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October 14, 2014
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Call Center Cubicles
The efficiency and effectiveness of your call center can make or break your business. While your products, services and employees are an integral part of your success, failure to acknowledge the importance of your workspace can have negative repercussions for your bottom line. Read on to learn a few key components of the most productive call center cubicles.

While privacy is important in any office setting, it is crucial to a productive call center environment. Ideal call center cubicles have high middle panels so workers have a protected space. Not only does this drown out noise and visual distractions, but it also allows more room to hang a few personal items, such as family photos, which can positively influence employee morale. Side panels, meanwhile, are typically set low so supervisors can observe workers and respond when necessary.

Of course, high walls can only go so far when it comes to minimizing noise in telemarketing setting. Sound masking offers an innovative solution which promotes a distraction-free cubicle. Your employees will be less frustrated, and you'll see returns in terms of both productivity and retention.

The best call centers make the most out of the available space. If your goal is to maximize capacity, call center cubicles must be small and adaptable. Often, they are grouped together with multiple shared panel walls. Configurable cubicles also allow for future growth. Choose call station cubicles which are flexible, adaptable and can easily be reconfigured when your call center evolves.

Just because they are small doesn't mean call center cubicles are simple. In fact, the smaller the cubicle the more mindful the design must be in order to achieve satisfactory performance. Look for call center cubicles with built-in file storage, tackboards, wiring capacity, whiteboards, and other tools and equipment which increase functionality without taking up huge amounts of space.

But don't underestimate the importance of comfort. Many call centers operate around the clock. As this schedule can be physically and mentally demanding on employees, investing in details designed to promote a more pleasant cubicle environment — from task lighting to an ergonomic chair — go a long way.

Another practical feature of call center cubicles? The price. Determining a budget and staying within it can help keep your company stable and strong. However, willingness to invest in your company — and in your employees — is also important. While being economical is wise, scrimping on inferior furniture will just lead to frustrating repairs and replacements in the long run.

If the call center is the heart of your organization, cubicle are essential components of this command post. Set your employees up for optimal success by selecting cubicles designed to meet — and exceed — their needs. Then, prepare to watch your business grow. If you aren't sure which cubicles will meet your needs or whether your office space is optimally configured, enlist the aid of a trained Cubiture.com expert.

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