Furniture Space Planning for New Companies

Office Furniture Space Planning
October 27, 2014

It is likely that you have a great amount of items on your new office checklist.  Perhaps the most important of any of those items is space planningFurniture space planning will set the attitude of all the facets of opening your new company, which will, in turn, play a major role in determining how successful your organization's process flow proves to be.  During the initial setup of a new office space, it is vital to focus on this, as the work space is the cornerstone of every successful company.

The first step in furniture space planning is to forecast an employee count based upon your anticipated annual growth.  This will provide you with not only how many employees you have but also how many square feet your new office will require in order to operate at the highest levels conceivable.  Planning with  an estimated  employee count results in the planning process ensures your future office will not likely have an issue with overcrowding or unused square footage.

Once you have completed your headcount and acquired the information regarding your actual needs, detailed furniture space planning is the next step you need to take.  If you are not experienced with this process, Cubiture can help.  Our design experts are available to assist you with every step of the office design process in order to ensure that your resulting space is exceptional.

You may feel that your new office space is small, and you can do the planning on your own.  This is not a good idea.  Small spaces are the most difficult to design with modern office furniture and equipment.  Our office planners work hard to create a unique space just for your new company, and they also make certain to keep your office cubicle and furniture purchases well within budget tolerance.  Since we offer our services free of charge and with no obligation to buy, there is no reason not to call Cubiture now and ask to meet with one of our experienced designers.

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