employees and your overall business strategies, it is also a benefit to the planet. Built in individual task lighting gives off less heat and uses less energy. This means cost savings for your business, along with the better health and performance of your employees.

3. Whiteboard Winning
You may already know the many benefits of whiteboards. From collecting ideas to prioritizing projects, whiteboards are a simple, dynamic organizational tool. While whiteboards tucked away in conference rooms do not benefit the typical employee on a day-to-day basis, innate cubicle whiteboards offer extraordinary accessibility and visibility while protecting secure information.

While cubicles may be omnipresent in the modern workplace, they can offer significant returns when viewed as an opportunity. By outfitting your office space with cubicles engineered for everything from increased productivity to reduced energy usage, you can not only improve job satisfaction for your employees, but you can also make a profound impact on your business goals and the environment.

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